Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm writing a novel and I just got the coolest piece of software.

I've been writing a novel for awhile about the type of lifestyle guys who teach workshops ACTUALLY live. It should be pretty interesting gossip reading and it will let me say a ton of things under the banner of artistic expression. It will be quasi fiction as I will have to change the names and stuff but if you have any knowledge of the community, it won't be hard to figure out who's who.

But I just got this AWESOME piece of software called Newnovel you can check it out
Click Here!

Highly reccomended and fun to mess around with.

At least i can justify this as productive....



  1. >But I just got this AWESOME piece
    >of software called Newnovel you
    >can check it out Click Here!

    I really enjoy the reviews and referrals on your blog. But... it feels...condescending when you post some review, then post a link, and hidden in the link is you making money on a review.

    I don't think you intend it that way, but we're not stupid people. We know you're making some small money from these reviews and referrals by looking at the link.

    And that's OK. But be man enough to say it. You don't have any reason to be sneaky.

    Just my $.02

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Ignore the above comment