Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Notes On The 48 Laws Of Power Law 1-


I went through a real obsession with the 48 laws of power for a little bit, and I just found some old notes I had on them.

 You guys may find this stuff interesting if even in a head nodding, non applicable way.

1.    Never Outshine The Master: Rating: 7 To work on: Never Take Your Position For Granted.
2.    Never Put Too Much Trust In Friend, Learn To Use Enemies: Rating: 4: To Work on: Never give friends too much lest they come to believe they deserve that all the time. Never expect gratitude from a friend and be pleasantly surprised when you get it.
3.    Conceal Your Intentions: Rating: 3: Work On: Keep people off balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. Purposely lead them down the wrong path. Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up your cunning. If you yearn for power lay honesty aside. Dangle fake goals in front of people and they will take that for reality. Appear to send mixed signals or instead appear to support a cause that is contrary to your own beliefs. Seem to want things you don’t want to gain power. Hide your intentions by talking openly about your desires and goals, just not your real ones. Also use false sincerity. Espouse a belief in honesty and forthrightness as publicly as possible. Use the smoke screen of the ordinary and familiar. Be as bland and inconspicuous as possible.  The noble gesture is one of the best smoke screens available as people want to believe those who make noble gestures are for real. Another effective smoke screen is the pattern. Acting one way consistently before suddenly mixing it up. Another psychological weakness to exploit is the tendency of human beings to mistake appearance for reality or take things on looks value.
4.    Always Say Less Than Necessary: Rating: 0: Work On: Talk less, squeeze more out of your words.
5.    So Much Depends On Reputation-Guard It With Your Life: Rating: 1: To work on: Figure out where to establish a reputation.  Doubt is a powerful weapon guard yourself against it while using it as a deadly weapon against your enemies. Make your reputation sterling and base it on one single quality. What one quality do I want a reputation for?
6.    Court Attention At All Costs: Rating: 7: To Work On: Commanding and being ready for attention at all times. In the beginning spend all your time courting attention regardless of the quality. Part II: Create an Air of Mystery: In a world growing increasingly banal and familiar, what seems enigmatic instantly draws attention.Never make too clear what you are doing or about to do. Do not show all your cards. An Air of mystery heightens your prescence; it also creates anticipation-everyone will be watching you to see what happens next use mystery to beguile, seduce and frighten. If you find yourself trapped, do something that cannot be explained. Choose a simple action that lends itself to multiple interpretations.
7.    Get Others To Do The Work For You But Always Take The Credit: Rating: 1: To Work On: Getting others to do stuff for me.
8.    Make Others Come To You: Rating: 2: To Work On: You must learn to master your emotions, and never be influenced by anger; meanwhile you must play on people’s natural tendency to react angrily when pushed and baited.
9.    Win Through Your Actions Never Through Argument: Rating: 3: To Work On: Stop arguing, think always of action. Learn to demonstrate the correctness of your ideas indirectly.
10.Infection: Avoid The Unhappy and Unlucky: Rating: 7: To Work On: Avoid all unhappy, unmotivated, unsuccessful, poor. 



  1. SICK! Getting the book ASAP!

  2. Anonymous12:08 AM

    knowing the 48 laws of power helps you not get manipulated because you are aware when they are being used on you.

  3. Anonymous11:25 AM

    ... whoever follows the above is an extremly unhappy and emotionally damaged person. Never trust friends, avoid the poor, get others to do all the work and you take the credit.. who on earth would want to be anything like this? or did i mix up the point completely and are these traits to avoid? :o