Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm Retiring????

Hey There,

Although I'm sure there are quite a few people
that wish I'd retire from being a dating and
seduction coach, the rumors you might have
heard about my pending retirement have
been greatly exaggerated.

In fact, Sinns of Attraction is stronger than
ever right now and we have BIG THINGS planned
for 2011 and beyond all related to helping
YOUR reach your dating goals (whatever they

But I'm sure you know that any time you grow
and move ahead into the future there are
certain parts of your past that you must
let go of and leave behind you.

Because of this, I'm going to be "retiring"
two of my all-time top selling products
this week. The two products that I'm
going to be retiring are:

My REAL Secrets of Natural Attraction DVD
Program (NaturalAttractionDVD)


My Lay Reports Book (Lay Reports Book)

(If you have the urge, DON'T order from the links

above for reasons that I'll explain later in
this letter)

Now both of these products are REALLY GOOD
and they're among the best reviewed products
I have.

Because of this, it wouldn't be right for me
to just quietly "retire" these products.
No, both these products deserve to go out with
a "bang" (pun intended).

This is why tomorrow, you're going to get
the chance to get BOTH of these amazing
products and a price that is really going
to astound you.

Think of it as my special GIFT to you for
being my loyal subscriber.

After we sell out (as I write this I
have exactly 349 Natural Attraction
DVD sets sitting in my fulfillment
warehouse), they'll be gone forever like
Keyser Soze.

I promise that you will be absolutely AMAZED
when you see what I have in store for you

Talk to you then,

JS- The King Of Content

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Keyser Soze :)
    one of the best movies ever