Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recommended Reading: The Shallow Man

The Shallow Man was recommended to me by Rick H, in Australia a few years ago.

He said it was his favorite book of all time and explained why he moved to Eastern Europe...

With that much of a build up, I thought how could you go wrong.

The Shallow Man is very interesting, if ultimately a bit of a juvenille fantasy. The long and the short of it is this; Nick Laws is a modelizer/club promoter/hand model. He spends his days and nights in pursuit of what he calls "Thing" AKA models. In the book, we meet Nick right before his life gets turned upside down, which actually has him considering dating GASP a civilian...

There's a lot of interesting ideas in the book about Beautiful women, and if you've ever partied in NYC, you'll be amazed by how accurately the author (who I'll address in a moment) describes the social scene.

The Shallow Man is a short read, and is for the most part pretty entertaining. It doesn't present anything even resembling real life pick ups, but the character of Nick Laws is an interesting one if for nothing else than his mindset about beautiful women and his way with words.

Now about the author... Last year on the realhousewives of NYC, Countes Luann went on one of the most awkward dates of all time, with a creepy, bulging eyed, guy with no game named Coerte.

During one of the most awkward scenes ever he tried to kiss her multiple times unsuccessfully with his lizard like tongue. To say I was unimpressed with his game would be an understatement. But one of my older "game mentors" in NYC told me that around 10-15 years ago the guy was a famous womanizer in the city and actually did throw one of the best parties around. So who knows...

If you're looking for a fun read that is slightly informative and will make you think about beautiful women from a different perspective, check out the Shallow Man.


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