Monday, May 16, 2011

The War On The Game: You CAN"T fix Asshole!

Happy Fuck Neil Strauss Day to all of you!

Today's video might be my personal favorite, so grab some popcorn and a soda and sit back to enjoy why you can't fix asshole, featuring our first contribution to the videos from a member of the Fuck Neil Strauss Army.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you're feeling it or not.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    first :)

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Look at the list of those "rock writers", most of em are jews. I want to become a jew, then i can enter the UNTWPESC, useless no talent well payed secret society, get a cool job teaching pick up, or writing about motley crue, be a fuken lawyer, or a douchebag Doctor. who scribbles prescriptions all day, essentially spouting off bullschit and getting paid for it. what a great life being a JEW-UNTWPESC member.

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Mega Lol!

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    ya dude...all your problems are definately from jews...your a moron

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    >> Look at the list of those "rock writers", most of em are jews. I want to become a jew, then i can enter the UNTWPESC,

    What does UNTWPESC mean???

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    you dug deep for this one, and that rock list is some funny-ass hate.

  7. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Jon, did you see Neil's most recent tweet? "Going underground til late June to research the next book. No computer, no phone, no Twitter. See you when I'm back. Have a great summer!" Is that because of you?

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Religion is not key to success door.Being Jewish does not open the success club.

    It nothing to do with Neil Strauss.The point is he is Asshole not about Jewish thing.Those doctors,lawyers and writers worked hard at school before becoming those professionals,Ok.It is just their mom pushed them academic study and then they listened Jewish mom's word.Ok,there are good Jews and bad Jews,like you see good Christian and bad Christian.

    It's not religion.Their mom forced them to be high achiever.But I doubt Jewish men are good with women for that reason.Because likely lack of social skills for focusing too much to school works.

    I don't think majority of Pick up gurus are Jewish.Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries and who?

    Good explain about two different type of asshole.I am asshole but stupid one not smart and rich mean machine.

  9. Anonymous7:27 PM

    JS... you're fuucking nuts. Weird. Obsessed. Crazy. Not gonna read this site anymore.

  10. Anonymous9:24 PM

    wuts ur brief vin dicarlo?

  11. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I like the kind of racist crowd the "anti-Neil army" is attracting Sinn. I think you can do better than this video. Try harder.

  12. Anonymous4:04 AM

    your videos are hilarious xD

  13. Anonymous6:16 AM

    really breaking out the big guns "I have friends you don't" :D

  14. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Are you serious with these posts Sinn?

    Your blog has some really good content, don't spoil it with this vitriol


  15. Anonymous10:41 AM

    this video has ZERO substance

  16. Anonymous3:12 PM

    hey.. neil is on the landing page of youtube with frame control and his gay voice, even gayer than mehow (btw mehow rulez)
    maybe you can get to related videos in his videos somehow

  17. Anonymous3:40 PM

    RSD Free Tour video is so funny.I think TD can become Stand up comedian,right now.He is so funny.

    I like the guys who can be funny and cool !

    I don't like alpha male caveman style.It does not much to me at all.

    I think you have sense of humor too,when you do Mystery's voice or Matador's voice,I almost die.

    I want to say Neil is boring.I am sure he can't become comedian.

  18. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Good blog.

    Neil is a douche (was anybody really doubting this?)

    Please get over it Neil Strauss. Nobody is disagreeing with you, and you're not really proving anything other than the fact that you're obsessed with him in a weird way.

  19. Anonymous9:33 AM

    LMAO. Fuckin Zing! That was solid. I was laughing so much, I was in tears when you said the knighting and urination stuff, classic. Sick touch about the Neon too. This vid was on the money.

  20. Anonymous5:51 PM

    You're so stupid, Jon:))).

  21. Anonymous2:04 PM

    really self actualized...

  22. Anonymous11:04 PM

    MAY 18, 2011

    Barry Kirkey Cooler Than Ever!
    Barry reveals that Papa is chinese scam artist. Tyler hung out with Barry in Toronto this weekend, Neil Strauss finally gives $10,000 for Barry’s appearance in The Game, apologies and appears on the show. Other Articles You May LikeStephen Nash and Extramask (26) Talk On RSD, Project Hollywood, Neil Strauss and More…Stephen Nash sits [...]


  23. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Is he owe to Barry Kirkey 10,000 dollars?

    Neil Strauss and Barry Kirkey had something?

  24. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Monday is kind a short version of podcast.I really loved your podcast.If I did not listen your podcast,I maybe did not buy your product.

    1 It explained your personality really well.You did not afraid any one then shoot anything.No bullshit comment to pick up was really woke me up from dream.

    2.I did not know many of PUA guys name until I listen your show.You created a lot of supports and hates from them,I guess.

    Monday stuff reminds me of your podcast.Really fan and entertaining stuff ever.

  25. Anonymous8:17 PM

    After I read this I felt sorry for them.I mean hero worshiping people.

    I took Jon's course but I did not see weird shit advice like that.What Jon said about No update since some years ago was probed.Eyeliner make up?Oh,God.They replace coaches to New people?

    All of them fired sounds really bad.It reminds me he is like a Adolf Hitler type guy.Little Hitler. VS Jon Sinn.He fired all of the story is true.I think that company had something.

    God.Those poor former Style life Academy students.Sounds really cult.Pendant story etc.
    So weird.

    I think the guys supporting Neil has not taken SLA.I am sure.If they did that shit and still he is great is fucking weirdo.

    Yeah,take SLA and give money to Neil Strauss.Yeah,he is a best seller writer and best PUA marketer.Many of people in this industry may owe him some part but it was how long ago?

    Jon is a Emperors' cloth boy and The Great Dictator's Chaplin.

    You should contact Neil's former coaches.

    source is RJ but some other guys post specially Neil's Former student word is truth.

    >>>PPS. One last thing. Way back when I was negotiating to do my venture with them, the CEO of Stylelife, Matt Oberdurfer said something that gave me the chills. I’ll paraphrase it, but what he said is, “What people want is hope and a chance to touch the hem of their hero. That’s what we are offering them.” I remember my response was, “Maybe YOU are just offering hope and hero worship. I’m offering solutions that work. That’s what you ought to be doing too.”

    wow,Hero worship! I am sorry for them.I want to get laid,I don't want to be hero worship groupie.

    >>But my information is that Stylelife, has, in fact, fired or let go almost all of the original coaches that were with the program for the first few years. Yet they still advertise Bravo as being an executive coach, when in fact, Bravo, was let go many months ago.

    Sorry SLA. But to keep saying Bravo is there is just untrue. I’ve brought it to your attention via this blog post, assuming someone is reading it or that sooner or later it is brought to your attention.

    To be fair, most people who look into the Academy probably have never even heard of Bravo. So his not actually being there is probably not that big a part of their decision to join. It’s representing that Neil is taking an active role that is the more serious offense, as far as I can see.

    BTW: The official SLA “story” is that new coaches are being trained and are taking over the role the old coaches-Bravo, Evolve, Gypsy, The Sneak-used to do. I have no way to confirm or deny that. But this smells bad. REALLY bad.

  26. Sinn, why do you care so much?

    This appears to be nothing more than vindictive whiny bullshit that's no better than the crap I see in a typical american high school movie.

    It's childish and a little bit pathetic. Don't mistake this comment as being on the opposite side, I have no side, I'm on the side of people who don't care and think this is ridiculous..

    Really, why does it matter so much?

  27. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Jeez Sinn, i’m occasionally reading your blog but dude, get yourself together. what is your marketing strategy? you aiming at 14 year old girls who are into this shit? making videos bullying other people and putting them online... you are pathetic. its sad that nerds take you as an example. they can only lose.

  28. Anonymous9:00 AM

    You have gained the attention of Anonymous.

  29. JPBacri3:11 PM

    I liked the most recent ones but in this video there is way too much hatred... ok you don't like Neil Strauss but to the point that you should really threaten him ?