Friday, March 30, 2012

Further Proof Neil Strauss Just Wants Your Money

Neil's Idiot Marketing guy emailed me for some unknown reason.

Check the vid to see my response.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Approach Anxiety and Variability

Short Post today, I've been reading a great book called "The Willpower Instinct" which is all about willpower and the nueroscience behind how we do or don't have the willpower to pursue our goals.

There was an interesting piece which relates to why I think it's hard for guys to get into the swing of doing consistent approaches.

The piece was on variability which basically means how much difference there was between the behavior on a day to day basis. In one example in the book, they talked about someone who was trying to quit smoking. If they started by trying to quit all together, the chances of them quitting were almost zero, however if they tried to just smoke the same amount of cigarettes each day almost every participant reduced and then eliminated their smoking.

The reason was variability if someone smoked 12 cigarettes one day they have to smoke 12 the next and the next. Same with 4 etc... So it made it easier to reduce it since it was no longer one extra cigarette which is easily rationalized but 1 cig a day.

I think this relates to approaching and AA because guys will not approach any women all week then try to approach 12 women a night on the weekend which oftentimes they fail at because it's such a change from their day to day average of approaching no women.

So what I recommend is if you have AA trying to approach the same number of people every day in the beginning even if that just means talking to one girl a day you will start to develop the habit of talking to girls and can eventually add on to that in the same way that smokers toned down their habits.

There's a lot of good neuroscience explaining why this works better in the book, but I'm too lazy to find quotes or experiments if you want more info I highly recommend the book even though I'm not even halfway through it.

JS- The King of Content

Monday, March 26, 2012

Interesting Thought For The Day About "PUA gurus"

I find it very interesting that these guys ALWAYS talk about how busy they are(Not to mention teaching guys to avoid qualifying themselves.),then spend 10-12 posts defending/qualifying themselves on various forums (Where I lurk soooo hard muthafuckas want to fine me) especially if it involves the topic of them not getting hot girls or their girlfriends being less than a 10.

Didn't Shakespeare write something about some guy protesting too much???

Either way it makes fascinating weekend reading when I'm bored in class. So I should probably shut the fuck up so they keep doing it....

Actually who am I kidding it's a pathological behavior I could send them emails telling them they do this and they would still do it.

Which means I have some emails to write...

Or I'm going to kickboxing class as I'm actually not that busy, because this job is not hard enough that I could tell people I work 17 hour days with a straight face.

Oh pickup gurus never change.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Things I'm Into Right Now

Here's a couple of things I'm into on this Wednesday:

1. Joe Budden's AMAZING remix on No Church In The Wild (Which was my favorite song on the Watch The Throne Album) This Remix is probably the best verse of the year thus far...

2. @Dadboner twitter. Bold Flavors, Power Moves, A Thousand Beers, Bud Light Nums, if this means something to you, you're awesome and read DadBoner's amazing twitter feed. It's not like other twitter feeds, it's a comic character written by a working hollywood writer who posts stories that will make you piss your pants check it out if you like laughing.


Monday, March 19, 2012

My Top 10 Free or Really Really Really close date ideas...

Yo, yo, yo

Vacation was rad, but now that I'm back on the "Real World" or at least as close to it as I ever want to end up, it's time to get back to work.

Unfortunately for all of you, a few demanding commentators pissed me off by demanding I put things in the free cold read video I was making and now I'm just sending it to people who have bought products already (still free but not for everyone on our list).

The lesson as always keep your fucking mouth shut when I'm giving you free content. So blame the commentators who demanded stuff in a free video on a free blog... Losers no wonder you don't get chicks.

In lieu of that and since I'm REALLY REALLY annoyed with the people who comment on here, you get a list of 10 date ideas if you don't like it; fuck you.

I know most of you are broke so I will keep them free or really really close to free.

10 Free or close to free dates.

1. See a free comedy show. Almost all improv classes and comedy places have free shows every week. These are rarely going to be professional comics, but bad comedy can sometimes be really funny in an unintentional way.

2. Go to Costco, eat samples, play with weird costco things, get a huge slice of pizza for a 1.99 and maybe do some grocery shopping. Fun Day.

3. Sit in a park with coffee and people watch. One of my go-tos with girls under 21.

4. Become part of a flash mob. This is really fun and free and a great way to meet other people. Check out for info.

5. Volunteer somewhere together. You can volunteer with animals and play with them or if you're smart try to find a festival for a cause that needs volunteers and get to enjoy the festival for free.

6. Take your dog or a friend's dog to the park for a long walk.

7. Head to a museum. This is great as most have a donate what you wish fee and you can wish to donate 0 as I do.

8. Cook a gourmet meal, head to put in the stuff in your fridge and it will give you a recipe sure to impress.

9. Meet to watch the sunrise or set somewhere romantic

10. Go for a hike. Hiking has been my most recent date cause I get exercise and I get to go on a date which is like hitting a double.


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Going on Vacation


I'm out of town this week so there won't be updates til next Monday when I will have some cool new stuff and maybe even a video on cold reading if you're really nice :)


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

K.I.S.S # closing system

Hey there,

I've been actively trying to simplify my game recently. One of the things that's really been working for me (To the point I started teaching it to my private phone coaching students and now it's working for them) is what I'm calling the K.I.S.S (Or Keep It Simple Stupid) system for getting a girl's number.

What happened was this, we all know it's better if you make a date with a girl for a specific time and at a specific place right?

Well I only ever take girls to drinks or for coffee if they're under 21(But above 18). So instead of coming up with this elaborate plan or coming up with a unique date every time, I decided to just start asking girls to come out for a drink or coffee when I meet them.

No more having to seed a story about a cool place, or make it seem really elaborate.

So I started doing that, instead of the overly elaborate seeding, I would just ask them if they wanted to grab a drink sometime in the normal flow of the conversation. This is a key point as when I waited til the end of the conversation to ask, I got a LOT more flaking (like 30%) so it's important that you treat it like a seed and you don't ask for the women's # right away after she agrees to go have a drink.

Wait a minute or 2 and then get her phone number so you can figure out where you'll go. I also like to say I like dive bars and ask her if she likes dive bars at which point I'll tell her we'll go somewhere cool and that's it. I'm out.

This is MUCH simpler and can be thrown in to any conversation and the best part is the girl will know it's a date, so there won't be any confusion where you end up in the dreaded friend zone.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King Of Content

Monday, March 05, 2012


So the last few months I have been back in school, and it is EXHAUSTING.

Not to mention that I go to school on the weekends because I'm still running this business, blogging, doing kickboxing 3x a week, girls and trying to have a non girl related social life.

The good news is I only have 4 more weeks of school and then at least I'll have weekends back.

But today, I am dead tired, sooo tired I can't even sleep... And when I finally did get out of bed, I went and laid down on the couch. In theory I am going to kickboxing next but we shall see...


Friday, March 02, 2012

5 Types of Cold Reads

Hey there,

I'm in the midst of putting together a massive video on Cold Reading that I'm gonna be doing something with, not quite sure what yet, but I will keep you loyal blog readers updated on that first.

Cold reading is one of the best tools for interacting with women out there and is usually misused or underutilized by the guys in the community. The bible for cold readers is a book by Ian Rowland called "The Full Facts book Of Cold Reading. I can't recommend this book highly enough as it's the basis for all the stuff I'm going to be talking about here and in the video.

By now you should know that cold reading is a technique for making it seem as if you know more about the girl than you actually do through some sort of "psychic" abilities. Cold reading can be used in attraction, comfort, qualification, on dates and more easily making it the most versatile skill you can learn.

Here's 5 (Of like 30) types of cold reads and how you can use those for pick-up

1. The Rainbow Ruse: Rainbow ruses are statements where you credit a girl with a quality and it's opposite.

For example: " A lot of people think you're the life of the party, but there are times where you just want to relax and let other people get the attention."

2. Fine Flattery: Fine Flattery happens when you give the girl a positive quality compared to most people or others.

Ex: You are really smart but it's the kind of smart that comes through life experience, like street smarts.

3. The Psychic credit: You credit the girl with being a little psychic herself

EX: You probably feel like you're psychic sometimes, like you'll get a feeling that you should put make-up on before you go out and all of a sudden you run into someone you're really glad you look your best for."

4. Jacques Statements: J statements consist of a character statement based on the phase of life the girl is in. It's named after Jacques in "As you like it" for his 7 stages of man speech.

EX: "If you are honest about it, you often feel a sense of frustration that your own ideas and talents are not given enough recognition. There have been many times where you've had to struggle to get people to let you show them what you can do. While you are mature enough to recognize that you have plenty to learn, and are willing to put time in to learn a new skill, you often find people too set in their ways and unable to appreciate the contributions you could make if only they let you."

5. Barnum Statements: Named after PT Barnum these statements are generalized character statements that a majority of people will consider accurate about themselves.

EX: " You have a strong need for people to like and respect you."
" You tend to feel you have a lot of unused capacity and that people don't
always give you full credit for your abilities."
" Some of your hopes and goals are pretty unrealistic"
" You are an independent and original thinker, you don't just accept what you're

So those are 5 types of cold reads you could start using today, most of these examples were word for word out of Ian Rowland's book but I have started to amass a master list of cold reads that are more pick-up centric and updated to work on the 2012 hot girl.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King of content