Friday, March 02, 2012

5 Types of Cold Reads

Hey there,

I'm in the midst of putting together a massive video on Cold Reading that I'm gonna be doing something with, not quite sure what yet, but I will keep you loyal blog readers updated on that first.

Cold reading is one of the best tools for interacting with women out there and is usually misused or underutilized by the guys in the community. The bible for cold readers is a book by Ian Rowland called "The Full Facts book Of Cold Reading. I can't recommend this book highly enough as it's the basis for all the stuff I'm going to be talking about here and in the video.

By now you should know that cold reading is a technique for making it seem as if you know more about the girl than you actually do through some sort of "psychic" abilities. Cold reading can be used in attraction, comfort, qualification, on dates and more easily making it the most versatile skill you can learn.

Here's 5 (Of like 30) types of cold reads and how you can use those for pick-up

1. The Rainbow Ruse: Rainbow ruses are statements where you credit a girl with a quality and it's opposite.

For example: " A lot of people think you're the life of the party, but there are times where you just want to relax and let other people get the attention."

2. Fine Flattery: Fine Flattery happens when you give the girl a positive quality compared to most people or others.

Ex: You are really smart but it's the kind of smart that comes through life experience, like street smarts.

3. The Psychic credit: You credit the girl with being a little psychic herself

EX: You probably feel like you're psychic sometimes, like you'll get a feeling that you should put make-up on before you go out and all of a sudden you run into someone you're really glad you look your best for."

4. Jacques Statements: J statements consist of a character statement based on the phase of life the girl is in. It's named after Jacques in "As you like it" for his 7 stages of man speech.

EX: "If you are honest about it, you often feel a sense of frustration that your own ideas and talents are not given enough recognition. There have been many times where you've had to struggle to get people to let you show them what you can do. While you are mature enough to recognize that you have plenty to learn, and are willing to put time in to learn a new skill, you often find people too set in their ways and unable to appreciate the contributions you could make if only they let you."

5. Barnum Statements: Named after PT Barnum these statements are generalized character statements that a majority of people will consider accurate about themselves.

EX: " You have a strong need for people to like and respect you."
" You tend to feel you have a lot of unused capacity and that people don't
always give you full credit for your abilities."
" Some of your hopes and goals are pretty unrealistic"
" You are an independent and original thinker, you don't just accept what you're

So those are 5 types of cold reads you could start using today, most of these examples were word for word out of Ian Rowland's book but I have started to amass a master list of cold reads that are more pick-up centric and updated to work on the 2012 hot girl.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King of content


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    ok ~ now the king of content is striking back

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Sinn although you and your blog sometimes are misunderstood, there's a part of you that feels you are connecting with people and deep inside you know that there are guys out there that it does reach. For example this post about cold reads, while you simply wrote it as a subject of fascination you have with social dynamics, in the end everybody just wants to feel connected and understood that's why you are so passionate about this stuff even though not a lot of people realize it.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Now I know why I hate horoscopes.

  4. 'looking forward to the vid....


  5. 'looking forward to the vid....


  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Sinn! you must include mini cold reads

    that spike emotions

    but more importantly when to use them

    e.g. if the girl is the boss of the group then maybe say "ah! so your the leader"

  7. Sorry, Sinn, but saw your video and this feels too much like lying to me.

    I remember Juggler's quote about techniques: "It's okay to use a technique if I don't mind a woman using it on me."

    I would definitely mind a woman lying to me and pretending to know something she doesn't know, pretending to be really looking deeply at me as a human being, pretending to be deeply intuitive and empathic, and then using all of these lies to "shape" my behavior into getting me to do something I otherwise wouldn't do.

    Only if a guy is perfectly okay with a woman doing all of that to HIM should he be okay with cold reading. It's hard to imagine too many guys who'd be okay with it.

    Maybe *faking* that you're a deeply empathic guy may work in getting a guy laid, but how about encouraging guys to actually *be* that more empathic guy? How about encouraging guys to *be* the higher quality man, instead of aping the attributes of a higher quality man?

    You are only speculating about the reason cold reads work. If a woman started talking to you about your deeper qualities, and seemed to both care about, and empathically "read" who you really are as a person, how would you react? You'd think things like this: (1) "This girl really likes me. No girl who didn't like me a lot would bother to look so deeply into my deepest self." (2) "This girl is a quality person. She cares about me beyond the surface, and cares about *people* beyond the surface. She has depth."

    It is extremely plausible that the reason cold reads work is that they cause these same sorts of feelings in women.

    But it's all based on lies. You are not an authority over her world, are only faking behaviors of a man who really likes her, and are only faking behaviors of a man with depth.

    I'd argue my explanation is more plausible than that cold reads show you are "an authority over her world". No one is more of an authority over her world than a therapist. Do women universally go nuts for their therapists? Not at all. So I'd argue my simple, intuitive explanation of cold reads above is closer to the truth.

    A guy could do the work to actually *become* a guy who cares more deeply about women, and people, and who has more depth in general. But so often the seduction community wants you to skip the part about becoming a better man, and just pretend you're a better man. The attitude is that if you get laid, what's the difference if you're really a quality man, or are just pretending?

    Mini-cold reads are a different story, but you say they have far less value. "You seem like an L.A. girl" passes the Juggler test -- I wouldn't mind a girl saying the equivalent of that to me.

    I believe you're a good guy. But I wish you'd tell guys about the "Juggler Test", and tell them never to use techniques that they feel as failing the test. And I hope you offer alternatives to "deep" cold-reading for guys who see it as failing the test.

  8. Anonymous5:09 AM

    I've run into a couple pua's running around in the club doing 'the box' and trying to give cold readings. Cold reading do not work, ever, people are not so dumb they don't realize you're being general. Usually they don't tell you to your face because they are being nice, and it is still a good ice breaker. But one hot bartender told him "That could apply to anyone." Then he got around to me and he was way off in his statments because people aren't in reality that easy to read just by looking at their age, race, gender. Much of what you assume by looking at someone, is in reality, wrong. The fun part comes in because I am a real psychic. And if he were real, he would've known that off the bat. I've work in magic shops and everything, I totally enjoy when I can turn the tables and say, with a big smile, "now let me give you a reading." And then blow his mind. Makes the difference between a real and fake reading clear as crystal. The first one, I told him there had been a big blow up in his family, but very recently they had patched things up and there was an emotional reunion. He was stunned, then told me he was in town to see his father whom he had not seen in many years, because there had been a fight over his racist father not approving of his black girlfriend, but he had broken up with the g/f and his father come down with some disease and wanted to see him. You can't come up with something like that based on age race gender body posture or the color of their shirt. That guy I got good vibes from. I knew he was scam but he was doing pua to be more social and wasn't out to hurt anyone. Second pua, the same one the bartender told off, I got a scumbag vibe on him right away. So when I turned the tables to do his reading I was not surprised to see he had just ripped off family members for money and the whole family was now mad at him. When I told him this his jaw dropped open and he ran out the bar in a hurry. Lolz.