Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion Don'ts For Pick-Up

Short post today, inspired by how terribly most guys dress.

I admit I am a little fashion obsessed and I am actively working on being less into it.

However, 100% of all guys I meet who are into pickup could benefit from a makeover or even just avoiding the following 5 bad fashion ideas.

1. Don't dress like somebody you're not. The number 1 fashion issue I see with guys who get into pick up, is that they feel the need to dress like somebody else, rather than finding an attractive stereotype that they actually fit into. If you're 48 years old and rolling around in Affliction shirts and True Religion jeans, that is weird. Ditto the computer programmers in leather jackets and New Rocks. Almost EVERY stereotype has an attractive way to dress that fits into it. If you're a nerd, google the term "geek chic" or better yet, look for pictures of Lebron James in his sweater vests and nerd glasses to see how nerdy can be made to look cool. There's a reason I can pick out guys who are into pick up in ANY room and most of it is because of the obvious incongruity between who you are and how you are dressed.

2. Don't wear clothes from 10 years ago. A lot of guys (especially you older guys)are still wearing clothes you bought up to 10 years ago!! I understand that this is very utilitarian of you and that you don't care about what you wear. But guess what? Fashion changes 4 times a year!!! Every season there are new trends, looks, hot fabrics,designers etc. So if you're still wearing clothes from even 2 years ago, they're not 2 years out of fashion, they're 8 seasons out of fashion. Kinda makes it seem like a bigger deal when you multiply by 4, huh? You need to buy clothes EVERY year and ideally you'd buy 1 new item every time you got paid. DON'T do what a ton of clients have done and go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for like 3k. Instead try to update your wardrobe piece by piece until you have a whole collection of cool looks that you like and feel express who you are.

3. Don't wear clothes that don't fit you! You'd be amazed at how many guys show up to bootcamps with jeans that are a few sizes too big, t-shirts I could conceal a nuclear bomb in and ill fitting polo shirts emblazened with the logo of the bank they work at. The biggest things with clothing is that it HAS to fit your body. Not the model in the ad's body or the body you wish you had. That means no XXL t-shirts when you weigh 140 ILBS, no jeans that are too baggy and make you look like a teenager, adult shoes instead of Costco running shoes etc... You want clothes that fit you flatteringly, so if you're overweight you want something to hide that not accentuate. Same thing if you're really skinny. It is much better to wear cheap clothes that fit you well and flatter you than to wear an expensive ill fitting outfit.

4. Don't Mix and Match looks. This used to be more of a problem when peacocking was all the rage. You'd see a bunch of guys with zebra striped hats, feather boas, lunchboxes and a mix of stuff that got attention but didn't have an overall theme as an outfit. I was definitely guilty of this on more than one occasion. The thing with clothing, is that it is an expression of who you are, and people will judge you on it. I'd go so far as to say that the way you are dressed contributes at least 1/3 of your total first impression. So you want to have a cohesive theme to your outfits. I have some outfits that are punk rock themed with leather wrist bands, spiky hair, tight jeans, tight leather jacket, band tees, and vans sneakers. I have other outfits that are more Preppy which feature rugby shirts, designer but not distressed jeans,Neatly styled hair, nice boots, and a fake Louis Vuitton messenger bag. If you saw me in either outfit you'd immediately be able to see what kind of message I was sending about myself on that particular day. All your outfits should be similarly planned out for what the overall theme is.

5. Don't over-acessorize. For guys less is definitely more in the accessory department. I have enough female friends to tell you that too many accessories comes off a little bit gay to most girls. You don't need to wear 10 rings or even wear a ring necklace and bracelet. Ideally as a man you want to have 1 accessory that lets a girl start a conversation with you if they're attracted. No more, no less.

That should help you all dress better.

You're welcome

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Great post

  2. I was just telling my friend about how wack men in general dressed. Thanks for sharing and confirming my observation.

  3. i keep checking the site for your posts, i'm addicted now. thanks for the value

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    This has nothing to do with the topic of this post but I hope you read it and consider it anyway. I have been going back and reading many of your older posts as of late. Mostly ones where you share your insights, and give overall feed back about books and products you read. I feel like you do a very good job of extracting and retaining the material you get from those books and products and this helps you internalize them and apply the information to your own life effectively. In the future would it be possible for you to write a post on how you manage to do this. Do you take a lot of notes, do you use a book report format, how do you go over your notes to make sure you learn the information? I would really like to know so I could do the same myself. I also feel like this would be beneficial for others to learn as well. So much of the time I expend a lot of time and effort on books and products only to forget the information when I go to apply it. I would like to take steps on fixing this problem and I would really appreciate your tips and input.


  5. How you appear to the eyes doesn't REALLY mean anything. Any broke ass guy can throw on a suit to look like a businessman, and any normal guy can wear baggy pants, a doo-rag, and a chain with a big ass pendant to look like a rapper.

    In reality, that broke ass guy is nothing more than a broke ass guy in a suit, and the other guy is just a normal guy trying to look fly. That is why I say that image MEANS nothing, because anyone can dress the part, but the uniform does not change who you really are beneath it.