Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7 Day Positivity Challenge Day 2:Still pretty easy.

I'm pretty surprised by how easy the positivity challenge is going.

Even today while I was out doing some day game it was remarkably easy to stay positive thanks to just consciously thinking about it. And the fact that I'm the best at day game by a wider margin than ever.

The rubber band also makes it really easy to pop those negative thoughts when they come up. I should have mentioned yesterday that the other part of the rubber band is to replace your negative thought with a default positive one. Mine is "Everything always works out for the best for me."

I will say that positivity makes it a bit more challenging to be funny in a conversation with a girl as making jokes about how awesome things are is more difficult than cracking on something for sucking.

Other than that I find myself being much less in my head when I'm focusing on being positive. Introspection for me usually ends up being focused on things I don't like or wish were different. But since those thoughts are negative they get popped and I end up feeling much lighter and more carefree.

The only time today where I really had to snap the rubber band a lot was when I was driving through horrible traffic with a bunch of drivers seemingly incapable of staying in their own lanes. But after a few painful rubber band snaps I was able to relax and enjoy the Watch The Throne Album and amazing 77 degree day.

Until tomor.



  1. Erik Ablaze7:39 PM

    Yesterday and today went smoothly for me, as well. You're right about it being easier to stay positive while consciously trying and having some accountability.

    I don't know if I was really positive the last few days or if I just had an absence of negativity. I felt more neutral if anything. I feel like being positive isn't something that can be grasped at. Like sand it runs through your fingers if you try to grab it. You can only hold sand with an open palm.

    I, also, found that when I started to feel negative it went hand and hand with me getting inside my head. As long as I directed my focus externally, my emotions stayed, at least neutral, if not positive.

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM


    You gave me the new habit to me.I could not stop talking girl even exam site.I supposed to take exam.But I did small talk and then asked her number.I supposed to concentrate on exam.

    One was blonde tax accountant.Another one was tall blonde auditor.I should have pass the exam not get their number now.

    Well,I should think positive maybe they may help me when I need to move another job.

  3. Anonymous8:10 AM

    i failed once when recording a dj set and it keep failing, and another time impossible when working with this moron

    it'll be tough at day 3 or 4

  4. Danny3:54 PM

    Hey Jon,

    thanks for this. it's so simple but freakin amazing. I have been following it for three days now and feel great. will have to get through Sunday before I know the effect is not just me being on good days, but even that is a negative thought, so I officially reframe and say it'll be fine, things always work out for me. Cheers from England man, I bump your seo every day for writing good stuff

  5. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Haha, yes, I noticed that too, when I was doing my positivity challenge.
    It's harder to crack a joke or be humorous because you are not allowed to think negativeley, but there are infinitely more negative jokes than positive.