Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Right Mindset

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  1. Erik Ablaze10:50 AM

    Sinn, I know you've said that you don't really care who thinks what about you, but I have to give you mad props for two things, anyway... 1) Unlike a lot of so called "coaches" I can tell you truly speak from experience and not your "internal pickup simulator" as you've called it. And 2) You really hold nothing back when you give advice. Your advice is unambiguous and specific. Your advice is real and designed to help, not just create the illusion of being helped.

    Love watching your vids and reading your shit. I hope to take some kind of training with you in the future. Great post!

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    There is an old sales axiom that goes something like: The only thing you have 100% control of is your activity. Focus on activity and the sales will come.

    Same basic principle.

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Thank you Jon.It is great advice to the most of guys here."It should not be not the most important thing for you."95% or more high rate of drop out tells you,if you have "pick up is the most important attitude" you can't continue learning process for long,before you start to see results.Only the one who has mental toughness can reach to the result.It applies to anything.

  4. The best mindset advice I ever heard was from that guy Craig, who said "Think of it more like fishing, rather than hunting."

  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    As a student in your first year of 12M2M, I can say that this may be one of your more insightful posts ever. I do awesome with women and continue to live a better life when I take your lessons and apply them as self help. When I focus on just results, yeah, then that can lead to trouble.

  6. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Again, good solid advice...
    Sinn is the top in this game in my opinion

  7. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Although I think this is good advice, I must say that it is pretty empty for people like me who are still stuck without a girl. That frustration is not so easily undermined.

    It is like telling a starving man that McD's ain't all that.

  8. Excellent Sinn, keep it up

  9. I learned this from Tyler Durden years ago. It also makes you feel a lot better about yourself even if you don't pickup with you are out in the field trying your best.

  10. Tattoo6:50 PM

    great post man!but one question...WHERES THE WAR ON THE GAME??????its monday,are u out of material or dirt on neil?


    The revelation of jon is very much enlightening.

    Thou shalt not make picking up woman thy main priority.Thou shalt make thou lifestyle overfloweth with joy.