Friday, July 08, 2011

Limited Time Offer For 5 Minute Chemistry

Earlier this week, I closed the doors on registration
for my brand new, groundbreaking Secrets of 5
Minute Chemistry program.

But because I made the mistake of closing it down on
a holiday where a lot of guys were away from their
computers, I've decided to open up spots again for
the next 48 hours ONLY.

Get your copy here:

Last Chance

The 5 Minute Chemistry Formula that you learn
in the program truly is groundbreaking and might
be the best thing I've created.

Here's what one guy who went through the program
had to say about it:

"Since I started using the formula, I have been
getting crazy chemistry with girls in a matter
of minutes.

For example I recently started a conversation with
a sexy lawyer on my lunch break. We effortlessly
connected and found out we both go to the same dive
bar that everyone in town hates.

The conversation seemed to have a 'spark,' since
she has been texting me non-stop. I particularly
like how easy it was to incorporate the formula
into my everyday normal conversations that
flowed naturally.

I haven't had to memorize a routine or think
about what to say ever again!"


If you want to create amazing chemistry and have
the effortless conversations that Nick is having, then
I suggest you grab your copy of the program before
it's gone for good:

Last Chance



P.S. The Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry program
is only going to be availalble for the next 48
hours. Sign up right now while it's fresh
on your mind:

Last Chance


  1. Is the War on the Game over? I really enjoyed it being part of my Monday ritual.

  2. Anonymous11:45 PM

    It isn't over.

    Sinn is pulling game on us.

  3. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Where talk shit bout Neil?

  4. I wanna hear you talk shit about that Jew pig Neil.

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    This program is the best for new guys and guys have problem with approach.

    This program should be like seduction road map.

  6. Anonymous7:25 PM

    This should be regular program for sinn of attraction.

    5 Minute Chemistry program ->Delivery check(body language etc) -> Seduction road map then all you need is more interaction and learn from interaction.

    12 month mastery course is comprehensive course,if someone take your course partially these two programs are core course,I believe.Other specific technique is a la cart for guys who has some sticking point.

    For starting,you need to create chemistry.Creating attraction sometimes falls into dancing monkey syndrome.You get people's attention feels good and you do too much sometimes.

  7. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Where can the older podcasts be found? Currently looking for episode 13 and further

  8. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I don't got Itunes either, so any other place of finding the older podcast episodes would be good. Answer is appreciated.

  9. Anonymous1:21 AM

    I bought Sinn's program and fucked a midget, a three legged horse, and a bucket of paint within 5 minutes of walking out the house.

  10. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Sinn, when is this program back on offer. I mised it and would like to purchase.