Monday, February 20, 2012

Response To A Great Comment

I usually don't pay much attention to the comments on this blog, I skim them to see if it's more of a " How Do I attract girls" overly simplified question that I have 100% answered in a million blog posts/products/talks or if it's more in the vein of the " I hope you die, cause you suck so much I take time out of my day to read your blog." variety.

Either way as Jim Rome used to say More of me and less of your comments makes for a better blog.

But there was an exception a few days ago on my long rambling diatribe about hitting on girls by a commenter named Mike.

Mike actually had a specific question and was able to actually think through the problem himself and present some different ideas about what might be happening (Hint if you want my advice be more specific, rather than asking how to pick up hot girls)

Mike's comment was as follows:

Thanks for the post!

One thing was unclear to me, can someone help me here: what are good and bad responses after you hitting on her = a statement of intent?
my guess is below - please correct / expand:

good reaction:
- her being happy for the statement like smiling
- her testing you (eg 'do you say this to all girls?'

bad reaction:
- trying to brush your statement off ('don't say such silly thing')
- her making effort making conversation non-sexual / business-like (?)
- mentioning her boyfriend?
- ignore? - if she smiles this is not ignore, is it.
- her looking uncomfortable
- her going away / ending conversation

Pretty much right on, but I will add a few things.

When you hit on girls no response is a good response. This is what I call passive acceptance, and it's a major factor in escalation. Most of the time girls will not react to escalation beyond laughing or smiling, so no reaction is a good reaction.

As for the bad responses, you pretty much nailed it, except obviously her ignoring the statement could be a good sign. Everything else is pretty right on.

The truth is it's NOT that hard to figure it out. The reason guys think they have trouble is because they want to ignore reality. They want the dream, that even tho the girl is obviously not interested and giving them a bad reaction that they are somehow just misreading the situation when usually the girl is simply not into you.

Hope that helps Mike and everyone else,

JS- The King Of Content


  1. It's funny how some people classify a specific reaction as a god one, other classify the same response as a bad one.

    1. Anonymous2:33 PM

      it's funny how half of your top pick up blogs contain horse shit instructors. if you were stupid enough to post on this one and not add it to your list, there really isn't any reason worth visiting your blog.

  2. Anonymous8:12 PM

    good one mike

  3. Anonymous3:19 AM

    right on baby, respect sinn's majestic cock

  4. The way I see it, good responses are when she's laughing, when she answers "What's your name?" and when she agrees to tell her phone number. Anything else that happens is either non-sequitur, or her telling the guy know she's not interested.

  5. :) nice surprise,
    thanks for helping!

  6. usually its good to pretend anything from her as attraction; she slows down your lead and plays a game (you know about).

    Her approval its of no use to you, either way... your response to her response its what matters... you're a temple and the principles you follow are of saint

    You can disapprove bad shit; don't play with shit thrown at you; don't be needy to justify it. let her endure it her self

    You don't care for (her)bad energy, its a lie and you know it, she just pretends it isn't there just as she is emotional about it, so don't get caught up in her moods, best option.