Wednesday, August 08, 2012

10 Rules For Texting

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  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    thanks for this post Sinn!

    there are not that many products out there that specialize in text and phone game

    and if there are... most of them are outdated

    this post is gold!

  2. Excellent post, thanks. #6 is something I had never thought about.

  3. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Hi, Jon I have a specific question. On Tuesday I´ve number closed two girls. They were both into me. I´ve wrote both that I´m into both and find them both sexy, which they agrred. Basically gave, passiv permission to escalate on them (Passive Frame Control). I´ve called them yesterday for 20 minutes. They´ve said they gonna pick me up with their car. Today they´ve messaged me and basically flaked on me. What should I do? I want to kiss them both at the same time and also have a 3some. Thank you for claryfing.

  4. Anonymous1:23 PM

    this quote from sinn was gold
    because I lose 100% of girls because they don't pick up the phone.

    " It is a good thing to exchange a ton of text messages wit girls. It’s fun, it builds a sense of conspiracy into the interaction, and it helps to make the girl comfortable enough to meet up with you or at least talk on the phone"

  5. this is really really helpful stuff and actually I was talking to a good friend about text message game but there is very limited info out there on this...I think it is an efficient and effective way to escalate and I was really hoping you can give a few examples on each one....I am trying to get examples and obviously I can get some ideas and then make them my own.

  6. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Disagree about the 15 minute rule. If you do that it will be a) obvious to the girl and b) you are killing any momentum you have by adding more time to a conversation which doesnt help you.

    Ideally you want to cut in half the time to respond to try to get a shorter communication pattern going. Then you can break it or vary it up once its flowing a bit better.

    Texting back and forth hour or two between messages all the time is not beneficial.

  7. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Agree with last poster. However one must develop sense for timig and if he can't develop it after meeting few girls he do NOT deserves to spread widely or humanity would be lost.

  8. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Ultimate phone and text game by braddock is gold... Timings and the "pinging" concepts are really super efficient... It drastically increased my ration NC to date from 1 on 10 to 1-2 on 3..