Monday, March 12, 2012

Going on Vacation


I'm out of town this week so there won't be updates til next Monday when I will have some cool new stuff and maybe even a video on cold reading if you're really nice :)



  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Sinn, your content is the best. Can't wait till' you return man, until then I will try and read your older posts. PS I would let you suck my dick.

  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I hope this includes playful teasing cold reads as well as serious deep cold reads

    come back! soon buddy! :DDDDDDDDDD

  3. Ablaze7:41 AM

    Hey Sinn, I have a sticking point I was hoping you could help me out with. I’m having trouble giving myself permission to approach mass quantities of women. I’m pretty good at managing my approach anxiety except when I think about really going balls to the wall and approaching a large quantity of sets. All of a sudden I feel creepy and like I’m doing something wrong. A lot of girls pick up on my "I'm doing something wrong" vibe. It also diminishes the amount of effort that I can put forth when I'm coming from that state of mind.

    I know this is one of my major sticking points that’s keeping me from really living the way I want. It’s not even really about conquering a mass quantity of women, but it’s about living free and doing what I want, truly living in my own reality and not caring what people think about it. I really want to take my game to that psychotic level that I can tell you and very few other guys really have taken it. Any advice would be awesome.

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hey sinn in your new cold reads video/content could you identify your number one best cold read that you throw out early, anywhere, and consistently gets a solid amount of attraction? I'm a recovering keyboard jockey (March has been a good month for me - 4 dates, 2 lays) and my problem is that I know of, like, a billion routines and it's very difficult for me to sit down and write out a stack where I settle on ONE cold read, ONE roleplay, ONE tease, etc. to the exclusion of all others. I'm always like, why not this, why not that.... aaaaaah. So can you make a declaration to the effect of, "if you're gonna use one, use this one" in your video please.

  5. Anonymous12:32 PM

    return sinn, and I will let you cock punch my female friend in the ass

    oh yeah!