Friday, July 29, 2011

This week in Fuck You: Peacocking

In a complete theft from the people over at Kissing Suzy I'll be posting random rants about things that are fucked up in the SUISC this week in Fuck You: Peacocking

If you still think it's cool to "peacock" with boas and scarves and various feathery things that look like they were transplanted out of a Motley Crue 80s video, I should be allowed to legally light you on fire. No trial, no right to a defense straight to lighting your shitty dollar store boa on fire.

Seriously, if for some reason you think people are laughing with you rather than at you when you dress up in platform shoes, and top hats go fuck yourself with a rusty screwdriver.

Not only do you look SUPER socially retarded (Which you are cause no normal person would dress like that) but you're also hurting your pick-ups, because unless you have a reason to be dressed like that (I.E. you lie to women about being the world's best illusionist like Mystery) then you just look like an asshat who is starving for attention.

Fuck you peacocking, fuck you in your shiny faux leather, shirt too far unbuttoned, 8 rings on your hands ass.



  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    No, fuck YOU. Motley Crue looked badass in the 80s and they still do today. Some of us like to get dressed up and look rock n roll, and not stand there like dweebs like everyone else. It's this anti-peacocking attitude of yours that has drawn me back to Mystery and away from all the other imitation seduction methods. See you later guys, catch me at the club with my peacocking outfit, blasting some vintage Crue.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Some of mystery's teachings are good but some will make you fucking weird like peacocking does. You still have to dress cool and have an interesting piece of clothing but make sure its not something retarded like a feather boa. One or two rings= cool, any more rings =tool.

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I personally want to go up to every one of these grab ass PUA peacock dudes and slap the taste out their mouth. You guys forgot to take your man pills.


    Cory Cap

  4. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Yup. Peacocking is wrong, socially retarded and will not get you laid...

  5. Anonymous3:27 PM


    Preach it brother!

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    It is not for everybody.Magicians,Gram rock guys
    may fit to the flamboyant style.

    There are many style now.Some girls love Nerdy style after the big ban theory.Some love jocks.Some love rocker type.Some love slick suits type guys.You have to pick the sexy stereo type which fits to your character.For Mystery,his signature Peacock style was the best.

    Cookie cutter Peacocking is retard.You just put some accent to your fashion which is congruent yourself.

  7. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I think peacocking is neither right nor wrong. If it's congruent to your lifestyle and personality, like Mystery, then fine. But if you're an accountant from Iowa, don't.

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    One more addition to my previous comment: even though peacocking is neither right nor wrong, Sinn's advice not to peacock is a good rule of thumb as it applies to 90% of the guys. Only 10% can peacock authentically.

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    1st- Any guy saying shit like "peacocking sucks" is obviously scared of doing it.

    2nd- Sinn has a point there. It works if you are CONGRUENT.

    3rd- A good grooming is 100% required. You don't want to go out and try to pick up women in your baseball cap and your shitty t-shirt of the car wash down of your street. You need to build your own avatar. An avatar is dressing congruently with your frame. Mystery avatar is congruent with his magician frame, that's why he picks up women. Peacock, however, is weraing something interesting. Like a cowboy hot. It's fun, it works... and you don't really have to dress like a 70's village people wanna be, specially if you're not congruent. Just wear something interesting.

    4th- The reason why most of the guys in the american community peacock is because most of the american girls want to be on the show business... that's why there are guys dressed like rockstar and magicians.

    5th- Peacock works juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine. 2 months ago had a girl allllllll over me because of a sailor hat. She was the one openeing me. EPIC! Months ago a girl was complimenting me on my confidence to do whatever i want.

    6th- People laughin at you are just insecure people. No doubt about it. I was wearing this women scarf the other day, with the convincing story a women gave it to me, and a group of girls pointed at me and started talking about me. The only girl who started laughing say " oh yeah, very masculine" was the fat little one dressed like a gangster wannabe.

    and finally

    7th- This is a game. Like sinn said about 2 months ago, it's just a competition of guys trying to get the hottest girls and girls trying to get the most valuable guy. None of that is real. It's a Game and GAMES were made to have FUN. Like PU... doesn't matter if you are having fun by playing the girl or fucking her... it's all about fun! ;)

  10. Anonymous9:58 PM

    "normal guys" also don't learn pickup, listen to pickup guru's like yourself, or do cold approaches.

  11. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Adam Lyons giving props to Neil Strauss then directly after you John Sinn as being the best in the world. @ 39:19 Kinda funny

  12. Anonymous9:50 AM

    And "normal" guys have 6-10 sexual partners their whole lives...

  13. Anonymous9:07 PM

    What do you think?

  14. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Oh,Magic?Neil said no to challenge.

  15. Sinn, you still teach peacocking.

    You can call it having style and using various accessories for flair, as Gok Wan and every other fashionista has called it for years, that however does not mean you're no longer teaching peacocking, you're just teaching the toned down mainstream version of it now.

  16. Anonymous10:07 AM

    It is sometimes fun to see those Peacocking guys in the bars and clubs.I want to see them for fun.

    If they enjoyed it.I don't mind.I just don't don't do it.

  17. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Peacocking done the right way isn't bad I don't think. That means wearing something that stands out that compliments your look, not wearing obnoxious clothing.

    I think what's wrong is putting the message out there that it's ok to be abrasive with people as long as you own the frame. The point isn't to defeat her frame, it's to be solid in your reality.

  18. There is a definite line can be crossed, but the idea is to wear something interesting that fits in with your style and personality.

    I feel more comfortable when I'm well dressed with a twist, but purple suits and canes are reserved for fancy dress and douchebags.

  19. Anonymous12:17 AM

    If It's Halloween, Peacock all you want. There are boundaries between trying to hard and looking good. Wear what makes you feel comfortable to game.