Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Used Carsalesman Frame

One of the biggest problems I notice with my private coaching students, is an inability to be persistent enough especially in the early stage of an approach.

It's very common for guys to throw out an opener or even worse a cocky and funny comment or observation and then not following up.

Sometimes a guy can even eke out a few follow-up comments extending the joke or bantering a bit, then the woman laughs and walks away.

What happened in these situations was the woman was interested in the comment, but it lacked the context of "I want to have a conversation with you."

The guy failed to move the conversation forward or "transition."

But the issue goes deeper, oftentimes guys will throw out 2-3 transitions or observations, stories etc, and the girl is still standing there talking to them, but isn't really emotionally reacting or investing. Oftentimes she'll even have a look on her face that says " Why are you talking to me?"

What most guys do in this situation is leave, oftentimes cursing the material, the girl or cold approaching in general.

The problem here is that most guys just aren't pushy enough when it comes to women.

Oftentimes this is in complete contrast to their normal personalities or work lives where they may be high powered executives, cutthroat salesmen, or bulldog lawyers.

What I normally do in these situations is recommend what I call the pushy used car salesman frame.

Think of yourself as needing to sell a woman on you a little bit. It's all well and great to talk about being a prize and having women chase you, you CANNOT do that until a woman is interested.

Sometimes I even think to myself " what's it going to take to get this girl into some sex tonight?" which is similar to the classic what's it gonna take to get you into this car question.

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  1. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I'd like to know where Sinn's podcasts can be found. The podcast link on here doens't work, and I cant get itunes. Answer is appreciated.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Hey,I downloaded from i-tune though.Unnn.Podcast was funny stuff.

    Search "Sinn and the Cities" apple itune ,if you could not get to the page.

    Great post.
    Selling used car is good metaphor.They give questions and talk shit when they buy used car.If other people looking,more people interested in that used car.Appearance of used car (basic) and then sales man explains performance and why this car is good.Test drive and then actually car is taken.Sales man does not go aggressive until he felt it hooked.Brand new sports car is great looking guy but high maintenance.Used car-everybody elese.I totally agree it is not exactly salesmanship it is bit similar pushy attitude you need.

    Some people say inner game is important but systematic concrete step by step outer game is better for the most of people.5 Minute chemistry is this type of system.It seems like taken away for a while but I believe very best for where to start.

    Sometimes people are funny even they can't approach women and buy sex technique e-book etc.Hey,before you become sex god you need to learn approach and seduction.Ha,ha,ha.

    Where to start is important.Otherwise,you go around circle.

    It used to be complicated not easy to learn system like Mystery Method was one and only practical system in seduction community (industry),today's most of gurus started from this.It is high failure rate,but the guys mastered this can get 9s and 10s.

    But for the most of guys want is getting decent girlfriend.This is where the most of guy starts to find seduction industry help.

    There are some other good products which is not complicated like Mystery method.I guess they have improved system since then.Revelation e-book came out 2008,it was one of the best when this came out.But this one was complicated for newbs and I failed completely.It tells a lot of advanced stuff but easy to stumble early stage for the most of the guy.It is classic and not bad.

    But now you can find something easy to use system on the market.

    Ok,back to used car sales man frame,cold approach and social skills are similar but different.I know the guy who is good at cold approach and he is also top sales man.Maybe it is transferable but you need a tweak is an answer.

  3. I love the cold approach you mentioned. It comes as natural.

    Juan Marco

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM


    Thanks for the help.

    Downloaded itunes now, but plenty of the files appear to be broken, just for me or noticed this as well?


    not that anyone cares, but this is my kinda modal or whatever.

    usually i go in with either a social questions, Drunk I love you's opener, or any direct opener. Then if i have to use a default transition routine I usually go into just making an observation or people watching routine or sometimes I'll use caption jack's version of the ring routine. from there I just free associate and free flow kind of more on just natural game> But I always try to set as many of the 14 sexual frames as i can and qualification. One of my sticking point right now is that i don't always go for the number close or establish enough kino. But I only do daygame cuz im still underage, but I'm still making progress.