Friday, July 29, 2011

This week in Fuck You: Peacocking

In a complete theft from the people over at Kissing Suzy I'll be posting random rants about things that are fucked up in the SUISC this week in Fuck You: Peacocking

If you still think it's cool to "peacock" with boas and scarves and various feathery things that look like they were transplanted out of a Motley Crue 80s video, I should be allowed to legally light you on fire. No trial, no right to a defense straight to lighting your shitty dollar store boa on fire.

Seriously, if for some reason you think people are laughing with you rather than at you when you dress up in platform shoes, and top hats go fuck yourself with a rusty screwdriver.

Not only do you look SUPER socially retarded (Which you are cause no normal person would dress like that) but you're also hurting your pick-ups, because unless you have a reason to be dressed like that (I.E. you lie to women about being the world's best illusionist like Mystery) then you just look like an asshat who is starving for attention.

Fuck you peacocking, fuck you in your shiny faux leather, shirt too far unbuttoned, 8 rings on your hands ass.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Rejection Barrier

One of the things I've realized recently is that every student has a certain number of rejections they can handle in a row before they mentally break.

This is ironic because there is also a specific number of rejections after which you stop seeing rejection as that big of a deal.

Rejections don't tend to be these big dramatic things that most guys think of when it comes to approaching a woman.

You're not going to get slapped, you're not going to get made fun of, and you're not going to get a drink thrown on you. Instead most likely the girl is just going to walk away or excuse herself.

It's important to understand that rejection is a part of the game, anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.

So what is this rejection barrier?

It seems to vary from student to student based on their levels of approach anxiety, the way they view rejection, self esteem and how badly they want success.

For most students on bootcamps it seems like after 6 or so rejections they need to take a little break.

Other guys I've taught in coaching programs seem to be able to plow through 30-40 before they start complaining about pickup being a lot of work.

I myself once had 90 in a row, which sucked...

The key to dealing with rejection is to look at it as not only a necessary part of the game, but also as one step closer to success.

The last thing to keep in mind, is that the girl isn't rejecting you, and I don't mean that in the sort of "It's her problem" misogynistic way. What I mean is when you approach a woman she doesn't have time to get to know the real you. In fact by the time I sleep with a girl neither of us have yet see the real core of the other person. The girl is rejecting the way you approached her, which is always something you can fix with practice.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Right Mindset

People often talk ask me what my mindset is about meeting girls, dating, pick up etc...

So I figured I should write a post about what I believe to be the perfect mindset for getting better at pickup.

Ready for it?

You have to not care, but still do the approaches.

And this is where the difficulty comes in.

Most guys who are reading this care too much. They think that getting a girlfriend or being able to get laid regularly is magically going to fix their lives and make them happy. Or they believe the marketing hype that they can get amazing results with women quickly with no time effort or energy and they care about getting the results they were promised. Or they get competitive or make getting women some sort of measurement of how successful of a guy they are and they have to be better then this guy or get X amount of girls into bed a month.

The point is they(You and me) care about this shit too much.

If you took the average guy off the street and asked him on a 1-100 scale how much he cares about getting laid more than he is right now, the majority of them would say 51% they would prefer to get laid more than they are versus the alternative, but they aren't willing to put the time effort and energy into it.

If you took the average guy who is involved in this stuff they would say 85-90%. Or in other words getting more girls or getting laid is THE most important thing in their lives.

This is a mindset that is going to fail you both in the short term and the long term. In the short term Pickup is hard in the beginning and if it's the most important thing in your life, you're going to be failing at what you consider the most important thing in the world which will make you feel bad. In the long term it makes you either hugely bitter (If you never get success) or feel like your entire life and whole sense of self worth is directly related to whether or not a stranger likes you...

Hopefully the past few paragraphs have illustrated why you shouldn't care so much about this stuff. Take it for what it is one of MANY different ways to meet women. There is no prize for being great at cold approach, nor does anyone other than YOU care about your sex life.

But if you stop caring completely then why even approach? Why not just continue to sit on the couch and waste away?

So how do you reconcile these two ideas into the right mindset?

You care about trying.

That's it.

You only need to care that you are actually making an effort. If you're making an effort and the results aren't coming, you can feel good knowing you did your best. You don't have to be perfect with women or some sort of "master pick up artist" all you have to do is care about trying, do the approaches and not worry about the rest.

JS-The King Of Content

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who Let The Marketers in, Neil Strauss did...

Hey y'all(Shut up I lived in Texas for 2 years I get a Y'all)

Today's video is outstanding if I do say so myself.


JS-The King Of Content

Friday, July 15, 2011

Conversation Before Attraction

Quick post before I head out to the beach...

I'm always amazed by how many guys seek to get attraction before they have gotten a girl committed to a conversation.

Most people are nice.

Contrary to popular opinion in the community, most girls are not trying to blow you out or be rude to you.

Instead the vast majority of guys start doing weird things to "generate attraction" before the girl even realizes she is in a conversation.

Stop doing this!

Instead focus on first getting a woman interested and paying attention to what you are saying BEFORE you try to get her attracted.

Hope that helps,

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Used Carsalesman Frame

One of the biggest problems I notice with my private coaching students, is an inability to be persistent enough especially in the early stage of an approach.

It's very common for guys to throw out an opener or even worse a cocky and funny comment or observation and then not following up.

Sometimes a guy can even eke out a few follow-up comments extending the joke or bantering a bit, then the woman laughs and walks away.

What happened in these situations was the woman was interested in the comment, but it lacked the context of "I want to have a conversation with you."

The guy failed to move the conversation forward or "transition."

But the issue goes deeper, oftentimes guys will throw out 2-3 transitions or observations, stories etc, and the girl is still standing there talking to them, but isn't really emotionally reacting or investing. Oftentimes she'll even have a look on her face that says " Why are you talking to me?"

What most guys do in this situation is leave, oftentimes cursing the material, the girl or cold approaching in general.

The problem here is that most guys just aren't pushy enough when it comes to women.

Oftentimes this is in complete contrast to their normal personalities or work lives where they may be high powered executives, cutthroat salesmen, or bulldog lawyers.

What I normally do in these situations is recommend what I call the pushy used car salesman frame.

Think of yourself as needing to sell a woman on you a little bit. It's all well and great to talk about being a prize and having women chase you, you CANNOT do that until a woman is interested.

Sometimes I even think to myself " what's it going to take to get this girl into some sex tonight?" which is similar to the classic what's it gonna take to get you into this car question.

Hope that helps,


Monday, July 11, 2011

War On The Game: In Neil's Own Words...


Today video is Neil talking about his own scumbaggetry.



Friday, July 08, 2011

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