Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recommended Reading: The Shallow Man

The Shallow Man was recommended to me by Rick H, in Australia a few years ago.

He said it was his favorite book of all time and explained why he moved to Eastern Europe...

With that much of a build up, I thought how could you go wrong.

The Shallow Man is very interesting, if ultimately a bit of a juvenille fantasy. The long and the short of it is this; Nick Laws is a modelizer/club promoter/hand model. He spends his days and nights in pursuit of what he calls "Thing" AKA models. In the book, we meet Nick right before his life gets turned upside down, which actually has him considering dating GASP a civilian...

There's a lot of interesting ideas in the book about Beautiful women, and if you've ever partied in NYC, you'll be amazed by how accurately the author (who I'll address in a moment) describes the social scene.

The Shallow Man is a short read, and is for the most part pretty entertaining. It doesn't present anything even resembling real life pick ups, but the character of Nick Laws is an interesting one if for nothing else than his mindset about beautiful women and his way with words.

Now about the author... Last year on the realhousewives of NYC, Countes Luann went on one of the most awkward dates of all time, with a creepy, bulging eyed, guy with no game named Coerte.

During one of the most awkward scenes ever he tried to kiss her multiple times unsuccessfully with his lizard like tongue. To say I was unimpressed with his game would be an understatement. But one of my older "game mentors" in NYC told me that around 10-15 years ago the guy was a famous womanizer in the city and actually did throw one of the best parties around. So who knows...

If you're looking for a fun read that is slightly informative and will make you think about beautiful women from a different perspective, check out the Shallow Man.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What Emotions Do You Live In?

The emotions that we feel on a day to day basis, can be extremely addictive. In fact most Chemical dependencies are issues, not because the chemicals themselves are necessarily physically addictive but because we become addicted to the emotional states we get when we we "use".

The interesting thing to me, is that most of us don't pay attention to the emotions we spend most of our time in.

The majority of students I find come from a place of insecurity, anger(Towards themselves, women, society), Unfairness, Jealousy, negativity, etc.

As those of you who have read this blog over the years know, I can come from all of those places as well.

Sometimes at the same time :)

But one of the most important things we can do is figure out what emotional place we are spending most of our day in.

It's really quite simple.

All it takes is a pad of paper and a week. Spend a week keeping a pad of paper with you and observing what emotions you're feeling as close to every hour on the hour as you can without driving yourself crazy.

I did this about a year or so ago, and I realized that I spent most of my time pissed off.

Pissed off at the charlatans in this community, at the douchebags I was associating myself with, and mostly at myself for allowing all this stuff to affect me.

The result was my withdrawal from being active in the SUISC, and now I've never been happier.

I realized that even when I was coming from a place of anger, I was also coming from a place of humor and absurdity.

It was this epiphany that really shifted my world view. I wasn't being negative because I was angry with Johnny Soporno showing people his cock, or David Wygant being a windbag who lies about being the inspriation for Hitch.

I was mad because the shit was absurd to me, and when I finally realized that the community itself is absurd and with it most of my pre-conceived notions about what's important.

And Voila happiness.

Now I laugh more, worry less, and focus specifically on finding the humor in every situation.

I want to end this post by making a key distinction.

I'm not asking you to come from a place of positivity or utopia or any kind of Pollyannic construction. I can still be caustic, cold, and sometimes downright mean when the situation calls for it. But my internal process is one of absurdity and humor. Even as I'm being mean I see the humor in the situation. That's what you need to do, DON"T try to do a 180 turn and become someone you're not, look at the emotions you do have and find the ones that make you most happy and focus on ACTING from a place of those core emotions.

Bitches owe me some $ for this literally life-changing post.


JS-The King Of Muthafucking Content

Friday, March 25, 2011

#s and Pick-Up

It's Friday!

That means for most of you it's time to put down the engineering or omputer programming work and head out for your 2 nights of fun a week!

I applaud that, but before you go out, I want to talk to you briefly about something I sued to be obsessed with.

Numbers related to pickup.

It used to be I had to do a certain amount of approaches a week to feel normal, and while that's a big step in the right direction for a beginner, once you've crossed over into the realm of being a guy who can and does approach, you need to start leeting go of the arbitrary numbers you use to track your progress.

Now it's confession time, for me the number of approaches was never really a big deal. I like approaching, and don't think it's a big deal. In fact I'd almost go so far as to say that cold approach is one of my favorite ways of socializing.

My issue with #s and P/U was always related to lays. In fact for the last 4 years if I had less than 4 new lays a month (excluding when I was in a relationship with Kristen) I would feel like something was wrong with my game. Even worse, as the month got closer to the end, I would become obsessed about moving the number forward. It wasn't even so much about the new girl as it was about the statistic and about re-affirming to myself that I was good at pick-up, attractive, cool... whatever.

And that's where the problem with #s lies, because no matter what, the number will NEVER be enough. In my own personal development, I thought I would be happy once I slept with 100 girls then it was 200 and so on.

The truth is, that when it comes to dating, there are no #s that change the way you feel. They don't change how you feel about yourself, they don't change your level of confidence with women, and they don't change how you feel about yourself.

A lot of the time, students come to me and they want to date around before they settle down, because and I quote " I feel like If I had slept with more girls I'll be better in a relationship."

This is a slippery slope fallacy if ever I've seen one.

The skills needed to sleep with a lot of girls are NOT the skills needed to keep a woman happy in a relationship.

So students who have made this kind of argument to themselves in their minds need to look at why they REALLY want to sleep with a lot of girls.

What are the FEELINGS you are trying to capture, and why do you think a certain number will make you feel that way.

Also a good idea to ask yourself if you can get that feeling through anything else that isn't related to getting validation from women.

Hope that helps,

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Test 1 thing at a time!

Short post today.

This piece of advice actually comes from my biggest game mentor Captain Jack.

It's the idea that when you are changing things about your game, you need to focus on one thing at a time.

He gave me this advice years ago when I had decided to shave my head, change my dressing style and start going direct all at once which had caused a big drop off in my results.

I was looking at the small details of what I was doing as opposed to looking at the overall effects a dressing and hairstyle change had along with a completely new way of talking to girls.

I went back to my old way of approaching until I got used to the new way girls reacted to my clothes and hair and then started practicing direct again with great success.

So if you're changing a gazillon things about your game when you get started, you need to stop and look at which 1 change you want to work on first and then systematically integrate everything else later.


JS-The King Of Content

Monday, March 21, 2011

My 2 Lists I always tell people to make

Happy Monday!

It is not a sunny day here, it's actually raining really hard, which is great for me since I'm only happy when it rains :)

Anyway, For years and years and year I've been telling guys who don't know what to say to women to sit down and make a couple of lists.

The first is a list of 10 things you like talking about. This is pretty simple and should be a list of things that you actually enjoy talking to people about. They don't have to be the most interesting subjects in the world! But you should actually like talking about them.

The second is a list of 10 things women are interested in that you could learn/talk more about with girls.

In my opinion these two list form the core of what you should be talking about. So since I've been taking a break from pickup for a lil while I decided I would sit down and actually do these exercises so that I could post them here to show you how easy it is and how much you can learn from making these lists.

Here's my list of things I LIKE talking about( I couldn't stop at 10)

10 Things I like Talking About:

1. Reality TV
2. Relationships
3. My thoughts and philosophy on life
4. Business
5. My goals and ambitions
6. Sports
7. Psychology
8. Money
9. Shit talking people
10. Family stories
11. Lame people
12. Food
13. Fun things to do in the city
14. Living in different places
15. People
16. Differences BTW people
17. Why girls are better than guys.

And those are just things I like talking about that I would talk to almost anyone about regardless of whether they were a hot girl or not.

10 Things Girls Like I could Talk/Learn More About:

1. Yoga
2. Fashion
3. Music: Festivals, use to qualify
4. Food
5. Luxury Items
6. Small Dogs
7. Glee
8. Modeling
9. Celeb Gossip
10. Dancing

This list was interesting as well, because I do yoga 2-3 x a week and just need to remember to bring that up when I talk to girls, I know a lot about fashion and again just don't talk about it with girls, I've been actively trying to get more into new music and stay in touch with what's new musically, and for the 7th year in a row I'll say I'm going to take a dance class and not actually do it.

I encourage everyone to make these two lists, especially if you run out of things to talk about around girls or run a lot of routines and want to be yourself more.


JS- The King Of Content

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion Don'ts For Pick-Up

Short post today, inspired by how terribly most guys dress.

I admit I am a little fashion obsessed and I am actively working on being less into it.

However, 100% of all guys I meet who are into pickup could benefit from a makeover or even just avoiding the following 5 bad fashion ideas.

1. Don't dress like somebody you're not. The number 1 fashion issue I see with guys who get into pick up, is that they feel the need to dress like somebody else, rather than finding an attractive stereotype that they actually fit into. If you're 48 years old and rolling around in Affliction shirts and True Religion jeans, that is weird. Ditto the computer programmers in leather jackets and New Rocks. Almost EVERY stereotype has an attractive way to dress that fits into it. If you're a nerd, google the term "geek chic" or better yet, look for pictures of Lebron James in his sweater vests and nerd glasses to see how nerdy can be made to look cool. There's a reason I can pick out guys who are into pick up in ANY room and most of it is because of the obvious incongruity between who you are and how you are dressed.

2. Don't wear clothes from 10 years ago. A lot of guys (especially you older guys)are still wearing clothes you bought up to 10 years ago!! I understand that this is very utilitarian of you and that you don't care about what you wear. But guess what? Fashion changes 4 times a year!!! Every season there are new trends, looks, hot fabrics,designers etc. So if you're still wearing clothes from even 2 years ago, they're not 2 years out of fashion, they're 8 seasons out of fashion. Kinda makes it seem like a bigger deal when you multiply by 4, huh? You need to buy clothes EVERY year and ideally you'd buy 1 new item every time you got paid. DON'T do what a ton of clients have done and go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for like 3k. Instead try to update your wardrobe piece by piece until you have a whole collection of cool looks that you like and feel express who you are.

3. Don't wear clothes that don't fit you! You'd be amazed at how many guys show up to bootcamps with jeans that are a few sizes too big, t-shirts I could conceal a nuclear bomb in and ill fitting polo shirts emblazened with the logo of the bank they work at. The biggest things with clothing is that it HAS to fit your body. Not the model in the ad's body or the body you wish you had. That means no XXL t-shirts when you weigh 140 ILBS, no jeans that are too baggy and make you look like a teenager, adult shoes instead of Costco running shoes etc... You want clothes that fit you flatteringly, so if you're overweight you want something to hide that not accentuate. Same thing if you're really skinny. It is much better to wear cheap clothes that fit you well and flatter you than to wear an expensive ill fitting outfit.

4. Don't Mix and Match looks. This used to be more of a problem when peacocking was all the rage. You'd see a bunch of guys with zebra striped hats, feather boas, lunchboxes and a mix of stuff that got attention but didn't have an overall theme as an outfit. I was definitely guilty of this on more than one occasion. The thing with clothing, is that it is an expression of who you are, and people will judge you on it. I'd go so far as to say that the way you are dressed contributes at least 1/3 of your total first impression. So you want to have a cohesive theme to your outfits. I have some outfits that are punk rock themed with leather wrist bands, spiky hair, tight jeans, tight leather jacket, band tees, and vans sneakers. I have other outfits that are more Preppy which feature rugby shirts, designer but not distressed jeans,Neatly styled hair, nice boots, and a fake Louis Vuitton messenger bag. If you saw me in either outfit you'd immediately be able to see what kind of message I was sending about myself on that particular day. All your outfits should be similarly planned out for what the overall theme is.

5. Don't over-acessorize. For guys less is definitely more in the accessory department. I have enough female friends to tell you that too many accessories comes off a little bit gay to most girls. You don't need to wear 10 rings or even wear a ring necklace and bracelet. Ideally as a man you want to have 1 accessory that lets a girl start a conversation with you if they're attracted. No more, no less.

That should help you all dress better.

You're welcome

JS-The King Of Content

Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking A Break

Today, I'm going to talk about something that is a little controversial.

The idea that sometimes the only way to getter better at pickup, is to take a break from it.

First I want to clarify who this blog post is NOT for. If you have just found out about this stuff, this post is not for you. If you've done less than 200 approaches this post is not for you. If you still have problems getting social comfort or attraction with the women you are attracted to, this post is not for you. And lastly if you are unsuccessful at pick up but have not been actively working on it for at least a year, this post is not for you.

The thing about pickup, is that it's not like business or weight loss or computer programming. In business or losing weight if you work hard enough and you do everything you are supposed to do, success is virtually guaranteed. Exercise more than you eat, and you lose weight.

Pickup on the other hand is not like this.

The reason is both simple and complex.

The simple explanation is that when it comes to pickup there are a million variables that are OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTROL. These range from your genetics(which you have no control over) to the girl's mood, distractions in the environment, other guys interrupting, whether or not the girl is in a relationship, your state that day, etc...

It's complex because if you tried to list and then control every factor in a cold approach, you'd drive yourself crazy.

This is not even to mention the way the rest of your life affects your game. If you are having a hard time at work, your game will suffer. Having problems with your family? Illness? Taxes? All this will affect your ability to meet, attract and seduce women.

So inevitably as one goes through the process of learning this stuff, there are times when you need to step back and take a break to avoid getting burned out.

Early on in my life I didn't understand this. I felt like Every second of every day was a choice and I was constantly going backwards in my skillsets if I wasn't approaching and banging anything that walked. Consequently I ended up getting depressed and trying to kill myself.

Pickup is NOT one of those things where sheer force of will can get you through. You cannot "work" hard enough to get better at pickup if all of your emotions around it are negative.

In one of the first 12m2m groups we had a guy named Andris whose major problem was that he treated pickup like a job. He was ALWAYS worried about making progress to the point that he stressed himself out and ended up going nowhere for the first half of the year. It wasn't until he was forced to slow down due to some personal stuff that he took time away from pickup. When he came back after his break, there was a PROFOUND difference both in his attitude towards going out to talk to girls and his results.

Sometimes you have to put pickup on the back burner. For Andris real life stituations forced him to do that, but all of us have the choice as to what we focus on daily when it comes to our life. We can focus on things that stress us out and make us feel bad, or we can choose to focus on the things that make us feel good.

Unfortunately in the beginning it's rare that pickup will make you feel good, so if you feel like you've been hammering away for a long time (like a year +) without any results or you feel like you've hit a plateau, try taking some time COMPLETELY off girls and pickup.

What I mean is no oggling girls and thinking about approaching them while you're put and about, no reading, listening or watching of pickup materials, No talking about P/U with your friends or surfing forums. You completely turn off the part of your brain that knows about pickup for a few days, a week, sometimes even a month.

Ironically this can be the ONLY thing that works in certain situations.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Choose Your Own Beliefs

I'm going to attempt to write an inner game post without proselytizing or talking to you in any sort of agenda driven cliches like " If you don't think for yourself, you'll think for anyone." or anything like that.

Instead I'd like to rationally make an irrational point.

Many of you have heard me say in the past that beliefs don't have to be true in order to be helpful. Today I'd like to extend that point.

In order to be successful, you need to choose your own beliefs.

Kind of like a crazy person or a scientologist( Though differentiating between those two is difficult)

What I mean by this is simple, the things YOU believe now are NOT necessarily true. Sure you have some correct ideas in your head like " I can't fly, so jumping off a building is stupid." but for the most part and especially when it comes to dealing with women; men have a myriad of FALSE and limiting beliefs which keep them from ever having or enjoying the success they truly want with women.

Even guys like me who are extremely successful with women, still have beliefs that are not efficient or helpful when it comes to How To Get A Girl In Bed

So what you need to do is INSTEAD of looking at the beliefs you have about how much of a too old, ugly, introverted, weirdo creep you are (which most of you are, but no judgment) and instead start focusing on what beliefs you need to have in order to have success.

And for those of you who cannot read between the lines, yes I am telling you to adopt beliefs that are not necessarily true.

The reason is this, when it comes to approaching women; YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU APPROACH. So you could be the biggest loser in the world (and a few of you are Sandy from Miami and Karl from Chicago) but the girl doesn't know that until you approach her. So there's no point in going into your head and coming up with 7 million reasons you believe it's a bad idea to approach her. Instead you want to focus on beliefs that make it easy to approach her such as the idea that it's always on or that you never know what a woman's type is until you approach her.

Positive and empowering beliefs like those will double or triple your success with women, well unless you're Karl or Sandy :)


JS-The King Of Content

Monday, March 07, 2011

Review: The 4 Elements Of Game

I don't read very many pick up products anymore.

Not because I think I have everything figured out, but I think I have it figured out better than 99% of the guys teaching and I tend to just get annoyed when forced to listen to 3 hours of a hick who moved to Hollywood drone on about navy seals and playing checkers as opposed to chess.

I do however really enjoy Rob Judge's writing over at TSBmag and I think he's one of the better "new guys" so to speak who have been getting attention lately, so when I found out he had a book, I was anxious to read it.

When reading it, I felt like I was hearing someone else say the same things I'm always telling guys when it comes to becoming a more attractive person. Even though me and Rob have NEVER met and probably haven't spoken more than 10 times on the phone.

I really like Rob and Zach's idea of seeking the truth from an interaction with a woman. All you're trying to do when you approach is figure out what the truth is about what will happen. This is a great mindset for guys to adopt and it's gels nicely with my idea of approaching being either fun or boring.

Anyone whose read my stuff over a long period of time knows I consider myself shameless when it comes to hitting on girls so the section on Shamelessly overcoming obstacles to your drive or masculinity was right up my alley. I think overall guys like Rob and Zach are able to capture the idea behind being a sexually motivated guy who wants to learn How To Get Laid without coming off creepy like the creepy students who tell girls they're trying to get in their pants after the opener.

My favorite part of the book was related to escalation. In the book the guys write that the girl is the "pacer" of the interaction. Which is something I've been trying to articulate for years. You can escalate as hard and as fast as you want, but the interaction will only go as fast as the girl allows it.

Often times I'll even tell girls this during last minute resistance by saying something like

" Look I'm really super attracted to you, but I don't want to do anything to creep you out, so clearly I want to have sex with you, but I only want to go as far as you're comfortable."

That last paragraph incidentally along with pre-framing is what ended my terrible LMR problems 2 years ago.

The Bad: I did not like the layout of the book. I felt the way the Field reports were inserted around the text led me to lose my place a few times throughout the process. Also some field reports were directly related to the point the book was making around it while others were less directly connected and thus less relevant in my mind.

Who this book is for ? : Any guy who wants to brush up their attraction game would be well advised to pick up a copy of The 4 elements to game. Especially if you have ALREADY seen The Natural Attraction DVD, this book will really help you cement those ideas in place by giving you a whole different set of words to describe the same things thus giving a second and different perspective. Also if you want to brush up on your attraction game or start to move towards a more natural style The 4 Elements of Game is for you.

I really can't recommend the book highly enough based on the price and ease with which you can start to use the stuff in it.

Get it today at: Date Hotter Girls


JS-The King Of Content

Friday, March 04, 2011

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm Retiring????

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