Monday, May 23, 2011

The War On The Game: Our First Victory

Cue the Bush voice and Mission accomplished speech.

Last week we drove Neil underground.

Check out the behind the scenes story.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    lol neil so mad

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Really Sinn? Your "army" dug up two negative reviews of his books (go on, there are a lot more)? That's it? I'm sure that's the reason Style went underground. Then there's your own words of what supposedly Neil did or said. But you have your own agenda... **cough**SEO**cough**. Sorry dude. I need a picture of Strauss forcing a 10-year-old blind girl to give a blowjob to a horse before I can rally to your cause. Right now, you sound and feel exactly like Bush screaming "Mission Accomplished"... Still very entertaining though.

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Sinn, big fan of your game, but this is so gay Bro!

    bring up some heavy shit you´re claiming to have in your pockets, we all know he is a asshole, but bring up the shit now

  4. Lulzy Neil Mondays

  5. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I really would like to know why you're being such a 'hater' about Neil. I must've missed the entry. But, picking it up right now, you just seem reactive and being affected by him.

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    What's your beef with Vin Dicarlo? Address this please

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    this is now apparently pointlessly negative because i have seen no evidence for lame behaviour.
    this video was rubbish! no bad "personal & professional interactions" that you say you have. just boring negative reviews on his products.
    now i just wanna check out rsdnation. far more productive value on there and positivity, something we all need

  8. Anonymous4:10 PM

    This is actually an incredibly dishonest post, both intellectually and morally. You claim that you have a "win" because Strauss has twittered that he's going underground, and that the reason he's going underground is because of the negative publicity that apparently your War on the Game (I don't even want to use that title because a war implies that there are two belligerents engaging in the conflict, and isn't true in this case) is causing him. Anyway, whatever "evidence" you present in your video neither demonstrates causation or correlation between Neil's twitter post and your efforts to sabotage him. Sorry Sinn, I find it difficult to believe you command enough market power to actually cause any change in Neil's behavior (even if typically you offer exponentially more value than his products have).

  9. Anonymous4:31 PM

    You've put out, like, six videos so far. Not ONCE have you made a single legitimate attack against Neil. I've watched them all--they are entertaining. But substance-wise, they're pure drivel. Fluff. Paranoid ad-hominem garbage. Sometimes you lie (saying that Neil said in The Game that Juggler was "bad with women"); sometimes you say things that bring your reading/comprehension abilities into question (e.g. that Neil implied that the pua process only took "three days" when he says outright numerous times that it was a multi-year process); sometimes you say things that make yourself look lame ("Neil tried to kiss this girl I'd made out with an hour earlier, wahh wahh"). Pretty much everything you've said about Neil falls into one of those three categories.

    There is one exception. I think in the last video, you said that The Game put a lot of people in a bad light--Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Tyler Durden and RSD in general, etc. While that's absolutely true (though not Juggler, as I already said), many others have commented on it and undoubtedly brought it to his attention.

    As for this video: were you being intentionally ironic by alluding to the Bush "Mission Accomplished" speech? You've achieved no victory. I'm not convinced Neil really gives a rat's ass about your posts. But if he does, it's because it universally sucks to be repeatedly and publicly criticized for NOTHING. It would wear on anyone over time. Perhaps you've fooled yourself into thinking you've accomplished something; to everyone else (as these other posts show), you've accomplished nothing, and will continue to accomplish nothing with these Monday posts.

    I should add that I'm not a Neil apologist--never met or spoken to the guy. I just call out crap whenever I see it, and this is crap.

  10. Anonymous4:35 PM

    good job sinn... now obama never can achieve world peace, becuz of your war on neill strauss :)

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    very funny pod cast this one Jon. The change my pants bit was a good en

  12. Tony S5:48 PM

    Haha damn bro, you sound butt-hurt. What'd he do to you?

  13. Eh what? These videos just make u look like a fucking weirdo like the 90% of the community. Who the fuck cares anyway, get a life.

  14. Sinn. You need to stop this, it's making you look pathetic, obsessed and childish. I've just watched through these videos and you look like a childish highschool girl. You're repeatedly putting out this trash which by the way contain no genuine well formed attacks on Neil other than "he's a dick" type insults.

    There are dicks out there, get over it. Being so ridiculously affected by it makes you look pathetic and significantly bitter. So far you've shown us no personal reason for this level of bitterness so it just looks like you feel threatened by him.

    You're not really looking particularly strong here, you don't look like you don't give a fuck. You look like you're overly invested in a one sided assault on someone who is simply being an adult and refusing to get involved in childish drama.

  15. Anonymous6:53 AM

    So far I've enjoyed "the war" the same way I enjoyed pro wrestling matches when I was a kid. I get why you're doing and it's good to see someone bring Neil down a few pegs because he always seemed like a douche to me, too.

    This one was really weak, though. Where are all these supposed "stories" that you keep getting via email on Neil? After this lame addition to the series, I wonder if you've already run out of material.

  16. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Looks like Style has gone underground to Sinn-bash on this comments page...

    Show stills of that video of Style and Mystery hanging out with '10s and 12s' in Toronto - the women are nowhere near that attractive. The book talks about their hotness, the video proves that the women are pedestrian. Book verses Eyes. The eyes have it!

  17. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Sinn why don't you suck! hideos dark donkey dick

    I will bang one of your girls.. reverse flying penguin position if you don't stop.

    if you love style that much why don't you just bang him doggy sinnful style. get it over and done with so that you can calm down

  18. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Your a total freak!..with a really creepy

  19. Seiya4:39 PM

    cmon dude we finally wanna see the juicy stuff..

  20. Anonymous8:45 PM


  21. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Don't your realize by now that almost all your readers think this is a really bad idea and that it reflects more poorly on you than it does on him?

    When everybody's wrong and you're right it's usually the other way round. You're hurting your fan base more than you're helping your SEO.

    I used to recommend your material, I can't do that anymore. I wouldn't want my friends to be exposed to such negativity and in fact I now tell everybody to stay away. Sad.

  22. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I'm sorry but I'm a girl and I just think this totally makes you look like a loser-obsessed with Neil Strauss. Like a stalker of some sort. Why don't you use this energy to work on yourself and psychological problems. Talk to a therapist or something. I used to be a fan of yours but I think I'm switching teams now. Goodbye

  23. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Jon Sinn, you do like boys, don't you? I know that for a fact from your ex-boyfriend:))))))))

  24. Anonymous6:36 PM

    If Neil has gone 'underground', it'd primarily be because he probably has a professional writing deadline to meet, not because he'd give a flying fuck about the videos you've been doing. Bring the fucking audio podcast back, where you talked
    about game and things in pop culture.

  25. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo Vin DiCArlo

  26. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Hi this is Neil Strauss and I wanted to let everyone know that Jon's Monday videos have hurt my feelings so bad that I am now going underground. My best-selling book, The Game, has nothing on these videos, which have ruined my reputation. So you can all thank Jon.

    Have a good day,

  27. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Haha sinn man you crack me up!
    Its about time someone saw the game for what it is!

    Pick Up Tips For Guys

  28. DannyB11:17 AM

    A member of Style Life was caught lying and utterly destroyed the other day. You may find it entertaining Sinn.

    You want this thread specifically:

    It's a very long read but it appears the Style Life coach has stopped responding after the EXCELLENT final response from RLAJay catching the coach out lying repeatedly and it looks like they lied about having a degree in social psychology too.

    Jay comes off as a douche at first but he fucking serves the style coach in the end, really knows his shit.