Wednesday, March 07, 2012

K.I.S.S # closing system

Hey there,

I've been actively trying to simplify my game recently. One of the things that's really been working for me (To the point I started teaching it to my private phone coaching students and now it's working for them) is what I'm calling the K.I.S.S (Or Keep It Simple Stupid) system for getting a girl's number.

What happened was this, we all know it's better if you make a date with a girl for a specific time and at a specific place right?

Well I only ever take girls to drinks or for coffee if they're under 21(But above 18). So instead of coming up with this elaborate plan or coming up with a unique date every time, I decided to just start asking girls to come out for a drink or coffee when I meet them.

No more having to seed a story about a cool place, or make it seem really elaborate.

So I started doing that, instead of the overly elaborate seeding, I would just ask them if they wanted to grab a drink sometime in the normal flow of the conversation. This is a key point as when I waited til the end of the conversation to ask, I got a LOT more flaking (like 30%) so it's important that you treat it like a seed and you don't ask for the women's # right away after she agrees to go have a drink.

Wait a minute or 2 and then get her phone number so you can figure out where you'll go. I also like to say I like dive bars and ask her if she likes dive bars at which point I'll tell her we'll go somewhere cool and that's it. I'm out.

This is MUCH simpler and can be thrown in to any conversation and the best part is the girl will know it's a date, so there won't be any confusion where you end up in the dreaded friend zone.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I can see this totally working!

    but what if the girl is excited about the coffee date and agrees to it but......then....on the day of the actual coffee date

    the girl doesn't feel emotionaly stimulated to go out with you because it's just coffee

  2. Very well put.

    Sometimes you don't need to put too much effort if there is initial attraction, the girl will most prolly agree anyway to a date even if spared the details of that date. When she's interested (and believe me once you are good you know on the spot within minutes of the interaction if she would be willing) and it would be better to set a date right there and then. I have come to a certain degree of good game where I can take her bbm mesenger pin the same night and do some texting to progress my game miles ahead whilst other guys are still figuring out how to game her. I just come in and take it from there full speed ahead; if you don't you will not get her and make her fall for you hard. In parallel, being good in text and actively flirting and displaying interest puts you ahead of the game. I usually have a date set for the 2nd day or if I was in a club and depending on a girl we go after party and get laid or if she is not a real party girl then we set a proper date and I do still wine and dine them but ofcourse while getting laid and having the girl do anything for me. Rarely I got flaking on bbm messnger.

    Now onto a real life story of my last ex girlfriend: Last year in March, I have gamed a rich daddy girl using the Seduction Road map when it was released starting from part 1 to part 5 applying theory in active practice. The girl was done and sealed in two weeks as I wanted her as a steady girlfriend. Take note that she wasnt a party girl but she used to do clubs with me. I never knew her until I met her in the parking lot and mistook me for someone else. So I asked a couple of friends got her bbm messnger but didnt add her. A week thereafter she walks into the club and I am staying on my table with some chicks (pre-selection and social proof in clubs are the only thing that matters)... I point my finger at her she comes we speak casually and I bet her that I do have her bbm messenger and Im gonna add her. Did that, she accpeted and we started texting after I left the club......So text is crucial to your game, 95% of girls do text and they are good at it, if you can speak it make her laugh, banter, hit on her, escalate sexually but in a funny way you're almost there. The examples and quotes Sinn lays out in his seduction roadmap are pure gold. Used all of them many times over, my personal favorite would be if she misbehaves but not seriously "I bet your last bf didnt spank you off", always works, never failed me NOT even once; works even better on party chicks (my favorite due to the easiness and instant gratification of the same night
    lay) this tells her you mean business and you are conveying confidence and sexuality among other things but yet not creepy or needy. This reminds me of that loser who suggests taking her e-mail. LOL. This is so retarded, I thought it was retard even when I didn't have much success when I started out reading back in 2002.

    Keeping things simple is something I struggled with for a while being too much immersed in theory. Now I only go through the Seduction Roadmap every 3 months and read this blog on a daily basis if possible. I believe on a certain level going higher , stuff becomes easier to do, you know the key points, the dos and the donts, as such it becomes more natural and less structured and you know consciously and subconscilusly you are doing the right stuff, techniques..etc and you are getting to that date, lay, etc...

    In conclusion, I can honestly say that Sinn got so good and a master at what he does, hence the clarity and simplicity of his blog posts, women are a heavy subject for many, and if someone if explaining and writing with such ease and flow, know for sure that he has attained mastery skills in what he does, it just flows out of him with no effort at all :-)

    Thank you Sinn for all the invaluable information and materials over the course of the past years.


  3. Raiton11:14 AM

    What about Orbiter-collectors?

    There is this Girl (IMHO a 10/10) who is trying to make me her Orbiter (I've seen her doing it with others the same way) and I always have to push her away/use takeaways.

    I can't use anything simple because as soon as I'm showing a litlle commitment she starts loosing interest. I have to bust her balls ALL the time.

    She's in psychological treatment for years so she's really really crazy...

    Any ideas (besides dumping her)? I'd really like to fuck her because she's got the biggest boobs on a slim body i've ever seen (even on the internet).

    1. I would next her. When it's not going to go forward you know it and the girls know it. Better save face and fight the neediness that creeps into you. There will always be another one just like buses! This has helped take my game to unprecedented levels, I just move on unphased and start on a new target, which ironically makes the previous girl(s) you wanted come back to you as you have dissed them and they will seek revalidation and approval. Having this detached mentality alone can help your game tons. I usually work on 3 to 4 chicks at the same time, and whatever I get is good, however if you go only after one or obssess about her, it will be felt and it wont work out. This is inner game at its best. Always go for the next one it will make u feel better with no sense of loss.

      At least that applies to me. Always figure out what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

      And I do re-iterate, when you become really successful you will know if it's on or not with a certain girl and based on that I hedge my other bets and see whether I can game them all at the same time or focus on the most willing subjects. Your gut does not fool you, specially in pick-up learn to listen to it and mold your game accordingly.

      I usually also stay away from the crazy ones who fall in love after a month or want to get married after two. Been there, done that and got my fair share of psycho chicks who wanted to ruin my life and did sour my mood for a couple of months (i.e. stalkers and obssessive chicks). I suggest run Forest run. However, now from the get go I already know the whole story and the probably exits. I think Sinn will agree that when u become good, u draw clear and correct mental pictures of a certain interaction and with experience in your back could forecast probably outcomes whether short or long term. For example, I dated this hot chick a month or two ago and I ended it after 2 weeks when the neediness started to reek and marriage popped out its ugly head. previous experience told me to exit the market at this point. And it was a good judgement yet not so many guys can detach at will for their own sakes, guys are used to dwell in conversations and interactions dragging themselves deeper by the minute.

      In conclusion, keep things simple and get out of your head, if it's on, you will lead the girl and the interaction there (seduction).


  4. Anonymous5:06 PM

    So Sinn is just doing what everyone in the history of mankind has been doing to get girls numbers? Blasphemy!

  5. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Still not too sure how she knows its a date or romantic.

    1. Anonymous4:24 PM

      A girl and a guy who have just met going to coffee after flirting.

      Keep it simple ;) theres nothing else it could be...

  6. This game seems almost like numbers game to me. Just learn how to chat with person you don't know and ask her out if you like her vibe and she likes yours. No need for overanalizing stuff because results are the same or even worst if you are manipulative and hypervigilant. Thats my product right there, thank you.

  7. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Haha, and so game comes full circle back to just asking a girl that you like out for a coffee sometime!

  8. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Slim down game system is good for beginners like me.Too much stuff,just freeze you.

    Small step of action lead to massive action.

    Massive action lead you to massive results.

  9. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Sinn's slowly realizing PUA material is shit. Outside of being playful, confident and being down to earth, you don't need much. All these stories, routine stacks and AMOG BS theories suck. SINN, you're almost there buddy, you're getting to the point of being normal. You're a good looking guy, you don't even need 90% of the crap you teach. Keep it simple stupid.

  10. I often do the same. Especially if it`s a daytime pickup and everything is flowing right. With more ADD party chicks I tend to do the whole elaborate seeding thing.

  11. Tryhards5:23 AM

    Ziad -

    I didn't read everything you wrote, but I noticed you said you struggled with keeping it simple.

    Judging by the novel you wrote, you apparently still have that problem.

    Riaton -

    Maybe don't go for girls that are "crazy" and you won't have problems.

    Also, drop the PUA lingo ("orbiter", "takeaway", etc.). It's creepy as hell and indicative of someone who doesn't get laid (just as much as Ziad's novel is indicative that he's just a keyboard jockey).

    Sinn -

    Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a normal human being again. Now do us all a favor and say that most of what PUA teaches is bullshit and the little bit of knowledge that's worthwhile is too highly priced.