Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating and Passing Women's Tests

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I thought this was a stellar post. Great insight.

  2. Sinn, can you give us answer on how many of those women attracted through such a big initial effort ( inducing and micromanaging their responses in attraction and qualification)turned to be something more than a lay and stayed being deeply attracted to you for a long period of time?

    Do you think this tactic can be dissmised by someone who is looking for natural compatilbility because he will be waisting his time on aphatetic case that will turn to this initial state once you stop inducing emotions?

    This comes back to two models of the game I was writing about before. Maybe you will write something about what elements of "pure" game you need to keep and which tactics may be dissmised while loking for that naturaly compatibile girls to hang out?

    Take care,

    Your big fan from central europe

  3. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Your blog is an absolute gold mine.

    For the past 4 years I've been going in and out of pickup material of all these guys from mystery to the new comers.

    You're material and blog is ridiculously intuitive and straight up. The only one I've been looking into during those years.

    Long live Sinn!

  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    sinn!! never leave us, there are 2 blogs that are the extreme best!!!!! in the entire world.....your blog!!! and the other blog is from the company you used to work for.

    Apathy is something that I keep getting when day gaming in girls look and slowly walk away....Apathy is even worse then girls that actively blow you out. No intructor in the world has the solution to apathy so this is a world breakthrough!!!!!

  5. I think i've did this unconsciously once i started to understand the way tests become challenging and complicated sometimes

    Just do tests for yourself(?) as if you're taking an imaginary test she'd give (its her type) and throw it at yourself. Example

    -Do you believe in love at first sight?
    -Bla bla, no, maybe, not sure, etc..
    -Then is no point of having dreams anymore.

    use empathy a bit, so aren't like cans openers

  6. Very well put, said and done I'm sure: "While it's true that you can come in and create so much attraction a woman doesn't even try to test you and is just interested (In fact that's what I usually try to do myself) " I couldn't agree more when you become very good with girls this is how success will be translated, it becomes easier, more natural, more flow to it, I guess that's why they call them naturals, everyone can become a natural, it's defined as successful, and the way you touch on sexual anxiety and sexual escalation couldnt be more accurate, pick up after pick up and lay after lay will cement the gains, mistakes have to happen or you can't get experience in other words, summing it in the old adage that in theory there is no difference between theory and practice but in practice there is.

    Excellent post but only understandable by men who have reached certain levels in seduction, it becomes so clear the big picture one blog post at a time.

    Thank you, coz of you over the course of the past five years, I landed all kind of chicks from models to gold diggers to daddy's girls to normal baristas, the more you meet and seduce the better you become in all facets of game from inner to outer game.

    On a seperate note, I believe some such as me would like to see more of your perspective and take on Hollywood series that can actually have a sense of reality to them such as Californication or Hung, eventhough Thomas Jane is a chump compared to David Duchovny in the portrayal of the ultimate natural ladies man.

    Again thanks and all the best! Bravo !

    P.S: Going through ALL the products was an investment that paid off, you need the right theory to get the right experience; however every successful guy who reaches good to very good results will eventually mold his own system according to his particulars and
    keep reading just for refreshers or tips n tricks, the bulk comes from mistakes and the right kind of experience you eventually get to.

    Ziad - from Dubai

  7. Have been looking for a post to relay my thoughts on cocky and funny. It has proven extremely helpful when you share knowledge and experience in this field with other better or less accomplished "guys with game" it helps decontruct and understand yourself better by going backwards, a thing for sure Sinn and many have done religiously thus the Lay Reports book :))

    On to cocky funny, came to realise it's more a state of being than a tool or a line that spits game (lol no pun intended). And where calibration enters the game and she is Queen!!

    It all depends on the girl you are gaming and/or seducing, for example for me since I aim for a specific type (knowing an asset class or two and studying them well is a good thing), but to each his own I prefer aristrocratic posh girls and women, these for example you target them with being cocky @ the begining then when the ice princess starts to surrender u can switch to cocky-funny then funnly only, it's all about calibration, entry point and exit point on a certain level. Even within a specific asset class girls are also different on an enormous scale. However, the broad generic principles still apply (non neediness, escalation, flirting, etc, etc...) but I think there will be also parallel in play a more specific sub-set of skills that targets your particular situation/ girl. This shit can't be learnt by reading, it all comes from experience living it and getting dealt blows, failures still happen on the way up, everybody messes up once in a while, we cant have them all, it doesnt work like that. Back to my asset class, as I said they are hard to break the posh girls but NOT impossible (also speaking from experience) its only the HARDEST at the begining, once they concede it's much much easier specially if they fall in love with you - reverse engineered loved product, by sinn called breakthrough comfort is good @ that level will put attraction into love and everything else on nuclear missiles, these kind of girls tend to fall in love heavily once they r broken. @ some Hollywood movies show you that exactly. Look @ Cary Grant and Grace kelly in the 1954 movie to "Catch a Thief" men were men, he was dismissing her and she was chasing him like a mad cat. This is the enlightment in game when you see this and also practice it, it's very hard to have discipline in real life with PU, unlike the movies which give you this nice dose of "Oh I get it... " but movies now for me also tell me what and how I was lied to about social dynamics and game and the whole women psychology/ game.

    So going back a sub set of skills is required between different types of girls. The party chick who used to be my favorite had different set of skills, they needs direct approached, flirting, being unashamed, more touchy, pre-selection, etc, etc... however, general rules and regulations still apply, as a blanket agreement let's say sort of...

    SNLs are *mostly* party girls. Average run time of the game 2 hours :)

    Back to the club :) Also complex game and no one (hoping it will be Sinn) has tackled it or created a material for it, for example "Club Game" would sound nice as a product and it will be a unique offering by Sinn ! I know he knows it by heart but still didnt decide to create something dedicated for it, I would say it would sell, it has a nice audience as well all of the AFCs who go to bars and pubs doing David "I'm a moron" DiAngelo, what a douche what a loser!!!! a loser teaching game, yeah he will sell if products are nicely presented but content is pure crap and bs.

    DavidDeAngelo to blonde hottie on the bar: "Hey got e-mail?" - This guy is doubling his masturbating tonight

    Sinnto blonde hottie on the bar: "Hey I'm gonna take care of business right here and now, I know you'll like it *with a smirk", - This guy is adding one more SNLs to his bed notch :)

    Good luck.

  8. Listen up men! Don't do this unless you like to chase, because every girl will undoubtedly run! Just kidding, but really, number one rule coming from a girl: Don't overkill. Being a jerk to a girl can get her attention, yeah, but too much of a jerk, and she'll right you off like every other guy. Be a jerk, and then surprise her with picking up the tab, or opening the door and pulling out her chair. Place your hand on the small of her back (not her shoulders or her ass) and guide her to the table. Here's a great thought, be a GENTLEMAN. Every girl will wonder how she got so lucky. Chivalry is only dying, it's not dead yet! Viva la chivalry!