Monday, August 01, 2011

Blog Break

Hey there,

I know everyone was tuning in for more war on the game stuff, but I'm going to be going on a 2 week break from writing the blog/making videos to re-charge creatively so that I can get back to cranking out quality posts as opposed to what I've been writing the past few weeks/months.

So I'll be back in 2 weeks, hopefully with my content writing fastball back.




  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Cool man. Looking forward to you returning.
    Enjoy the break! :-)

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Have a nice trip!Refresh your head for creativity!

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Really? It's been awhile since I've tuned in to your blog, but glancing over the last several entries, it looks like you are writing spot-on, pertinent stuff. E.g., not many people in pu talk about rejection being a necessary part of the process. But as you point out, it is. I guess you could have fleshed it out more with how to emotionally deal with rejection, or when rejection seems to stop mattering as much, etc. But it's refreshing to see something being talked about that most pu guys don't mention.

  4. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I want to purchase the Seduction Roadmap product, but it's like you've got to send your sales lady a dozen messages, to get a reply about some questions I have about it.

  5. Anonymous7:15 AM

    have a super cool holiday!! man!! you deserve

  6. Anonymous9:44 AM

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  7. Anonymous9:44 PM

    You'll be missed. Have fun.

  8. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Running away like Neil? Style got Sinn on the run!

  9. Anonymous7:13 PM

  10. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Recharge man, cool.....

    suggestion - maybe come back with some
    video instruction - short tips
    of infield strategy acted out.


  11. Anonymous12:56 AM

    why do I feel a WAR ON MYSTERY getting

  12. Enjoy your break. You can't be a BAMF 24 7. "Pussy"..... *giggle* .... Buy seduction roadmap or you will get none of the


  13. Anonymous9:10 AM


    I hope you have a good trip or break or whatever you doing. I second Anonymous above (lol everyone is anonymous). Your sales lady is very helpful when she responds but I noticed she must be pretty busy and have a really full plate because sometimes it took a week or a few days for her to get back to me on things.