Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New York Recap, Future's B-day, Being way too into Lawgirl and of course, the cold.

Good couple of days spent in NY.

I got in around 2:30 AM on Friday,my flight was supposed to get around 7:10 but in the current trend of Jetblue trying to run itself out of business, it was delayed a few hours and had to re-fuel in Pittsburgh.

Once I got in I spent some time with Future Friday night and then had dinner with him his mom and MaryJasian before we went to see Children of Men. I have never cared soo little about what's happening in a movie. I honestly just wanted it to be over from the opening scene until the end. No sense of drama, Uber predictable save yourself 2 hours and if you feel the urge to watch this movie, instead hit yourself on the head with a hammer until you pass out.

After the movie we went back to Future's and instead of going out, we had a couple of friends over and hung out at his place. Soo much better than going out. I hate going out.

Sunday I got up early made hand outs and headed over to the seminar room. Day game had a really good group of guys including a student I had taught earlier ast year in Miami. He showed up in Miami a vigin and since May he has had 7 girls. He emailed me to tell me that and it really made my day. It made me ffel like what I do actually does change lives and help people, and I'm not juts flying around for no reason. So Thanks Puzzler that was exactly what I needed to read.

Sunday Night was Future's actual B-day dinner so I booked it out of the seminar room exactly and 7 and made the mad dash for Chat N Chew, where since I hadn't eaten all day, the two vodka sodas I had knocked me on my ass. Future's mom is a riot and Debonair Dave showed up. Which is always appreiciated. After dinner we went back to Future's and had a little mini party which we all remarked was better than going out.

Mon, I had to do a bunch of boring printing and faxing for Oz and other assorted stuff, like setting up hotel rooms and conference rooms. Which if it's possible is even less fun than it sounds. Then Play2Win met up with me and we grabbed a bite at a great burger place before bouncing to 45th and 9th where I picked up our waitress, who after she got off joined us to watch future do Stand-up uptown. She had to leave after the show so we bounced back to Future's where I continued my 7th hour of drinking on a Monday. i justify it by saying that it was Presiden't day, but really I just like to drink.

Lawgirl had a meeting for one of her clubs and called me about 11. At which point I headed over to Harlem, which is not quite as scary as it sounds and a whopping 12 dollar cab ride. People in NY are funny. In LA a $12 cab is super cheap. In NY it's the cause of an apocalypse. We had a few beers downstaris before she invited me up. And were it not for HB perfect's b-day tonight I would be staying in NY. I am soo into Lawgirl it's unreal. She's retardedly smart and funny. And she gets me in a way that very few if any attractive women do. It's a very strange connection we have. But I really like it and it wasn't a line when I told her that I was sad that I wasn't going to talk to her for 3 weeks. I may have to get a skype account or something to deal with my girl maintenence while I'm gone.

Got home around 3 last night and couldn't sleep. I still smelled like her and it was sad she wasn't there. She had a class at 8 and there was no way I was getting up that early.

Woke up this morning and headed to the aiport remembering that JFK has free wireless, which I think should be mandatory at all airports.

Now I am a 5 hour flight away from HBperfect and her b-day. Joy.



  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    How do you deal with being "too" attracted to lawgirl?

  2. sinn, u drink ALOT

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    "Day game had a really good group of guys including a student I had taught earlier ast year in Miami. He showed up in Miami a vigin and since May he has had 7 girls."

    Wow. That isn’t a testimonial, its THE testimonial. If I ever had a doubt that a bootcamp is for me that statement cured me of it. Ill be seeing Tenmag in Miami. I wish you could see the grin on my face after I signed up.


  4. play2win6:43 PM

    Best part was when he told the waitress she had a butt chin. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. Monaco6:17 PM

    Whoa-way-wait a second. You give "Smokin' Aces" a pass but slam "Children of Men?"

    My head just exploded.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Sinn. And T700w, congratulations you're in for a treat. The key to prepare is to do as many approaches as possible and come to bootcamp with an open mind, pen, paper and a way to put your jaw back up after you see these guys in set. Tenmagnet is so awesome! If you have an further questions hit me at swchampa@gmail.com.