Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Not To Do On an Approach- Video Breakdown

Hey there,

I was fwd this video and thought I'd write out a few comments on what this guy is doing right and wrong.

The video's pretty funny in and of itself so props for that

Obviously the guy is self amusing with the whole penis pick up idea which goes to show that you can get away with a lot when you're having fun yourself.

This guy has kinda slumping body language though. The first thing I would fix is his posture, he needs to stand up straighter rather than trying to lean like he's nonchalant.

Kong does a good job of transitioning from his functional opener (like asking where the nearest Starbucks or fancy restaurant is) into a statement of intent by admitting he doesn't really care about what he was asking, he really just thought the girl was cute. This is a good tactic when you get a positive response, though it does fall flat a few times in this video because he does it too early. Generally you want to use a statement of intent when the girl seems interested right off the bat.

The main thing that is missing in these approaches is teasing and a transition into attraction material. Kong asks some questions and builds a good amount of social comfort, but he never breaks that comfort in order to generate the necessary emotional momentum to move into the attraction phase. He does use a few disqualifiers like saying he's a big dick, but it comes across more as him being over the top and goofy than as a real disqaulifier that will make the girl want to win him over.

Overall this video was entertaining but I would be surprised if any of those girls answer his calls or texts.

If you really want to learn how to approach even better and more successfully than this guy, check out the video I posted HERE

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  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I think Kong did other stuff,too.He loves testing a lot of stuff.Second one,the guy does serious game.It is still testing and do it for audience but I think that guy is really good.
    The guy on second video is good looking guy though.

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Hysterical video!!!

  3. POLARIS12:13 PM

    immediately, instantly i felt it, he has no intent, he is not a "man", maybe there are better words to describe it that i don't know of,

    he can say whatever he wants, language or words are not the answer!

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    thanks for the infield-breakdown

    you should do more!!! of these!!!!, it really helped me

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Kong isn't doing so bad in this clip hehe...

  6. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Jon,on the video you say $ 97 one payment,but the payment page says $47????If you it this $47 one payment page is right,fxxxx big discount.Ha,ha,ha.

    Jon,you should check your payment process page.If $ 47 is limited time offer,I am down.

    Hey,which number is right????

  7. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I saw some other guy was doing cock pick up at the bar.It was not by the Kong, but some white dude was doing this routine with cellphone.

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Kong is from casanova crew and he recently made a video making fun of mystery by picking up girls acting like mystery, even doing magic tricks, check it out:

  9. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Their channel is called "Simple Pickup" for a reason. It's not suppose to be all complicated with breaking rapport and attracting, its suppose to be simple - talking to girls as you do with your friend. Sinn your missing the point, the "simple" factor is the main selling point for Kong's company and the reason why Kong gets over 100,000 views on each of his videos. People don't want to learn a whole complicated system just to talk to girls.

  10. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Kong is a pua from casanova crew, of course he knows how attract and break rapport, hes not doing that stuff because he's trying to show that you can pick up girls by keeping it extremely simple.

  11. Anonymous5:25 PM

    They are newb's needa learn more material but they got balls... Simple pick up is exactly what they are doing lol

  12. Anonymous7:40 PM

    It does not look like company though.But Kong seems like girls fans on facebook.

  13. yea your right they have no structure. But if they had structure they would be the most subscribed on youtube i hope they read this meessege lol

  14. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Please do more expert weekly 'reviews' of guys doing genuinely filmed day and night approaches, irrespective whether they're very average, totally abysmal, or extremely good.

    I would've preferred a 'Day Game 2' product than this new Approaching one, covering more advanced, much harder day game approach locations and environments (like libraries, gyms, supermarkets, public transport and public transport terminals, airports), footage showing how older guys over 35 can use daygame, with the focus being much more on HD camera in field footage of day game approaches, offering at least 20 hours of footage taken, then you'd critique the guys who did all filmed approaches. Whether any guy/s are or aren't present with you when you do the critiquing, isn't important.

  15. Aside from the posture stuff, I can't see how you could tell if he never did attraction stuff -- the video cuts every 2 seconds to random clips. There aren't really any full sets. Just him saying something silly and then cutting to numbers or whatever. He could have had a 2 hour instadate in between.

    But I think the biggest issue is that these aren't serious pick ups -- theyre intentionally designed to be funny and screw around, and in that I think we can all agree they succeed.

  16. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Have you seen all the shit going down about mystery and his company on ross jeffries blog and puahate? i figure you must know something about this and I like how you speak the truth. any chance of a post on this? is lovedrop really like that?

  17. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I think fun entertainment and increase youtube traffic and then becoming youtube partner would be an interesting idea for them.If it is too serious,this stuff will be too niche.

    Full set infield break-down by reputable name like Jon, DJ Fuji is really something you pay the money for it.People know theories and routine stuff are around internet.Infield break down style teaching is the best for intermediate guys and guys who had boot camp experience.

    I think simple pick-up theme is having fun.If you did seriously,some guys keep criticizing stuff.But I believe just showing infield has balls.For the well known guru's guys ,they should be on the camera at least one time,otherwise I just look that guy sit on arm chair and do order student guy.

    It is good to see good and bad example and then watch break down from Jon,etc is amazing though.

    This is much more serious version.It is also Casanova crew guys stuff.They are not gurus.But so much better than KJ guys.

  18. Anonymous11:34 AM


    I think you should be Jack the Ripper show,like Fuji did.If you have time it will be interesting show though.

    I think this post is good.There should be some other day stuff by non-guru or semi guru guys videos,I guess.

  19. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I'd rather hear your opinion on Kong's new satirical video where he picks up girls acting like the great Mystery, seen here:

  20. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Yeah,I found this on the Ross's blog.It was wow,really revelation of Mystery and his surroundings.I agree with this blog since Mystery's new master trainer Discovery is in money trouble.I feel sorry for Lovedrop about kids thing.It is really nightmare stories.

    Jon,I think you really just focus on positive,more productive thing like today's post.Mystery and VA might be your past but it's even not worth to think about them.

    And I bump into Seduction road map blog.It has tons of resources.Your advice is a Gold.

    I really think if you have money and time to put into it.Jon Sinn is the one of the best choice for your coach.I do not want to learn from MAD man or the guy who really can't approach.

    One of the good thing about you is you are honestly suggest other good coaches name.I know there are chemistry between teachers and students.I like your this honest part.

    It seems like Discovery story is going to everywher like a fire on the mountain.Maybe it is kind a late for VA guys to get trust from this guy again.

    I think it's time of one era's end,Maybe VA guys needs to back to other stuff like Magician,actor and computer guy.But still new people believe the book and fame of TV.

  21. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Despite the criticisms, this video is about as convincing as any other PUA marketing video that's put up to get people to buy their products. At least this guy admits he's just goofing around, whereas plenty of PUA's claim this is them hours or a day before getting laid.

  22. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Funny thing is this infield video is better than anything Sinn had on Mehow's series or his own daygame series and the guy isn't even selling a product. Way to own yourself John

  23. Champion5:02 PM

    thank you that's really funny :)
    and thanks for your comments

    for posture, I think it depends more on medecine and hte fact he may spend to much time on computer, so maybe he should go to see a chiropractor

    but for the other comments interesting !

  24. Anonymous11:06 AM

    the video doesn't work