Friday, August 31, 2012

48 Laws Of Power: Laws 11-21

1.    Learn To keep People Dependent on You:Figure out how to make people dependent on me. Independence is not power. You will always need others as allies, pawns, or even weak masters to serve as your front.
2.    Use Selective Honesty and Generosity To Disarm Your Victim:  Use Generosity before asking for things. Selective honesty is best used on the first encounter.
3.     When Asking For Help appeal to people’s self interest:  Always ask yourself what the other person wants. When people ooze greed do not appeal to their charity when they ooze charity do not appeal to their greed.
4.     Pose as a friend work as a spy: 
5.    Crush Your Enemy Totally:  Go further when opportunities to crush enemies arise.
6.    Use Absence To Increase Honor And Respect:  Remove myself strategically from spheres of influence.
7.    Keep Others In Suspended Terror; Cultivate an Air Of Unpredictability: Be More unpredictable, break your own patterns.
8.     Isolation is dangerous: Become a man of the people.
9.    Know who you’re dealing with and do not offend the wrong person: Avoid offending anyone.
10.Do Not Commit To Anyone:  Always Turn Down First Offers. Do not inadvertently feel obligated to anyone.  
11.Play A Sucker To Catch A Sucker:  Stop Trying to prove I’m smart. Only use intelligence to conceal deception.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Notes On The 48 Laws Of Power Law 1-


I went through a real obsession with the 48 laws of power for a little bit, and I just found some old notes I had on them.

 You guys may find this stuff interesting if even in a head nodding, non applicable way.

1.    Never Outshine The Master: Rating: 7 To work on: Never Take Your Position For Granted.
2.    Never Put Too Much Trust In Friend, Learn To Use Enemies: Rating: 4: To Work on: Never give friends too much lest they come to believe they deserve that all the time. Never expect gratitude from a friend and be pleasantly surprised when you get it.
3.    Conceal Your Intentions: Rating: 3: Work On: Keep people off balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. Purposely lead them down the wrong path. Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up your cunning. If you yearn for power lay honesty aside. Dangle fake goals in front of people and they will take that for reality. Appear to send mixed signals or instead appear to support a cause that is contrary to your own beliefs. Seem to want things you don’t want to gain power. Hide your intentions by talking openly about your desires and goals, just not your real ones. Also use false sincerity. Espouse a belief in honesty and forthrightness as publicly as possible. Use the smoke screen of the ordinary and familiar. Be as bland and inconspicuous as possible.  The noble gesture is one of the best smoke screens available as people want to believe those who make noble gestures are for real. Another effective smoke screen is the pattern. Acting one way consistently before suddenly mixing it up. Another psychological weakness to exploit is the tendency of human beings to mistake appearance for reality or take things on looks value.
4.    Always Say Less Than Necessary: Rating: 0: Work On: Talk less, squeeze more out of your words.
5.    So Much Depends On Reputation-Guard It With Your Life: Rating: 1: To work on: Figure out where to establish a reputation.  Doubt is a powerful weapon guard yourself against it while using it as a deadly weapon against your enemies. Make your reputation sterling and base it on one single quality. What one quality do I want a reputation for?
6.    Court Attention At All Costs: Rating: 7: To Work On: Commanding and being ready for attention at all times. In the beginning spend all your time courting attention regardless of the quality. Part II: Create an Air of Mystery: In a world growing increasingly banal and familiar, what seems enigmatic instantly draws attention.Never make too clear what you are doing or about to do. Do not show all your cards. An Air of mystery heightens your prescence; it also creates anticipation-everyone will be watching you to see what happens next use mystery to beguile, seduce and frighten. If you find yourself trapped, do something that cannot be explained. Choose a simple action that lends itself to multiple interpretations.
7.    Get Others To Do The Work For You But Always Take The Credit: Rating: 1: To Work On: Getting others to do stuff for me.
8.    Make Others Come To You: Rating: 2: To Work On: You must learn to master your emotions, and never be influenced by anger; meanwhile you must play on people’s natural tendency to react angrily when pushed and baited.
9.    Win Through Your Actions Never Through Argument: Rating: 3: To Work On: Stop arguing, think always of action. Learn to demonstrate the correctness of your ideas indirectly.
10.Infection: Avoid The Unhappy and Unlucky: Rating: 7: To Work On: Avoid all unhappy, unmotivated, unsuccessful, poor. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Brainstorming on Slutty Girls

 Hey there,

 I've been brainstorming up some ideas on recognizing and quickly escalating with them to make super quick lays more predictable and easier to reproduce. Some of these ideas come from a post on the internet on identifying slutty girls I couldn't figure out the original author and some come from my buddy Cam's post as well.

 The first thing to understand is that slutty girls are different from girls who get attracted easily. You need to find girls that are both attracted to you and slutty. This explains why girls will cheat on their BFs with PUAs because they found a girl who was slutty who happened to have a boyfriend.

What is a slutty girl? A slutty girl to me is a girl who (god bless her) jumps into bed with a guy quickly on a regular basis.

Slutty girls are everywhere it's a matter of being able to better recognize them.

There is a slutty girl way of dressing which is different from an attention whore way of dressing. The ultimate slutty girl piece of clothing is yoga pants at the mall.

Here are some personality traits and physical things to look for:

Plays along with sexual jokes or teases early.

Drinks a lot and makes a point of being able to "hang" or party with anyone.

Doesn't wear underwear and makes a point of letting that be known. This is where you can make jokes about her throwing her panties at you or getting her panties in a twist to bait for this.

Has traveled a lot.

Has indicators of high testosterone like greater than usual arm hair, broad eye brow ridges, broad shoulders, narrow waist.

Makes submissive (breaking downward) eye contact

Smokes cigarettes

Has mostly male "friends"

Is overly emotional or dramatic

Attempts to be tough or fight

Uses overly emotional but fake communication. Screams I love you early and quickly.

Says she dates like a guy or is over dating.

Says "I'm trying to be good" or mentions her trying to reform her life.

Identifies or calls herself a bitch.

Feel free to add more in the comments.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Age Grouping and attraction

 Here's something I've noticed recently, I am much much much more attractive to women who are between 18-22 and women who are between 32-35 than I am to the average girl between 22-30.

 Why is this?

  I honestly have no idea but I have a couple of educated guesses at the matter.

 1. Girls are most attracted to men who are about 7-9 years older than they are. I came up with this after analyzing the ages of most of the married couples I know as well as looking at the age differences between my friends parents. It seems like most (75%) fall within this age difference. The amount of couples who were the same age was the lowest with only 2 or 3 couples I know/am aware of being the same exact age (and one is heading for divorce court).

2. Girls have certain stereotypes they want to cross off their "to do" list which is exactly what it sounds like a list of guys to do. In the 18-22 year olds I'm an older successful guy who validates them and plays into their issues with their fathers. With the 30-35 year olds I'm a younger in shape guy who falls into their play toy/fling category. Whereas with most girls my age or around my age I'm just another dude trying to holla.

3. I subconsciously like these girls because I believe that I'm smarter than them (18-22) or I believe that they know what I am and are completely on board for no strings attached fun (30-35). With girls my own age I almost always feel like they want to trap me into a relationship which will end up like the Ray-J song "can't tie me down" so I act differently with these girls and thus am less attractive.

4. There is less competition from cool guys with girls in these age groups.

Not sure what it is but it's the most interesting thing happening with my game currently.

Share thoughts and similar experiences in the comments section.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Mirroring Body Language In Rapport

 Here's an old school technique that really works if you use it at the right time.

 Mirroring is the idea of copying someone else's body language in order to make them feel more similar to you and thus increase rapport.

Now obviously this is a more subtle tactic and it doesn't create magical reactions.

But, recently I was re-introduced to the idea through a book studying the science behind charisma and I've been having some great results on dates by simply mirroring the girl's body language first, then leading the body language into a more relaxed and open place.

I start by mirroring her sitting posture for 3-5 minutes until we're on the same wavelength. Then I slowly start to open up my body language more and start presenting more interested body language (leaning in etc).

So far if I do this the right way the girl almost always responds and starts copying my body language at which point I can start to escalate much easier.

So it's something to try out once you have some rapport with a girl.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Date Trick/Tip: The Side Switch

 Hey there,

 Quick post today on something I do all the time but haven't ever written about (don't quote me on that).

 The scenario: You go out with a girl and there is no way for you to smoothly sit on the same side as her. Maybe there's a booth, or a table and the only normal way to sit would be across from each other which not only has been psychologically proven to create more contentious situations but also keeps you from being able to touch.

So what do you do?

Easy, you sit down have a drink, order, watch etc... Then about 10-15 minutes in you go to the bathroom and come back to sit on the girls side. It really is that simple. Sometimes if I'm feeling really game-y I'll say I want to taste her drink etc... But it's not necessary, you can just switch sides without saying anything.

Hope that helps,


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Women Mean When They Talk

Hey guys,

I figured I’d write to you guys. I wanted to talk to you guys about a really important skill when it comes to meeting women.  I like to call that skill speaking “womanese”.

 (Womanese being the secret language women speak through subcommunications, body language, facial expressions, spatial relevance, and the underlying meanings of what they’re saying. )

I often say that women give the best pick up advice, as long as you don’t listen to what they tell you to do. Women give their advice through their reactions. They also give their advice to you through what they say, you just have to know how to translate it.

So today we’re going to look at some typical things women say when meeting new men, and what they actually mean.

1.     “ I have a boyfriend”.

This particular phrase can mean a variety of things based on when and how it is brought up in the conversation. The first realization you have to make about girls telling you they have boyfriends, is that it’s not always true. Often times the girl will say she has a boyfriend just to avoid having to be rude or waste her time entertaining a guy she’s not interested in all night. Women will also say things like “we’re lesbians” or “we’re together” to get rid of you in a socially acceptable way.

 If a woman tells you she has a boyfriend REALLY early on in the conversation (like in the first 3 minutes or less) she really means “I’m not interested in you romantically”.  Women hate social awkwardness, so if she’s really not into the conversation and she can tell you’re hitting on her, saying she has a boyfriend is a nice friendly way out of the discomfort.

 If a woman tells you she has a boyfriend when you are trying to escalate the interaction(by getting a phone number or trying to get her to leave with you) it generally means one of two things. Either she has let the interaction go further than she intended and she wants to let you know you don’t have a chance. Or she is trying to let you know that this may be a one time thing.

If a woman casually mentions a boyfriend by saying something like “my boyfriend and I” or “we like to..” then she is generally just letting you know the situation but may still be open to escalating the interaction.  At which point it becomes an issue of morality outside the scope of this newsletter J
2.     “We’re not having sex tonight!”

 If a woman tells you she’s not going to have sex with you, she’s already thinking about it. Women throw up the “we’re not having sex tonight.” objection because they realize that things are starting to heat up between the two of you. They do this because they have to be able to maintain plausible deniability.  Maintaining plausible deniability means that you always take responsibility for escalation. This goes for everything from making the first approach, to giving her an excuse she can tell her friends about why she left the club with you. Everything is your responsibility. The girl has to be able to explain to her friends that she wasn’t going back to your place to get fucked senseless. She was going over to save some money on drinks “or “ have a nightcap before she headed home.” But then “one thing led to another…”

 So when she says “we’re not having sex tonight” she means “ I want you to convince me that there won’t be any consequences for me if I have sex with you tonight.” This is where showing a girl that you don’t kiss and tell is crucial. You have to show the girl that you are not going to hurt her reputation or lose respect for her if she sleeps with you.

 If a woman tells you she’s not having sex with you tonight, you should always respond “ I was just about to tell you the same thing.” Ideally though you want to tell the girl that you’re not having sex with her first.  I always treat that statement like the finish line of a race you want to get to first.

3.     “ I don’t (kiss, have sex, have a threesome with midgets) on the (first night, first date, 3rd date).

 When a woman gives you a rule like “ I don’t kiss on the first date.” Or “ I don’t have sex until the 3rd date.”  She is sending a clear message. She is not sure about you. She doesn’t necessarily know if she sees you in her life long term or if you’re just some guy she’ll go on a couple of dates with and forget. So because of this she’s starting to lay down rules.  Now some girls actually do have rules about their dating lives, but most don’t. Most women simply go with what’s bringing in the most good emotions. If she’s starting to get all logical she’s not that into you…

If a woman says something like this, it’s a great opportunity to inject some humor and flip the script on the girl. If a girl ever gives me a rule, I just respond “ Cool is that you’re only rule or do you have more before I get to tell you mine?” Now sometimes she’ll have some more rules, but once she’s done I’ll give her a ridiculous list of rules that I have until she’s laughing so hard she’s forgotten what we were talking about. The more random and funny the better. Some of my favorites are enforcing a casual dress Fridays where she’s not allowed to wear pants, reminding her that Tuesday is “Feed Jon Grapes and Fan him day” and more.

4.     “ You’re a (jerk, player, asshole) 

 When a woman playfully insults you or accuses you of being a jerk, player, dirty old man, whatever… she’s actually saying “ I’m kinda attracted to you and I want to see if you’re really cool, or pretending.”  Because men can lie, women have to have a way of figuring out which guys are actually cool, and which guys are faking it. So when you are getting attraction from girls early on, they will often “test” you.

The best way to deal with tests from women is to agree and exaggerate. What most guys do wrong is they disagree and then try to show a girl how they’re not a jerk or a player. This is bad because it sets an underlying theme of you trying to live up to her expectations instead of vice versa. So instead you always agree when a woman accuses or insults you. Then you exaggerate the comment to absurdity.  So for example if a girl accuses you of being a player, you can say “  Yeah I’m actually pretty booked up right now but I can slot you in next Thursday if you promise to be good. “ or “  Yeah, I was actually recently voted the 6th biggest player in a mid major city by people magazine.”

5.     “Let’s Just be Friends.”

When a girl you’ve just met tells you that she just wants to be friends, what she really means is that she’s not interested in you at all. Most people, especially attractive women don’t make friends from failed pickup attempts. The fact that she’s suggesting being friends means that she’s not interested in you romantically. Plus she’s worried that you’re expecting something more.  If a girl tells you she just wants to be friends you’re pretty much out of luck. In rare circumstances you can escape the friend zone, but you are officially out of the “Ultimate Relationship Proposition” category.  So if you actually do want to be friends with her(without it being part of a long term seduction plan) then continue to get her phone number and try to hang out with her. Just be sure to mention that you are only trying to be her friend, lest she suspect you’re trying to get in her pants. It also may be a good idea to hang out with her in a mixed group of your friends and her friends. This will help it feel less like a date the first couple of times you guys hang out. Female friends are a huge blessing. I highly recommend that everyone reading this makes friends with at least 5 women you’re interested in.

Till next time,


Monday, August 13, 2012


Hola Puas,

I’ve been getting some great questions recently from you guys, so I highly encourage all of you to keep them coming in. For those that don’t know, you can send any question you have to me at Sinnstravel at and if it’s interesting, it’ll make the next edition of the mailbag. You get extra points for originality 

Let’s take our first caller…

Hi man,

I have a question:
I've been practicing the game for a while and can feel a lot of improvement.
I have routines, know the techniques, approaching girls at bars and even had a
few same night lays.
One thing that I haven't been able to overcome is going out alone. I
understand that this is an important thing to do as part of becoming a PUA.
Also, it would enable me to go out more since my friends are not into the game
as much as I am and sometimes prefer to stay home. But when I'm alone at a
bar, my self confidences is low and it's much harder for me to approach girls

How do I overcome this?


 Great question Yaron,

I personally really like going out alone. It’s less hassle getting everything organized, you don’t have to wait for your friends to get there, you don’t have the distraction of standing around talking to your buddies, and it’s a great feeling to leave your house alone and come back with a beautiful woman. It also makes approaching WAY easier because if you don’t approach you’re just standing around by yourself, which is not particularly fun. 

 When I first started going out alone, I always felt like EVERYONE in the bar knew I was there by myself and was judging me for it. So one night I decided to do an experiment. I went to a bar and stood in the middle of the bar by myself, not talking to anybody. I was fully expecting people to give me dirty looks or make comments, but nothing happened. Then the next night I went out alone again and this time did a bunch of approaches, I was sure every group was going to ask me where my friends were. And it never happened.  Because people really don’t care.  The biggest hurdle to going out alone is getting over the feeling that people will think you’re less cool for being out alone.

 Ok so now that you know what the problem is,  let’s look at some things you can do tonight to fix it.

1.     Getting in the batter’s box. This is something my buddy Fastlife once said to me that has always stuck.  He said the hardest part of going out alone is getting yourself going. I know how it is, you’re sitting around your house debating with yourself about whether to go out or stay in. You list all the reasons for and against going out, flip through your phone looking for girls you could call to come over, etc.. But what if instead of that, you simply started to get ready. While you’re debating with yourself, hop in the shower, or shave or pick out an outfit for that night. This will help get the ball rolling and then once you’re clean, shaved, dressed etc.. You’ll feel like you have to go out.
2.     Approach the first girl you see in the venue. Nothing kills your state when you’re out alone faster than standing around with a drink in your hand. So instead as soon as you walk into the venue, start talking to the first girl you see. If there aren’t any girls in the bar yet, then talk to the first guy you see. A lot of guys underestimate the power of being talkative. The more of a talkative mood you’re in, the easier it will be to approach.
3.     Set a certain number of approaches you HAVE to do. It doesn’t have to be overly ambitious, but make sure that you set a goal for the amount of approaches you have to do and don’t let yourself go home until you complete them.
4.     Establish a home base. This is one of the best and easiest things to do when you go out by yourself. A home base is where you’re going to be when you are in between approaches.  You don’t want to be standing by yourself, so you make friends with either a group of girls you’re not interested in gaming or a group of guys. Then you periodically check in with them throughout the night when you need a break or there aren’t any girls you’re interested in approaching.

 Going out alone is either normal or weird based on how YOU feel about it.

Next question.

 Question on smooth Kino Escalation.

Hopefully you can shed some light on this subject. I understand that calibration plays a huge role in this. What i've found is that I am personally way too into my head. Like I feel like i'm invading the girl's space if I simply give her a hug or it just doesn't feel natural. I am definitely not a natural touchy feely guy and grew up almost never touching girls. Not even simple high fives or hugs or whatever. I watched one of my friends at work today and he just naturally threw up a high five rewarding her for something he thought was cool. Like when I see my friends grab or play with the girls I can totally see their BT go through the roof.

I feel like theres this space between me and the girl, and i'm just chatting. I've been complimented on my voice and smoothness plenty of times but im missing that half where I see the more alpha guys taking control physically.

So I started learning a little bit of palm reading and using the penny, nickel dime routine as an excuse to hold the hand. but that just makes me not the fun/playful guy but the serious guy yet again.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any advice


 Ok Mark,

 First can we all agree to stop calling it kino and simply call it touching? Deal?

 Let’s figure out what the real issue is here. It’s that you’re not comfortable touching girls. That’s fine I was not a naturally touchy guy either. In fact it got so bad that one time on a bootcamp in Toronto Savoy came up to me to ask me if I knew if there was a casino around where he could play some keno because the students hadn’t seen any keno all night.

So what I did was I came up with a simple structure to guide my touching. It went like this:

1.    Playful touching- This is stuff like playfully shoving her, flicking her on the arm, patting her pompously, etc.. This is the stuff that happens early on. With touching the earlier you do it the more you will seem like a naturally touchy guy.
2.    Hand touching- This is stuff like high fives, thumb wars, playfully slapping her hand, so on and so forth.
3.    Arm in arm- This will happen as you’re qualifying girls. She says something you like you take her hand, place it on your arm and say “That’s all you get.” You can also do this when you’re moving a girl by asking her if she’s the romantic type and holding your arm out for her to link through.
4.    Arm around. This is another reward type of touching. She says or does something you like and you pull her in by her waist. There’s an easy way to tell if she’s attracted here, because she will put her arm back around you if she likes it.
5.    Hand holding. The best way to hand hold, is to suggest moving and then hold your hand back for her to grab.
6.    Kissing- There’s a variety of ways to kiss, but my favorite is what’s called the almost kiss. This is where in the middle of talking to her, you stop and say

 “ I’m sorry, I’m having a really hard time talking to you, because I keep thinking about kissing you. But I understand we’re not ready for that yet. So we’re going to do an almost kiss. We’re going to get really close, but you’re not allowed to kiss me and I’m not allowed to kiss you. If you kiss me it will ruin all trust in our relationship.”

 Then you lean forward and get as close to her lips as you can without touching them. Then you push her away and go back to talking. 5-10 minutes later you can go back in for another almost kiss at which point the girl will almost always kiss you.

 That’s a good start for ya Mark. The key with touching is that you have to act like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

Next Caller.

Hi, Sinn

I would like an opinion from You. A guy approaches a Women in person and the Women shows the guy indicators of interest by making eye contact, smiling, laughing with him during the entire lengthly conversation. He then ask her 5 mins laters before he leaves "If she would like to see him again?" and she says yes. The guy then gives her his cell phone and she puts in her name and number. On the 3rd day the guy calls this Women and on the 5th ring he gets her voice mail. He leaves a message with his name & number and other things but doesn't get a call back. 8 days go by and he calls her again but gets her voicemail and leaves another new message. This time he doesn't say his name or number because he left it on his first voicemail. The guy figures that she would recognize his voice and knew it was him from the first time.

Should the guy wait 9 more days to pass before he calls again to leave another voice message? Why would a Women give a guy her real cell phone number but not answer her phone or return his calls? When should this guy give up on calling her? How many voicemails should this guy leave for her before he hears from her again? The guy understands how some Women just like the attention or dont want to seem too easy.


Ok we’ll call this portion of the mailbag “ She’s just not that into you”.

Newsflash guys, women give out their phone numbers all the time. The phone number isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, or in this case the phone it’s stored in.  Sometimes women will eve give you their phone number to get rid of you. This isn’t the seventies when a phone number meant something. Every girl who has a cell phone, has caller ID and she can pretty much avoid any guy she wants to, and guess what she wants to avoid you.

The major mistake you made here, was not setting up a date. Getting phone numbers and agreeing to see each other again sometime, is a stairway to heaven. Instead what you want to do is suggest an activity at a specific time and place that you guys can do together. This could be as simple as mentioning how you’re going to a comedy show this Thursday early in the conversation and then bringing it up again and inviting her when you want to get her phone number. By making her commit to a certain time and place you will see if she’s actually interested or if she’s just being polite. This way she can say “I’m sorry I’m busy that night.” And if she doesn’t suggest alternative plans, you know you have a potential flake on your hands.

 Now you made a few other mistakes as well. First you waited too long to call her. On a cold approach you want to call the very next day. The reason being that she doesn’t have a whole lot invested in you unlike a guy in her social circle, who she’ll have to see again. Then you waited an ungodly amount of time to follow up when she didn’t call you back. 8 days is ridiculous. You want to keep following up every day or other day until you either get her on the phone, or you get distracted by all the other girls you have in the pipeline. You do have other girls in the pipeline right?

Oh wait, no you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be so obviously hurt by this girl not returning your calls.

Sorry for the harsh love but this is the real world and not every girl that you think you have a connection with is going to call you back. The solution is to go out and meet more women.

 That’s gonna wrap it up like a guy who picks up chicks at the free clinic.

 Till next time,


Friday, August 10, 2012

Needy Vs interested a balancing act

 Ever since the Kristen ordeal (Now almost 2 years ago) I have been very focused on making sure girls don't get attached and thus I have taken a lot of things out of my game that are very effective like telling girls I like them, complimenting, and general emotional connection stuff.

 This was not a good idea, and my results have suffered a bit, notably in the ability to keep girls around for longer than a few weeks.

I realized this last week and have been making the changes necessary to fix it.

But this is a good topic of discussion on here because a lot of guys don't know how to walk the fine line between being needy and being interested.

In general you are probably better off demonstrating more interest as long as you can avoid being needy.

What's the difference?

Interest requires a reason. When you are being needy you are interested in the girl so that you are not alone. When you are interested in a girl for specific (well defined) reasons your risk of being seen as needy becomes much lower.

Also keep in mind some basic rule like not texting or calling more than once a day without a response etc...

Hope that helps.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

10 Rules For Texting

 The 10 Rules Of Text Messaging:

1.     Never send multiple text messages WITHOUT a response. This is one of the most misunderstood rules about texting out there. It is a good thing to exchange a ton of text messages wit girls. It’s fun, it builds a sense of conspiracy into the interaction, and it helps to make the girl comfortable enough to meet up with you or at least talk on the phone. So you’re moving up the intimacy scale as well. But there is a problem, if you are not getting responses to EVER text you send and you keep sending them. That’s called being needy. Burn this rule into your brain: Never send more than one form of communication to a girl without getting a response.
2.     Use as many words as you can. I have literally convinced girls to fly across the country to meet me in text message conversations. This idea that it is in some way high value to keep your communication brief, only applies if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have a solid understanding of humor, open loops and sexcalation, the more words you have the better. The only exception to this comes when she is obviously giving one or two word terse responses. In that case you want to respond in kind.
3.     The 15 Minute Rule. In general you always want to take 15 minutes or so longer to text a girl back, then she took to text you. So for example if you text her at 7:30 and she doesn’t text you back until 8:15 you should wait until 9:15 to text her back. This rule doesn’t apply if she is texting back in 15 minutes or less, in that case you should text back in around the same amount of time.
4.     Use Emoticons sparingly to heighten their effectiveness. Most guys use emoticons completely the wrong way. There are 3 general emoticons you want to use in specifics ways. J is a smiley face and should be used when giving compliments or trying to convey happiness. Don’t worry when we get to the real life breakdowns, I’ll give notes on when and how I’m using these emoticons. ;) is a winky. Winkies are used to show girls you’re teasing or to lace a conversation with sexual inneuendo. Lastly we have tongues :p. These are used when you are obviously teasing the girl or messing with her. These can also be tacked on to role plays to make sure the girls know you’re not actually asking her on a romantic date to The Sizzler.
5.     Don’t be afraid to be random. This is a huge problem most guys have. They treat text as a very business like formal place. So they’ll send text messages like “ How was your day?” or “ What are you doing tonight?”. We want to avoid stuff like this like the plague, unless it is part of a back and forth dialogue. Instead you want to be creative. A few texts I like are : I’m in line at the (wherever) and I want to know if you can actually die of boredom, Stop thinking about me, my ears are burning,  I was just at the ( random place Aquarium, Grocery Store, Sex Shoppe if you’re brave ) and in a weird way it made me think of you.
6.     Always give girls tasks. This is both a great way to build momentum and set roles. You can make these tasks something simple, like asking them if they know a good Chinese food restaurant in a specific town. Then you can escalate them by asking them to send you sweet or sexy text messages. It is vital that you get the girl doing things for you through text.
7.     I want to tease them sexually. This is where I have a lot of power. I want to make sure that everytime the text messages turn sexual, I am the first one to end it. That way I can keep her framed as being sexually aggressive, and I don’t weird her out. Role-plays and humor are the most effective ways to tease women sexually. You want to make sure these are a part of your text repetroie  
8.     Always alternate hot and cold. This is one of the main rhythyms of text messaging. You are going to be constantly balancing out three things, compliments, sexual comments and releases. This is how we escalate the interactions. Alternating hot and cold statements allows the woman to get more comfortable being hit on or aroused sexually. You want to try to draw the release out as far as possible to preserve the sexual tension
9.     Be aware of logistics. You can use text messaging to find out where she lives in relation to you, and with whom. You can also use it to give her directions when she’s coming to meet up. Often times I will just text girls and tell them I’m coming to their place and ask for their address.
10.  Know when to move up the ladder. If you are serious about getting the girl out, it is always a better idea to go for the meet up over the phone. As soon as it becomes obvious the two of you are going to hang out, make sure you get a 15-30 minute comfort building call in where you actually handle logistics.

  JS- The King Of Content

Monday, August 06, 2012

What The Dirty Dad Did Wrong- Realhousewives Of NYC

 Last week on the Real housewives of NY new one legged character Aviva tried to set up the lovely Sonja Morgan with her "sex addict" father in Miami Beach.

Her Dad George was AWESOME! But he made some basic mistakes that I've seen a lot of men make so I wanted to break down them down here cause what better do I have to do with my life :)

You should definitely check out the episode though as Bravo runs it every 2-4 minutes or so it seems.

Here's the 3 big mistakes George made:

1. He didn't release. George would make an awesome sexual comment, and then while the woman was reacting and laughing he would continue to go more and more sexual until he was offering to give Carole (My new Fav Housewife) her first squirting orgasm. If he had backed off and teased the girls (40 something women) after these sexual comments things would have gone much much smoother. It also didn't help that he rubbed his boner up against Sonja's ass while she was sitting on the couch. Though I will say Sonja has never moved as fast in her life as she did when she leapt off the couch to escape George's horny goat weed fueled erection.

2. He came on to every girl at the party. George was set up with Sonja but this in no way stopped him from asking if Ramona's husband was around, offering Carole said squirting orgasm or even telling his own daughter Aviva that if he wasn't related to her he'd be after her, which is just... It's one thing to flirt with every girl at a party and create some social proof. It's another thing to sleaze on to every girl and make it blatently sexual with every one of them. One of them makes woman think "Who is that guy" the other makes them think "Who does that guy think he is George Clooney?"

3. Not mixing comfort with the sex talk. Now I'm sure Bravo edited this to make it look like 4-5 comments were made in the span of a few minutes instead of over the course of hours as they probably occured in real life. But still I saw no attempts at anything other than basic fluff talk like discussing watching jazz at the Satai hotel and straight dirty talk like when he tried to convince Sonja to sleep with him by saying it was the kinkiest thing she could ever do since she'd be sleeping with her friend's father. If he had mixed in a little qualification and these are the reasons I like you besides your ass type of talk things would have gone way way way smoother.

So George is you end up reading this (which there's no way he will) I'm sure you do awesome out in Miami being a good looking, rich older international man of leisure (And I'm sure the TV appearance won't hurt) but if you throttle back a little bit of the sexuality, stop spreading it around so much and mix in some reasons you like her besides sex, things will go even better.

JS- The King Of Content

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Making Phone # soup

 So recently I've decided to try some new text tactics. This came about as I realized that more and more the initial interaction doesn't matter as much as what happens when you text the girl.

In fact you're actually wasting your time if you spend too much effort and energy in the initial interaction, especially during the day time.

The goal is to get a bunch of phone numbers and then treat them like it's a big pot of soup.

You want to pour all the numbers into the pot, stir it around and see what comes out.

The way to do this is pretty simple you need to start with a base of at least 7 phone numbers, then you're going to pick a time you think most of these girls will be around like say 7 PM on a Tuesday and you want to send out mass texts starting conversations with all of them.

Then put your phone away for at least 30 mins to wait for the responses. From the the responses you'll have some girls interested in meeting up and some who don't return texts etc... From here you follow up with the ones that are responsive and move the ones that aren't into the mass text file so that you continually text them when you add more numbers into your soup.

This is by far the best way to do text game because while it doesn't help you to get one specific girl out of the numbers you've collected it will assure you in getting some girl without the need for constant worrying about whether or not a girl is texting back etc...

JS- The King Of Content