Monday, March 19, 2012

My Top 10 Free or Really Really Really close date ideas...

This article is now available on my new site.

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  1. Ablaze5:45 PM

    I'm assuming I'm one of the people that pissed you off. My apologies. In an earlier post I thought you said if we had a specific question that we'd have a better chance of getting a response back from you.

  2. Charles McNuttsack7:24 PM

    Ablaze, please kiss Sinn's beanbag and make it better.

    Dear Sinn, I want to approach more girls, can you tell me it's ok? Thanks. -Ablaze (Fanboy #1)

  3. Love the flash mob idea, have always wanted to do one of those.

    Another free one I enjoy: Farmer's Markets.

  4. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Fuck the haters Sinn, thanks for the tips bud! Love chasin' tail and your blog rocks!

  5. Anonymous2:52 AM

    You god damn LOSER ABLAZE... next time jus shut the fuck up. Okay? God damn it. WTF?!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

  7. I LOVE YOU for posting this Sinn. Perfect sync with my actual development, thanks.

  8. Anonymous10:41 PM

    No offense John but how do a bunch of fucking strangers on the internet manage to piss you off?

  9. Anonymous1:18 AM

    What so serious Sinn? People are just pissed of when they read you should just ask girl out like normal human being instead of injecting some made up bullshit about hookah bar you have never been to. Fuck you if you don't understand it.

    1. Adam miller6:17 PM

      Its so true though, most people visiting these blogs are so retarded.. I used to be really into all this stuff but it really is that simple, you'll get shot down loads, have girls flake out on dates, have to wait a few dates before sleeping together.. thats just normal!! Welcome to the world of non-socialial awkward creeps! :D

  10. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I am a super soft pussy guy

  11. Thanks for this. Dates are seriously my weakest aspect...It seems I can't escape the experience becoming cliche and devoid of sexual tension.

  12. Thanks for this. It seems "dates" are by far the weakest aspect of my game. It's like I can't escape the experience becoming overly cliche and devoid of sexual tension.

  13. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Sinn, why are you so negative your articles? Remember, most of the guys who are interested in any of this material are interested in life improvement in general. Negativity = less sales. You obviously have some great info and I've been waiting to see if your blog gets less negative before buying any other products. I've bought other people's info in the meanwhile and need to see some positivity out of you before I can trust the products I'm buying. It's fine if you bash me for this comment; the only reason I'm making this comment is to help you.

  14. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Don`t think you re moving in the right direction. Your outer game may be fantastic but you seem to be a bit out of balance (recently). Always putting people down is not the way this game is played. SAT NAM!