Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Secret Society Part 2

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  1. Seiya2:46 PM

    "Most people in the club scene are there because they couldn't hack it in the real world and they're staying in this weird version of high school instead of growing up. That's exactly what it is high school. Who's the most popular, who knows the most people? Who cares ?"

    Golden words... I see it the same way... the only purpose I go to clubs is to hook-up and eventually have fun with my friends (which most includes talking shit about those "stereotypes")..

    The way I look at it is like:

    The more someone seems to need to pump his ego in a club the more of a loser he probably is..

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Good post. Ss aside even, i hate clubs and clubbing. Im gonna switch to daygame once this spate of rainy weather here in toronto ends

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    this is one of your better written articles, i really enjoyed reading this one. the conclusion helped frame it all in an interesting light

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM


  5. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Great post. Bars are for practice and sarging is for losers. It's not rocket science that bar and clubs are usually a big waist of time.

  6. Anonymous8:41 PM

    So Sinn, if you only go there once or twice, where the hell do you prefer picking up your ladies? Make a post on that sucka!

  7. Anonymous9:52 PM

    when this bloody rain in Toronto ends, back to daygame. Anon above me, tired of Guvernment? lolol @ the Asian cokeheads and the nasty girls there scrambling in line to watch some DJ like Avicii

  8. I fucking hated high school I agree it's just like that

  9. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Obviously,Jon's type of women not many in the clubs.I mean he is tired of those women.I think he enjoys other type of women now.He did it for six years and then find not many his type of women there.

    Jon Sinn can do game everywhere not just club.Once,twice means he goes there for socializing.

    And I guess it was just his work place when he worked for Lovesystem.Great analysis for clubs.

    I am a civilian.I prefer day.Hey,I live near beach.Do you do game at Venice Beach?Beach game!

  10. James6:32 PM

    damn Sinn, I never comment, but this was deep. Truly touched me, and I felt this one at the core. Keep work like this up, and write about where you do game chicks.


  11. This made me laugh out loud: "her face is not that smooth, that's a MAC forcefield of make-up."

    These are really strong articles.

    When I was just coming of age for clubs, I thought they were the stupidest thing in the world, but I learned game largely to get laid by the dippy girls who flocked to them. Once I learned how to pull hot girls out of high end venues, I had to examine the energy and effort of those environments against more relaxed night venues (or my favorite: karaoke bars) or even better, day game. Now I've had success in those places, and I can say without question: 21-year-old Thompson was right: those places are fucking retarded.

    Those lays were valuable and educational, and while I hate those places I CAN have fun when I go. I think it's important for a budding lothario to test himself in the crucible of clubs' pyritical good time, but there really isn't much there.

    Anyway, great article.

  12. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I've got to toss another compliment your way. This is one of the most accurate posts on club pickup that I've ever read. I used to hate clubs, but I've been focusing on bar/club pickup for about 6 years now, only to realize over the last few weeks that I just plain hate it now. What you said at the end was correct: it's an even more phony version of high school for pathetic human beings who can't move on. For over 90% of guys, clubs are scams and nothing more.

  13. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Excellent article - but what can a civilian do to differentiate himself from the crowd and use the system to his advantage?

  14. Anonymous2:15 PM

    hey jon, when you do go to clubs how do you act? i mean what is your typical routine of what you will do from when you get there to when you leave the place, how do you stay self amused? one big question do you dance? Jose

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