Monday, March 07, 2011

Review: The 4 Elements Of Game

I don't read very many pick up products anymore.

Not because I think I have everything figured out, but I think I have it figured out better than 99% of the guys teaching and I tend to just get annoyed when forced to listen to 3 hours of a hick who moved to Hollywood drone on about navy seals and playing checkers as opposed to chess.

I do however really enjoy Rob Judge's writing over at TSBmag and I think he's one of the better "new guys" so to speak who have been getting attention lately, so when I found out he had a book, I was anxious to read it.

When reading it, I felt like I was hearing someone else say the same things I'm always telling guys when it comes to becoming a more attractive person. Even though me and Rob have NEVER met and probably haven't spoken more than 10 times on the phone.

I really like Rob and Zach's idea of seeking the truth from an interaction with a woman. All you're trying to do when you approach is figure out what the truth is about what will happen. This is a great mindset for guys to adopt and it's gels nicely with my idea of approaching being either fun or boring.

Anyone whose read my stuff over a long period of time knows I consider myself shameless when it comes to hitting on girls so the section on Shamelessly overcoming obstacles to your drive or masculinity was right up my alley. I think overall guys like Rob and Zach are able to capture the idea behind being a sexually motivated guy who wants to learn How To Get Laid without coming off creepy like the creepy students who tell girls they're trying to get in their pants after the opener.

My favorite part of the book was related to escalation. In the book the guys write that the girl is the "pacer" of the interaction. Which is something I've been trying to articulate for years. You can escalate as hard and as fast as you want, but the interaction will only go as fast as the girl allows it.

Often times I'll even tell girls this during last minute resistance by saying something like

" Look I'm really super attracted to you, but I don't want to do anything to creep you out, so clearly I want to have sex with you, but I only want to go as far as you're comfortable."

That last paragraph incidentally along with pre-framing is what ended my terrible LMR problems 2 years ago.

The Bad: I did not like the layout of the book. I felt the way the Field reports were inserted around the text led me to lose my place a few times throughout the process. Also some field reports were directly related to the point the book was making around it while others were less directly connected and thus less relevant in my mind.

Who this book is for ? : Any guy who wants to brush up their attraction game would be well advised to pick up a copy of The 4 elements to game. Especially if you have ALREADY seen The Natural Attraction DVD, this book will really help you cement those ideas in place by giving you a whole different set of words to describe the same things thus giving a second and different perspective. Also if you want to brush up on your attraction game or start to move towards a more natural style The 4 Elements of Game is for you.

I really can't recommend the book highly enough based on the price and ease with which you can start to use the stuff in it.

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  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I just finished the 4 elements of game and I think its funny how you write a review of it a few days later. I totally agree that the book complements your teachings from your natural attraction DVD. You and Rob should consider working together.