Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rule # 7 : Always End Interaction First

Here's a good piece of advice that many guys(including myself sometimes) don't take.

Whenever you're interacting with a woman, whether it's the first time you meet her, through the phone, or on a date you should always end the interaction first.

This does a few things:

1. It may end the interaction before she wants it to end leaving her wanting more but not getting it.

2. It shows you are a busy guy creating scarcity.

3. Most importantly it keeps you from looking like the needy guy hanging on to the conversation with a girl for as long as he possibly can.

You don't need to be rude about it, but a simple "Oh man I totally have to run" can be used to end any conversation.

And if you've been running good game then you should already have her phone number or have set up a date well before the conversation starts to linger creating the perfect time for an exit.

Hope that helps,



  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Wish I had known this rule a month ago when I was the last one to leave the interaction in a group setting. Lesson learned.

  2. Exactly! One of Dr. Robert Cialdini's principals of influence.

    Dr. Dupree

  3. Simply said; like taking a candy from a baby.

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I had a date yesterday and i didn't false time constrain it. I got as far as sucking on her boobs

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    By the way, this is rule seven of what? What are rules 1-6?