Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hey guys,

I'm already in party mode and thus will not be posting on Friday or Monday.

This does mean Neil gets a short one week cease fire as I will be trying to break records for most hours spent drunk consecutively.

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest Post By My Friend Sara: The Problem With Guys with Too Many Girl Friends

So last week I wrote about the issue with girls with too many male friends.

I mentioned that if I were a girl I wouldn't trust a guy with too many female friends either. This of course caused a ruckus among my friends because 95% of my friends are girls.

My friend Sara(who is hot and too smart to sleep with me) read the post and ranted at me that she wanted to write a post on why a guy is "Bad news" if he has too many girl friends. She also claimed I was too biased to write such an article because I'd spend half the time defending my own behavior. Which is probably true.

I believe this is the first guest post by a girl on my blog.

Take it away Sara:

Why I would never date Jon, or a guy who has mostly female friends.

I've known Jon or "Sinn" for almost two years at this point. And while I really love him as a friend, I would NEVER date him. It's not because of the "Pickup Artist" stuff either.

It's because he ONLY hangs out with girls. I'm dead serious when I say that in the entire time I've known him, I've seen him with guys twice. Every time I meet up with him for a drink or go to the same parties, I know he's going to have his little Blondtourage with him. And that's fine because we're just friends. But if we were dating, it would be a real issue.

I honestly think that the girls he dates just ignore the obvious evidence. If a guy is ALWAYS hanging out with other girls who he says are "Just friends" that's a huge red flag in a relationship. His last GF who I won't name cause he'll just edit her name out (Jon's Note: Would Not) knows the girl he slept with after they broke up pretty well. She's had dinner with her a bunch of times and while Jon claims he never cheated, he always has "friends" who he ends up sleeping with after break-ups(Jon's note: Or when I'm bored.).

This is typical of ALL men with a lot of female friends. To be fair to Jon he does have a decent amount of female friends that he is just friends with. Some of them are married, others are in relationships and his best friend is a lesbian. But the main problem with dating a guy with lots of girl friends is that you don't know which is which. I know that there is nothing going on with Jon's main 3 BFFs Kelly, Raine and Carrie. But I also hear rumors every other week about Jon and this girl or that girl in our group. Girls who "date" him hear the exact same rumors they just choose to ignore them or they fall for Jon's technicalities that since they're not really exclusive or "together" he can sleep with other girls as well and she can't get mad.

It's just not trustworthy. If you're in a relationship, why do you need attention from all these other women? Jon would say that he gets along better with girls than guys and that's sort of true. But he's ignoring the fact that he's WAY more interested and interesting when he talks to girls. If he put the same effort into meeting and being friends with guys he'd have a big group of guy friends. By holding on to this group of female friends he's basically keeping one foot out of the relationship.

Ultimately having a big group of female friends as a guy will undermine your relationship and lead to a situation where you have to choose your friends or your girlfriends.

The main reason I would never date Jon is that I know he'll choose his friends over a GF every single time.

Thanks Sara!

While I'm recovering from having Sara strum my pain on her fingers, I do have to agree with most of what she said. If I was a girl there is 0% chance I'd be ok with the amount of girls I hang out with.

She's also definitely right about the one foot out thing as I am aware of what girls I'm friends with like me even when I'm in a relationship and I do flirt.

So yeah.


Monday, May 23, 2011

The War On The Game: Our First Victory

Cue the Bush voice and Mission accomplished speech.

Last week we drove Neil underground.

Check out the behind the scenes story.

JS-The King Of Content

Friday, May 20, 2011

Never Trust Girls With All Guy Friends

I mentioned this rule of mine a few weeks ago and have been getting a surprising amount of comments asking me to post the thought so here goes.

Personally I don't believe men and women can be friends. I say this even though I have 90% female friends. The reason is pretty simple when people of the opposite sex spend enough time around each other, eventually one person or the other will develop a crush on the other person and vice versa.

Now the reason I can make this work is that I am always getting laid by new chicks so when my female friends inevitably get crushes on me or I start to get one on one of them I have another way to get laid so it doesn't become an obsession. Most guys don't have this and instead view the female friend as not only that one special girl but as a way to end their non intentional celibacy.

Girls who have a lot of male friends in my opinion are already making backup plans. Every girl I know who has a lot of male friends has a lot of male friends she has hooked up with in the past. She also has one or two male friends she thinks are cute or who she would hook up with if they weren't already in relationships.

But that's not even the main reason I say don't trust girls who have a lot of male friends. The bigger issue is that girls who have a lot of male friends tend to say a lot of the following statements:

" Girls are bitches."

" Girls are too catty"

" I'm like a guy in a girl's body."

" I treat sex like a guy."

" I date like a guy"

You get the idea. Because women are naturally competitive over men, any girl who stays away from girls is subconsciously doing it to eliminate competition. Girls get along better with other girls, or at least they're supposed to. A woman who doesn't have any female friends (Like this girl Kelly I dated after Kristen) is weird.

These girls also tend to get even needier than girls with female friends because they don't have the same kind of support system to discuss their problems with and ultimately a lot of these girls cheat.

So hopefully that explains why I always say you can't trust a girl with too many male friends. Or a guy with too many female friends if you're a girl but that's a whole nother story.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Secret Society Part 2

In last week's piece, I broke down what the secret society or "scene" was composed of.In this article, I'm going to break down the roles guys play in the Scene as well as list what I consider to be the top 5 rules for understanding the scene.

But first a quick caveat I got a lot of comments on the last post asking some variation of the question " Is dealing with the scene worth it?" I can't answer this question for you. Personally I don't go to the club scene more than 1 or 2 times a month at this point in my life. I've done it for 6 years, and I realized that I am happier when I'm away from it. For other people (Like my roomie) they go every week and it never gets old to them. As with most of the "philosophical" questions about pickup you have to decide for yourself what's important.

Let's talk about the role of guys in the scene. Last week I broke down the roles of various types of girls in the scene. This week I want to take a look at the guys.

A quick note on civilians. Most people who are in clubs during the weekend are what we call civilians. A civilian is a guy or girl who is not involved in the scene but has either been talked into coming out by a friend or is attending a special occasion. Occasionally these people are also referred to as tourists. Ironically now that I have left the scene I'm a tourist when I go out.

30K millionaires. The most common type of guy in the scene is the 30 thousand dollar millionaire. These are the guys who talk a big game about their business, job, family, money etc, while making 30Gs a year. 30K millionaires are easy to spot as they get 4-6 guys together to go in on a bottle and table. 30K millionaires stand out due to their awful fashion sense(Affliction anyone) and their constant bragging and name dropping. Some common 30K milli lies are that they own their own business, are a professional cage fighter, or come from a super rich family.

Promoters. Promoters are a shady bunch. Or at least the ones who are good are. The promoters job in the SS is three-fold. 1. He needs to keep guys out until they absolutely must let them in. 2. He needs to find rich guys who want to pay for table service 3. He needs to have a drug hookup. Good promoters act as the intermediary between rich guys and hot girls and drugs.

Ballers/Legit Celebs. These are the guys who fuck your game up. Justin Timberlake once stole girls from me 3 weeks in a row at the Cabana Club in Hollywood. I would have said it was coincidental except the last time he did it he winked at me... This is your competition in the club scene. Especially for the top 1% of girls in the club. Ballers are even worse than celebrities in my opinion because they will often tip the bouncers/promoters to go bring girls over to them at their tables etc...

Scenesters. Scensters are different from promoters/ballers/30k millis. Scenesters are your "Cool guys". These are the guys who get let in right away whether or not they're with girls. Scenesters make the rounds of the hottest parties and clubs and always know people. Generally they are not the most successful people outside of their ability to network in clubs. Some scenesters are good with women others are far more interested in drugs.

Civilian guy. Civilian guy is the guy who waits all week long for his chance to go to the hot club he's read about or scene on an episode of Entourage. He gets all dressed up in his finest blue button down shirt and heads to the club with a big group of his equally non descript buddies. Civilians ironically make the club scene work by contributing their hard earned money to cover charges, $12 drinks and more.

So those are the characters in the scene, now I want to switch gears and wrap this post up by revealing to you what I believe to be the 5 major rules of the SS.

The Rules Of The Secret Society:

1. Hotness rules everything. The hotter the club,DJ, Host, etc is the better. In the club scene things don't stay hot long. Consider this, SBE a leading nightlife company that owns a number of hot clubs in Miami, NY and LA only keeps their clubs open for 12-18 months before tearing them down and opening a new one. They live their business life by the # 1 rule and are an industry leader accordingly.

2. Everyone is single in the club. There's almost an unwritten agreement that if you're up in da club without your significant other, you're single like a dollar bill. This is why you will never get BF objections in a SS place. Boyfriends and girlfriends cease to exist when the club doors open.

3. Everyone will selfishly pursue their own self interest. The club is a competitive environment. More so than most other environments, the competition is much more overt. The girls are competing amongst themselves to be the coolest girl and meet the highest value guys. The guys are competing over the hottest of the hot girls. In these environments people will behave badly to get what they want.

4. People may not be what they seem. Whenever someone tells me what they do in the scene, I take it with a grain of salt. Everyone is a producer, musician, actor, entrepreuneur, model or artist. No one is a everyday normal motherfucker. Which means that you should be skeptical whenever you meet someone who seems too good to be true from the scene. Chances are they're probably just a liar.

5. The Girls are lying to your face without saying a word. Girls in the club scene are more dressed up than they would be at any other day of their life other than possibly their wedding day. Because of this they are lying to you. He hair is not that long, those are horse hair extensions, her boobs are not that big, they're either a push up bra or a boob job, her face is not that smooth, that's a MAC forcefield of make-up.

Which brings me to my last point about the Scene: It's an illusion. Sure some people are living these amazingly fun lives where they are flying private and partying with celebs but they're few and far between. Most people in the club scene are there because they couldn't hack it in the real world and they're staying in this weird version of high school instead of growing up. That's exactly what it is high school. Who's the most popular, who knows the most people? Who cares ?

I certainly don't but I know a lot of you guys still might, so hopefully this post has illuminated the way certain things work for you.

JS-The King Of Content

Monday, May 16, 2011

The War On The Game: You CAN"T fix Asshole!

Happy Fuck Neil Strauss Day to all of you!

Today's video might be my personal favorite, so grab some popcorn and a soda and sit back to enjoy why you can't fix asshole, featuring our first contribution to the videos from a member of the Fuck Neil Strauss Army.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you're feeling it or not.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

80-20 rule with approaching

The second part of The Secret Society post is taking a longer than I expected but it will be more than worth it.

So today I want to write a quick post explaining something I think is very important to understand in order to get realistic results with women it's my version of the 80-20 rule or Pareto principle.

It goes like this; When approaching strangers about 10% of all women you approach will not like you no matter what you do. Oftentimes this has to do with factors outside of your control such as blood type, or the fact that you remind her of a guy who date raped her in college. Happens to everyone. On the other side of this 10% of women you approach will like you no matter what you do. This doesn't mean you're necessarily going to get laid, but the girls will be into you right away and it's up to you not to screw up.

Which leaves a whopping 80% of women you approach who will be neutral or slightly less than interested. This is where tactics and techniques come in to play, and why we learn pickup. If you get good enough you should be able to get all of those women attracted to you and then filter through to the situations that are actually worthwhile.

This should help you reframe the entire approaching process in terms of success as you at least have a chance at with 9/10 women you approach.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Updating The Secret Society Part 1

Back in the day TD wrote a tongue in cheek post called "The Secret Society". In it he alleged that there was a secret sex society made up of women, gay guys and players.

Obviously this is not true, but there is a secret society that most guys who get into this stuff will have to encounter.

It's the secret society of clubs.

What I mean by this, is that there is a society of people who exist within the confines of the club scene as well as a hierarchy and some basic rules you need to know if you're going to spend a lot of time in clubs as a "civilian".

Who makes up this secret society?

The secret society is made up of Promoters,Scenesters,Girl groups,Bottle Rats, Professionals,Ballers, 30k Millionaires,regulars, local celebrities and the help.

In short the scene is made up of what The Asian Playboy once called "The Fickle 500." The fickle 500 idea states that in ANY city ( As of the time of writing this I've lived in Miami, NYC, Scottsdale, LA, Dallas, and Chicago and Las Vegas for at least 3 months of clubbing) there are only about 500 people who go out consistently. This group is the secret society or "the scene".

In this secret society there is a hierarchy. The lowest people on the totem pole are civilians and fat chicks. The average dude who waits in line to get into clubs, buys drinks and ironically supports the club with his money is the lowest of the low.

A key understanding here, is that the way clubs work for those outside of the Secret Society is this: The more a club can make you feel uncool, the more money you'll be willing to spend to fix that feeling. This is why clubs will make you stand in line outside even when you're on the guest list. This is why for most good clubs in major cities you need to bring a 2 to 1 ratio of girls to guys, and this is why certain places hold the door. If you're an outsider, the clubs want to make you work and invest as much as possible before you get in the door.

This is where the promoter comes in. Yes, technically the promoter's job is to get people into the club. But if we're dealing with a secret society place like Tenjune in NYC, Supper Club or Eden in LA, Surrender or Marquee in LV, or Set, Louis, and Prive' in Miami the club fills itself. And it's here that we encounter the first rule of the secret society: Hotness is all that matters. When a club is hot, it has all the power. The club can create ridiculous policies like the "La Deux" line, where instead of having a line, the club just has velvet ropes people mass around and the promoters pick out the people they want to let in. I call it the "La Deux" line because the club La Deux was the first place I saw use this technique when they opened back in 2006. Or they can have 2 different sets of door people as they do at Drai's in Hollywood. In places the secret society likes to frequent, the promoter's job is less about crowd accumulation and more about crowd control. In smaller cities or non Secret Society scenes you can befriend promoters easily. In the Secret Society clubs a promoter literally has 30-40 people screaming at him from behind the velvet ropes and he's concerned about not letting in dudes.

Next we have our scensters. Scenesters are there to see and be seen, these are the people who post on facebook that Steven Tyler stopped by their table, go to multiple clubs in a night, and wouldn't be caught dead somewhere after the hotness is gone.

The girls in the SS roll in groups or crews and often have enemies and best friends forever that end up switching throughout their time in the SS. Most of the girls who are in the scene fall in to one of the following categories:

Bottle Rats: Bottle rats are girls who go out hoping to latch on to a group of guys with a bottle and stay there all night flirting for free drinks before disappearing into the night. Every time I've gotten bottle service we've had to kick some bottle rats out. You can tell their bottle rats if they don't seem in to you but they are being nice, smiling and sticking around.

Professionals: Professionals are a fact of life in the Secret Society. These girls range from trophy wives and girlfriends to straight out hos. When I lived in Miami one of the hottest girls I dated ended up being a high class call girl on a website and everything. This is a VERY common story in the SS.

Local Celebrities: Local celebrities range from your club princess who everyone loves to your weird hair chick who always comes to a certain club night. Local celebrities know everyone and are known by everyone in the club scene. Most commonly they are involved in some aspect of the club scene be it bartending, cocktailing, etc. Local celebrities are more common in smaller places as in LA we have actual reality tv people to be our local celebrities.

The Help: Refers to girls who work at the club whether or not they are working that night. A very common thing in the SS is that girls who are off that night will come in to work anyway to hang out and get the local celebrity attention. During the week (When the Secret Society is in full swing and civilians are asleep because they have to go to work) the best nights in the SS are industry nights where girls who work at clubs on the weekend come out to blow off some steam. I used to have a thing for the help, but have been sober from cocktail waitresses and bartenders for almost 2 years.

Ok this is turning into a novel, so stay tuned Friday when I continue this piece by diving into the roles of guys and explain more of the rules of the SS.

JS-The King Of Content.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The War On The Game: The Book Ain't EVEN good...

Hey there,

If it's Monday, it means we're smashing Neil Strauss' fake ass persona.

This video deals with how even his book sucks.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Becca Mistake

I'm writing this more for me than for you.

Once upon a time someone said that if you make a really big mistake with a girl you should name it after her and then make sure that you don't repeat it.

In my life I have made roughly a Kajillion mistakes with women(Technical term).

However there are only 3 so far that I have named after girls.

1. The Christeanna mistake refers to when I had the most ridiculously hot girl ever interested and in my apt at 3 AM and couldn't make a move cause I was too into her. I fixed this with Meggan in Dallas by making sure that even when I'm super ridiculously stupidly into a girl, I keep things sexual at the same time.

2. The Jamie mistake refers to a habit I used to have of getting WAY too drunk around women I liked, which then leads me to doing stupid things like telling this girl I thought i was falling for her on our 2nd date (with the help of a half bottle of vodka). Also haven't made this mistake in like 5 years either...

3. The Kristen mistake was last year when I was in love with Kristen but kept holding on to the idea that we weren't exclusive because "I don't do exclusive". This led to me never committing to her despite the fact that I wasn't sleeping with other girls or even really interested in other girls while I was with her. Eventually this killed the relationship and even more unfortunately our friendship...

Now I've realized another sticking point I have that needs to be named and eliminated.

I'm going to call this the "Becca" mistake. Becca is the girl with really good game that I have been... I don't even know what to call it anymore.

But the mistake/sticking point I do understand.

I need to be more efficient with language and stop texting back and forth with girls all day. In fact as of yesterday I have established a new rule for myself for texting. I will no longer text any 1 particular girl for more than 5 exchanges a day. Everything that needs to be done through text from flirting to setting up a date can be done in 5 back and forths.

The issue here is that I REALLY like smart funny girls. A girl who can make me laugh thru text is worth her weight in gold to me. But this leads to situations like Friday where I texted back and forth with Becks all day and then she blew me off to hang out with another guy she is seeing. But not before sending me a picture of the outfit she was going to wear out with him...

As Captain Jack said when I spoke told him about it Sunday " That's the behavior of a girl trying to get murdered."

Really though the whole situation is my fault as I got caught up in the whirlwind of texting and the fact that we did actually sleep together and missed/ignored a lot of signs. I was overly arrogant about the fact that if a girl interacts with me long enough we will almost certainly sleep together. As I often say on a long enough timeline the chances any particular girl who is around me won't sleep with me drop to 0. But I didn't look at the fact that I was getting played, and that I was more invested than her. Which never works.

The other part of this sticking point, is that due to the overly verbose nature of my life, I tend to talk too much in both real life conversations and text. Which leads to 45 minute convos with girl with an amazing vibe but without the needed qualification/investment/commitment necessary to prevent flakes once the memory of the amazingly attractive vibe fades away. So I need to make an active effort to actually "game" and not just get caught up in the fact that girls like talking to me and I like talking to them.

It would also help if I could start being more concise but the long rambling nature of this blog post makes me feel silly about writing I need to be more efficient with language here.

I think I've clarified this enough for myself now.


Monday, May 02, 2011

The War On The Game: Neil Strauss Sucks With Women!

Happy Monday!

I swear I wake-up early and amped up just because I get to smash on Neil every Monday.

This week we're looking at some of the prized conquests of Mr Neil Strauss, specifically a certain washed up over the hill 40 year old band member no one's ever heard of.

Enjoy,and leave a comment.

JS-The Leader of the war on the Game and Neil Strauss