Monday, May 09, 2011

The War On The Game: The Book Ain't EVEN good...

Hey there,

If it's Monday, it means we're smashing Neil Strauss' fake ass persona.

This video deals with how even his book sucks.



  1. John Ryder10:23 AM

    Hey, I've got to say, I'm currently reading the book and find it quite entertaining. I'm sure it's biased (nothing isn't), but other than that, what exactly are you criticizing?

    I've been messing around with Game-style approaches for a few months now, and the truth is, most of my mates respond badly to my field reports. Common criticisms include:

    - You're evil
    - I don't believe you
    - Blablabla (I'm jealous, go fuck yourself)

    But the truth is, there is no reason to attack me, or anybody else for that matter. Ever. Running Game (or Life, as you call it) requires a certain amount of what Robert Anton Wilson would refer to as meta awareness, that is, the ability to extract your consciousness from your ego and view yourself as one of many actors, rather than the center of all creation. From this perspective, notions such as bragging become nonsensical.

    When I read The Game, I don't see Neil as a braggart, but rather a living experiment. And while this view may differ greatly from yours, I ask you, is it truly invalid? And if not, then which view point would make you happier?

    You claim to be getting older and more mature. Less talk-y, more do-y, please.


  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Style = BABY BIRD looking

    Quality ! Unlike the last comment by JR. Maturity = no longer holding back when you see a book of lies (It took Sinn years to speak up).

    I saw the anger in Style's writing, slamming every other guru, and then even outing Mystery's medical issues in a book -- some friend! His book has weak material in it.

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    -"The Game" is a title that is universally recognized as "a guy having game or not". It's a brilliant title from a marketing standpoint (and one of the many reasons it's a best-seller). A book (or movie) has no obligation to make people "feel" good when they name things. That's a retarded argument Sinn. Btw, girls use this word a much (if not more) than guys. Who's dehumanizing who?

    -You need to hang out with other people than the emotionally unstable Rob Judge.

    -The time line presented in the book is accurate. In the middle of the book, he talks about meeting Tom Cruise while he was prepping Mission: Impossible 2 which came out in the summer of 2000. And he clearly describes a 6 months gap between his first workshop with Mystery and when he started to be decent. He also talks about the insane amount of studying and practice to get good (which is the reason most guys in the seduction community fail miserably) and how it took him months to figure out how to kiss-close.

    -Neil slams himself at least as hard as everyone else in the book. By pointing out Mystery's faults while saying he's also a genius and his best fried, Neil makes Mystery HUMAN and INTERESTING in the book (if you know anything about writing characters for a book or the screen, having flaws makes a character multi-dimensional like Tony Stark in Iron Man or Mark Zuckerberg in Social Network). Mystery also brags in real life about being the second main character in a giant best-seller.

    -Finally, the book is a HUGE best-seller. It has generated at least $30-50 million is revenue, and has 4.5/5 stars on You may go on record as saying it's poorly written, but Neil has those figures to back him up. You've got Rob Judge... You're losing this video's battle and Neil Strauss is not even fighting.

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I liked this one. Last week's video sucked.

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    haha, i woke up and realized it was your little rant day, which i love btw. JR, if you are seriously using scripted routines, you owe it to yourself to just listen to Sinn, he's a cool guy, he has sex and stuff.

  6. I still think it was well written for a storybook that is taken with a grain of salt. I didn't learn anything nor did many others. But look at it from a 3rd party who doesn't know Neil personally.

    Just a story about a vulture bird looking dude ripping his so called friends and picking up women.

    Any sort of material to be learned about actual pick-up or women should be learned by yourself or with the help of others who actually know what there talking about.

    I also own Mystery's books as well and did not find them very helpful as they contain tons of holes and unanswered questions. To each there own i guess it just got me interested in learning more content from others who are far superior.

  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    lol JR's of 'meta awareness' is textbook sociopathic behavior. unsurprisingly he likes the Game.

    great video, the 'baby bird' line was hilarious.

  8. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I might agree with what the critics are saying about this being for marketing purposes and everything, but I looking forward to Sinn's disses every Monday - probably one of the good things on Mondays. So keep it going Sinn.

  9. LOL!
    Okay hands down this was he best book report I've ever heard. Anyway the whole thing with Mystery's impression always gets me laughing,

    "He says he's the best pick up artist, I think not" haha.

    Anyway dude, looking forward to more posts.


    P.S. this is the wrong place to put this but thanks for that phone call back in August 2010... totally gave me a wake up call I needed and proud to say the self-issues are being dealt with. Thanks again,

  10. Anonymous1:45 PM

    The Game is awesome because thats where Sinn stole his handle from.

  11. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Sinn can you elaborate on why you sat back and permitted the bullcrap to fly unchallenged, you mentioned how you were learning and growing in stature, building the cash reserves in part one. Were you to become partners with him on a project?

  12. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Well, if Rob Judge says it is a poorly written book then it must be! These arguments are WEAK at best. You ought to thank Neil for your customers.

  13. Here's the video Neil Strauss doesn't want you to see:

  14. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Whats ur beef on Vin DiCArlo?

  15. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Dude shut the fuck up already, complaining about calling it a "Game" and taking this pathetic moral stance. For god's sake, Captain Jack, the dude whom you sucked his nuts dry after sucking Mystery's nuts dry, has a program running called "Game Dynamics Mastery". Which is all about how it is a Game!! ... .. Idiot.

  16. Anonymous3:10 PM

    HEY IDIOT!! What's this about..

    Get My Free Ebook" "The Game" Acceleration Doctrine"!!!

    Next to the video?


    And yeah, I wrote the post about CJ too! Just shoot yourself!

  17. Anonymous3:13 PM


    Please could you make these audios longer? I am lovin this shit, but I'm waiting now till next Monday for another update. This war is like my Coronation Street (British soap opera that women and working class men watch)




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  19. Anonymous5:15 PM

    1. First of all.....99% of the people on the community are fucking strange (myself included) and Neil probably wrote that book just as well, if not better, than anyone else matter how inaccurate or exaggerated it was (and it IS). So although I do disagree about the quality of the book, I DO agree with how much of a douche Neil is for the way he wrote it.

    2. JR is one of those dudes I stop listening/reading within 5 seconds/5 lines of their talking/writing.

    that is all

  20. Anonymous5:37 PM

    when neil's mum picks him up from kindergarden and he is watching this video at home he will definetely cry...

  21. Okay...

    -Games were made for having fun. I have fun asking a girl if she's rich because i need someone to support my lazy ass, i have having a girl to buy me stuff, i have fun eating girls... that's why it's a game. It's fun!

    - This book and made my dreams come true ( literally) and made me a muuuuch better person.

    - Maybe picking up women is not as easy as the book makes it look but picking up women is easy anyway

    - As for Neil talking shit about everyone... well, that's something i kinda agree... i think neil strauss tell the truth about people... He made ross jefrries look like a creepy old manipulative guy, but he also said the community owns a lot to him and that he's a man of honor. Mystery is a crazy ass but he's the top master anyway and a guy who worked hard to solve his women problem and made it ( according with neil, ofc)

    - Neil has to proove nothing anyway

    - If Neil fucked nasty women then i am preety sure he fucked really hot women as well which would made anyone forget about other nasty girls. He has lot of pics with girls... i know it means nothing, but well... as far as i watched from sinn, i have only seen 2 pics of him with 2 fat girls... so yeah

    - That shit of posting since 2001 is true. Neil already had some game but he made that clear on his anihiliation method script

    - I use Neil routines and it's gold

    - why the fuck am i commenting this shit anyway? I use this shit and it works fine for me. And if it wasn't for Neil i wouldn't know about this stuff. He deserves a fucking peace nobel price

  22. Anonymous12:38 AM

    This all just proves why Neil is rich and Sinn isn't.

  23. Anonymous1:01 AM

    I really shouldn't be posting here, I have better things to do... I swear. But these posts are so unfactual that I feel compelled to say something.

    So you get the sense that Neil was saying that his whole transformation happened in three days? Funny, because from the statement at the very beginning of The Game... in chapter 1... on page 12... where Neil says "And so began the strangest two years of my life," I inferred that the process took years. This inference was reaffirmed when, halfway through the book on page 212, Neil says "Now, after a year of accumulating knowledge and experience..." Sounds to me like years passed; whether it was three, or two, or two and a half, or whatever. So Sinn, is Neil a bad writer, or are you just a bad reader?

    You also say Neil said that Juggler was bad with women. Your sole support for this contention appears to be the following quote on p. 178, which you either didn't understand or are intentionally taking out of context:

    "It was good to see Juggler again. He was one of the few pickup artists who wasn't needy, who didn't scare away my real-life friends, who made me laugh, who was normal. And for that reason I didn't believe he was truly a pickup artist: He was simply a funny, masterful conversationalist."

    Obviously the intention here was to compliment Juggler; the phrase "pick-up artist" is used pejoratively in this context. By saying he's not a pickup artist, Neil was just making the point that Juggler is well-adjusted and normal. There's absolutely zero insinuation--here as well as anywhere else in the book--that Juggler is not good with women.

  24. Anonymous1:12 AM

    It's just fantasy novel.It just entertainment book.It became best seller book.It sold well.For pick up advice,like you said,it is waste of time.

    For this industry it was money making marketing book.Like Rich dad and Poor dad book.It sold well and told mind sets but it was originally Kiyosaki's marketing book.I heard it at his seminar.The game is fun fantasy novel which is pick up was the theme.I do not know Neil Strauss personally.For seduction business,marketing tool.One time you mentioned failing rate,people expect wrong result etc.Yeah,you are right only few people think it was good to read because not only 8 hours reading time,some may waste more time in the community if this guy could not reach what he wants.

    All men has dark side deep inside.Neil stimulated this dark side.But I think it happen to be big.He just wrote it as a novel and book's big break lead this book to marketing tool for seduction business.Not just himself,so many seduction people use name of this book.Some said I am on this book blah,blah blah,some said this book is totally wrong.

    The game is not bible at all because it does not lead you to happiness.Some fall to buy pick up products,boot camp,coaching etc.Some buys again and again.For the guy who had result,this book open the door to seduction community.

    Like you said for mental health state,this book gives bad expectation.If you have not read it.You don't have to read it or just read it for fun.

    It is more practical to read your free e-book than game for self-help.And your product is good.

    I like Brad P,Captain Jack,Rob Judge,Speer and Mehow ( DVDs infield only)Ha,ha,ha I read Jeffy book,it was fun and I just read it for nothing but entertainment.

    I am pretty sure,you would say this guy is waste time and money.

    Yeah,all came from Neil Strauss marketing book 'the Game".

    I wasted time but if I start to get result.I am fine though.I can't talk this stuff to normal friends and girls.ha,ha,ha my dark side.

    You explained wrong expectation and it takes time.I appreciate to learn about baby step,small bite to go move forward.if I just read the Game and did not find you.I have already moved to another interest.ha,ha,ha.

    Stay No BS attitude and shoot anything about wrong ideas and wrong Gurus.

    Not just Neil,I want to hear about other bad guys.Well,sometime you should talk about other good guys.Because you don't coach live.some people want to know good coach who does live.

  25. Anonymous3:19 AM

    BS aside, the game was an enjoyable read.

  26. Anonymous3:19 AM

    What's wrong with Rob Judge?

  27. Anonymous3:24 AM

    according to wikipedia, strauss is born in 73 (age 37) while ross jeffries is born in 58 (age 52)

    Its sort of damning that sinn didn't bother to do a simple fact check that takes under a minute... makes you wonder how many other "facts" are exaggerations as well. I wonder where the 3-5 year age gap came from? Poor math? doubtful.

  28. Anonymous4:25 PM

    This actually should be called "The attack on The Game." A war is when two people are at odds so is Neil in a war with you? And if so, why?

    All this PUA stuff is hogwash anyway. It still all comes down to money, looks, social value and status of some kind. If that is not the case then why do we never see you or any ther top PUA say a Brad P or any Lovesystems guru in dating say top models, actresses, porn stars and such? Why is that? If all this stuff you guys teach is so good, then were is the pudding mate? You should be writing about that than this useless Neil drivel.

  29. Anonymous4:43 PM

    O yea Fuck Neil Strauss and Hail Captain Jack

  30. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Strauss has a history of lying about his age.

    Also, yes, he's an entertaining writer with a solid grasp of monomythic story structure, but has anyone ever met the guy in person and come away with a good impression?

  31. Dr Feelgood12:59 PM

    I don't know Neil and therefore I'm not able to tell if most of your points are valid or not, but I can for sure comment about The Game, because I have read it. And you, Sir, are dead wrong on that one.

    The Game is an extremely well written book. It might be a work of fiction (although I definitely don't believe that and have no reason to assume it), but it was written by an excellent author who really knows what he is doing. I could write you 10 pages about the reasons why, but what for?

    Worst part is that, if I can recall correctly, you once mentioned you might want to become a (screen)writer after your PUA career. If that's the case, you should definitely know better, and this claim is indeed a sad thing. My guess though is that you know that it's an extremely well written book, and you are just dissing in good fun, it's all just a good oldfashioned (although a bit one-sided) beef. I just had to get that out here, because it's just too ridiculous and can easily be proven wrong.

    Btw, Jeffries is about 15 years older than Style.

    Apart from that, love your blog, great content, keep it up!

  32. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Your blog and content are so good... Such a shame you lose almost all credibility with this rubbish. And I agree with the previous post: I worry about your screenwriting career if you think it's a poorly written novel.

    PS: lose Rob Judge as a reference if you want a little more credibility.

  33. Anonymous4:04 PM

    pls add better Tags to all your youtube video, so everybody find them when they search for neil straus on youtube ;)

    NOT like this

  34. Anonymous10:37 PM

    This is funny as Sinn and every instructor, even RJudge always refers to their old conquests like ,"I met this girl at Starbucks, she was a swimsuit model..." Isn't that Qualifying to other guys?
    Plus, routines are outdated? I've seen Sinn's Infield Insider and his Daygame videos and he ran routine after routine after routine....

  35. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Aaron Sleazy guy also says same kind of stuff.He seems like hate Neil Strauss.And he seems like Rob Judge.

    you and Aaron both name Rob Judge about the Game.

  36. Anonymous5:26 PM

    For attacking Neil Strauss's game,Rob Judge name is quoted all the time not just from you.

    Rob Judge is also professional writer like a Neil.Aaron Sleazy use Rob Judge name for attacking the Game.

    I read his stuff.I agree with some part and some part are not.But about the Game and Mystery,he has close idea to you.