Monday, August 06, 2012

What The Dirty Dad Did Wrong- Realhousewives Of NYC

 Last week on the Real housewives of NY new one legged character Aviva tried to set up the lovely Sonja Morgan with her "sex addict" father in Miami Beach.

Her Dad George was AWESOME! But he made some basic mistakes that I've seen a lot of men make so I wanted to break down them down here cause what better do I have to do with my life :)

You should definitely check out the episode though as Bravo runs it every 2-4 minutes or so it seems.

Here's the 3 big mistakes George made:

1. He didn't release. George would make an awesome sexual comment, and then while the woman was reacting and laughing he would continue to go more and more sexual until he was offering to give Carole (My new Fav Housewife) her first squirting orgasm. If he had backed off and teased the girls (40 something women) after these sexual comments things would have gone much much smoother. It also didn't help that he rubbed his boner up against Sonja's ass while she was sitting on the couch. Though I will say Sonja has never moved as fast in her life as she did when she leapt off the couch to escape George's horny goat weed fueled erection.

2. He came on to every girl at the party. George was set up with Sonja but this in no way stopped him from asking if Ramona's husband was around, offering Carole said squirting orgasm or even telling his own daughter Aviva that if he wasn't related to her he'd be after her, which is just... It's one thing to flirt with every girl at a party and create some social proof. It's another thing to sleaze on to every girl and make it blatently sexual with every one of them. One of them makes woman think "Who is that guy" the other makes them think "Who does that guy think he is George Clooney?"

3. Not mixing comfort with the sex talk. Now I'm sure Bravo edited this to make it look like 4-5 comments were made in the span of a few minutes instead of over the course of hours as they probably occured in real life. But still I saw no attempts at anything other than basic fluff talk like discussing watching jazz at the Satai hotel and straight dirty talk like when he tried to convince Sonja to sleep with him by saying it was the kinkiest thing she could ever do since she'd be sleeping with her friend's father. If he had mixed in a little qualification and these are the reasons I like you besides your ass type of talk things would have gone way way way smoother.

So George is you end up reading this (which there's no way he will) I'm sure you do awesome out in Miami being a good looking, rich older international man of leisure (And I'm sure the TV appearance won't hurt) but if you throttle back a little bit of the sexuality, stop spreading it around so much and mix in some reasons you like her besides sex, things will go even better.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    looks like they need you on the show to show them hows its done

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Your my boy, Sinn