Thursday, February 15, 2007

Working out as a DHV

Health is one of the major indicators that a man can/is surviving. If a man cannot survive and flourish himself, what are the chances that he can aid in a woman's survival?

Not particulary good that's for sure. I always think it's interesting when guys show up for bootcamp, and look like they haven't been in a gym in 10 years. Part of life is taking care of your body and your health.

I think that joining a gym or atleast making an effort to do something ohysical every day is one of the first steps on the road of self improvement.

Some basic guidelines for getting back in shape or starting a work-out plan:

1. Don't overdo it. Make sure that you are not going to wear yourself out in one go. Getting in shape is a journey nor a destination. Don't expect to bench press 500 LBS the first time back in the gym.

2. Make sure that you have a plan. Are you trying to gain size and strength? Are you trying to get lean? Are you trying to improve your cardiovascular health? Like any other area of self improvement, if you don't have a plan and set goals for yourself, you will find yourself flailing away, and making little to no progress.

3. Commit yourself. Most guys just start by deciding they want to work out, they don't decide how many times a week or for how long. Make sure that you set guidelines as to how many times a week and for how long you are gonna work out.

4. Vary it up. Working out like meeting women can get very boring if you keep doing the same things over and over again. Instead plan one day a week to do something fun, that gets you some physical activity. I like playing pick up basketball games.

5. Get professional help. The best product I have found for working out and getting/keeping results is

The biggest benefit to working out is the new found confidence you will feel, when you like what you see in the mirror.




  1. Peter1:24 AM

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  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Nice use of your hoplink to CB :) Nuttin wrong with a lil monetization :)

  3. Michael L8:28 AM

    I recently read a book called ''30 minute a day body challenge'' by Simon Waterson. He was the personal trainer for Daniel Craig for Casino Royale and previously trained Brosnan. Well worth a look if you can get it off Amazon.