Monday, August 15, 2011

Rating Yourself

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  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    So if you get your game from 1 to 10, you're just gaining +1 point up on the scale...

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    You know at first I really really disagreed with this post, I'm someone who used to date 10's as a 5 consistently.

    The thing is that I think you made a very profound point here but just presented in a slightly misleading way.

    I can tell you as an absolute fact that having game can get you all the dates in the world with almost any girl, game is everything as far as getting the date in the first place. To the point where I've done dozens of back to back trials with guys and game is the key to getting a date.

    However I can also tell you as an absolute fact that on a date what you just posted really matters. The thing is value and social status are very easy to fake, but if you fail to deliver your dates will go 100% horribly and you will never get the lay.

    Also value isn't just a one dimensional thing you have to be very careful of what kind of value your deliver and what kind of social status you deliver. I've messed up dozens of times by delivering the wrong kind of value or social status which is meaningless to the target.

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I agree with the above poster. Hemorraging value is the worst. All I need to date 9's and 10's is my Master Pickup artist medallion, my DHV stories, my routine stack and my Neil Strauss underwear. I've been working on my magic tricks and they are great!!

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM


    I really disagree with your piece. I find it misleading.

    I find you write posts in a way that make guys think they don't have a chance in hell at getting good with women.

    For example you talk about the 400 lbs man with Game. This is an extreme example, of course they need to lose the weight. But as a guy all you need to do is de-uglify yourself.

    I'm surprised that you of all people still talk about Value?? This is bullshit!!! Game is about engaging a woman, moving interactions forward towards sex, when there is friction you release by being funny or smiling.

    This also involves making a genuine connection with a woman. To make her feel comfortable, then you make your move again.

    Social status? Who the fuck cares? If you talk to a girl without hesitation you are going to come off as confident. You don't need to be a millionaire. You just need ambition and masculine drive.

    Drives me nuts how to pickup industry overcomplicates what it takes to get good with women. Simply to sell more product

    I'm sure you could bang really hot girls Sinn and you really understand female psychology well, but I think you need to take a step back and give guys more concise information that they can implement with greater ease.

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    welcome back sinn!!! we've all missed you bro!!

  6. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Good post. I derived real value from it. More so than all the Neil Strauss posts put together. W00t.

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Talking about Neil.

  8. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Champion post. Welcome back and thanks for the value!

  9. Anonymous12:21 AM

    less talking more WAR!

  10. Anonymous7:48 AM

    But I was coached by Sean Stephenson PUA and he says its okay that I live in my parents basement, eat Dorritos all day(hey there is protein in the cheese), have bladder problems, bath 2X per week, study witch craft, weigh 300lbs, have a Jerry Springer tattoo and am balding.

    Sean says he believes in me that I can bang 9s and 10s because I only deserve the best. So how do you explain that Sinn???

  11. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Sean Stephenson guy must be live in PUA wonderland.

    Jon Sinn is not bull shitter.He lives in Real world.

    4 Element of attractions to lead to relationship or sex was good article,Jon.

    My friend lost weight a lot of weight and got 6 packs then he dramatically changed.

    Physical fit gives you confidence and it worked on him,really good.

    Height and age are something you can't change.Other part,you can change.

    Pick up is like a sales.Let's see looks and social status are product quality.

    Then game and Value adds to her are sales skill.

    You may can sell crappy products but return rate is high.Consumers regrets and return the goods.

    If there is no advertisement and good marketing,it is hard to sell even good product.

    9s and 10s are Rich quality customer,they don't buy crappy product.

    It applies to anything.If the product is bad,it is hard to sell and Rich one even don't want look at bad product.

    You have to work on these 4 elements together and should be well-balanced.Game is 10 % but for the guys have other elements.It is kick ass spice.

  12. Anonymous12:33 PM

    As a former student in Sinn's 1st year of 12MtM, I can say that I have had amazing, crazy success and lays thanks to Sinn's specific insights.

    No problem there.

    But as someone in my 30's I've noticed this: If I am "at my best" and by that I mean in my job, a nice party, in a flashy part of my lifestyle, etc. etc. then I have had women of all ages from teenagers to women in their 50's come up to me and touch my arm and start flirting without me having spoken a word to them. I've even had a twenty two year old restaurant hostess grab me later in a club. Whatever they were feeling that day, they saw something interesting.

    If however, I decide to just walk up to an 18 year old girl in a cafe or the mall OR, being 5'9" if I walk up to a woman 6'0" who is in her early twenties at a club, man that IS the very definition of cold approach. It would definitely help to have something for her to hook onto. Example, I speak fluent Spanish, I could be an interesting foreign guy in Mexico - that has worked. Another example, I could be the owner of the nightclub. Well, I don't own any nightclubs .... yet!!.

    But again, if you can show the girl everything you've got going for you, and if that is a lot, and then throw fun and game on top of that, yeah that works.

  13. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Awesome, now I have something to work on. Thank you for this wonderful post and giving me to work on
    Thank you Sinn best PUA and my Idol forever :)

  14. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I agree with Sinn's post. He is on the money here. Looks, social value and some "game" or charm or whatever you call it does come into play but man, you will see some very hot women out there with real chodes and they are dating them for their looks or social value. Game is very little to do with it.

    As for the 5 who dated 10's, I have a mega MEGA hard time believing you unless you have really uber value like wealth or connections. 5's just do not date 10's unless they have some kind of social or wealth aspect. You know, "value." Its just life. It just does not happen dude. Wake up and admit that you are tooling us here dude.

  15. This is bullshit.

    "If you are a 4 in looks and status, u wont get 8s or 10s", yeah RIGHT. So how come Tyler Durden is a fucking MACHINE with girls then? He is UGLY yet he pulls more and hotter girls than any well known PU artist out there. Explain yourself.

  16. Michael Rivera8:54 PM

    i wish i was adleast a 7 but me wearing v necks and slim pants but somtimes baggy pants with a fohawk bump me up to a 5 and i think going to college should bump me up to a 6 its just my underbite that make girls say "ewwww" exact words lol when i try to approach. i almost killed my self because of how long my jaw is until i discovered pua.

  17. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Neil Strauss underwear? Do they come with or without the herpes simplex virus?

  18. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Where's the crown at?

    The King is back!

    Great article man.

  19. "If you are a 4 in looks and status, u wont get 8s or 10s", yeah RIGHT. So how come Tyler Durden is a fucking MACHINE with girls then? He is UGLY yet he pulls more and hotter girls than any well known PU artist out there. Explain yourself."

    Because he lies about his success and in reality he actually sucks with women.

    Seriously Tyler Durden looks like a dork. Acts like a dork. Talks like a dork. He probably is a dork who doesn't get laid often.

  20. "Because he lies about his success and in reality he actually sucks with women.

    Seriously Tyler Durden looks like a dork. Acts like a dork. Talks like a dork. He probably is a dork who doesn't get laid often."

    Ok, so what If I said Ive seen about 10 hours of infield video of Tyler Durden during a hotseat? Getting hotter girls than Ive seen ANY pu guru out there get? How come he even gets aPPROACHED by hot women?

    I have no DOUBT that Tyler Durden and RSD is WAY better than any "pu nerd" out there, its just another reality almost.

  21. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Neil Strauss does not have herpes...Neil gets hot quality women like Lisa Levridge. Otherwise do you think a 33 year would wear his underwear? Duh???

    I wear coke bottle glasses and have Donald Trump hair. But I took a $100K loan out to spend the weekend with Neil. (Don't worry my mom co-signed for me) Hes so confident that he doesnt even have to talk to girls. He says he has people for that. Now that is a high value man that I aspire to be. That way ill have that and game.

    I need to take a bootcamp with Dr. Paul Dobransky to fix my inner game then I'm going to become a PUA. He is a Ph.D in psychology so I'm set. Then go to a MPUA and then a PUG. Wait then a MPUG just like Neil or Vince Kelvin. I'll be rich just like Neil in women and money.!!!!!

  22. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Neil Strauss and Lisa Leveridge both have herpes. Looks like you will be getting it too if your dumb enough to pay Neil to fuck you in the ass for $100k. Lucky for the gene pool his stuff doesn't work. Dr. Paul doesn't have herpes because he can't even get a transsexual crack whore to fuck him as he has no money due to being a hack and a sad excuse for a human being. Maybe you should take bootcamp with Sean Stephenson. He only bangs 10's. Unlike Neil the midget king of 6's. BTW the king of Nigeria needs your help. If you just send your bank account details, personal information, PIN number credit card details and passwords to this email you will be handsomely rewarded.

  23. Anonymous11:02 PM

    @Edvin did you see Tyler actually fuck those girls? No. There are plenty of fags that girls like but it doesn't mean they have sex with them. Perhaps alot of these so called gurus are actually gay. After all their "game" is more convincing to and focussed on impressing guys than on having sex with girls. To make the point even further YOU Edvin seem to be in love with Tyler. The only thing worth watching for ten hours is porn you made of yourself banging real  girls. Thanks to Sinn this is MY reality. Seduction roadmap is the best product out there!

  24. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Neil Strauss and Tyler's infield?I never seem it.I have seen Mystery,Jon Sinn,Speer,Cajun,Mehow,Asian playboy,Rob Judge,Zack Bauer,Vince Kelvin and Ross Jeffries.
    oh,and Julian Foxx.

    I never seen Gambler,Tyler and Neil's infield.They are famous but I don't know how they do it.

  25. "Anonymous said...
    @Edvin did you see Tyler actually fuck those girls?"

    Well yeah there are several clips when Tyler follows them to the house and the girls even TRIES to drag him in LOL

    Ure just another hater whos life sux ass, majority of communityguys are like that these days, angry virgins everywhere

  26. Anonymous8:18 PM


    There are no clips of that happening. I have viewed alot of PUA videos and have only a couple of times but to say there are several clips, then show us the links. We want proof which is something the community has very little of.

    So dude, if this really is true and they do exist, then show us your little green men and their crashed flying saucer - show us the alledged video clips and you will prove us wrong ok?

  27. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Edvin Hedblom is my reactive little bitch. Why are you trying to justify yourself to me bro?

  28. Edvin
    "Well yeah there are several clips when Tyler follows them to the house and the girls even TRIES to drag him in LOL"

    Links or it didn't happen.

  29. Ditching the Neil Strauss bashing blog posts in favor of anonymous comments is a step in the right direction, Jon. Let's see ya complete the trek to full maturity. This shit still devalues your product... which you could argue has a "status" of its own... to be rated on quality, honesty, humor, attitude, community, etc.

  30. With regard to status, I like how you break it down to suggest different areas of concentration for improvement.

    Though I would argue that there is only one rating scale--which we get WRONG as men in our rating of women--and it is the sum total of our being. Or in other words, an index of all those areas plus maybe an additional factor: balance (success in addressing all the areas equally).

    And that index could in theory be called "game," allowing a 400lb man to have tight game, and it not matter that he is 400lb. It's possible.

  31. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Oh snap! Edvin Hedblom just got his ass handed to him on a plate. Lmfao It's obvious the only community guy here is Ed. But at least he is trying to stick up for his boyfriend Tyler. Who is the angry community virgin now? Damn dude you just AMOGed yourself! And now it's on the net forever for everyone to see. Hope you're not dumb enough to use your real name. Hedblom is only a few typo's away from headjob.

  32. I post this but somehow mod didnt accept it, so I try again.

    I was at the HOTseat, event where rsd show 8 hours of infield material from the coaches, 300dollar fee. Ive seen Jeffy actually put his dick in girls in the rape van, HOT 9 and 10s, Ive seen SEVERAL clips of Tyler when the girls go crazy for him, fighting eachother to make out with him. Trying to PULL him into their house, its rediclous. Ive never ever seen such good "puas" ever.

    There you go, you can check it out for yourself, just attent a hotseat seminar and u will see it all. Im leaving this now, you guys are just butthurt cause of your own failure.

  33. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Hey Edvin is a "hotseat" something like a "dirty Sanchez"? For $300 it sure sounds like it.

    You seem awfully proud of seeing some guys dick.

    A rape van? That is CREEPY. That is your plan to rape girls?

    You keep going on about other guys successes but nothing about your own.

    You keep accepting frames that make you look like a beta virgin. Like sticking up for your boyfriends and getting all angry just like a hero worshipping community virgin.

    God damn dude I bet you are too scared to even talk to a girl. The OP was trying to point you in the right direction but you can't see the forest for the trees.

    If YOU actually knew what was going on you wouldn't be posting what you do. Lol.

    Seduction Road Map best seduction product ever. Cheap at twice the price.

  34. Worse argument Ive ever read.

    The subject was if Tyler durden got laid or not. You asked "have u ever seen any proof of it? I WANT VIDEO PROOF" like some girl on her period.

    I replied "Yes I have seen it, actually I want to a hotseat which bascily is 8 hours of infield material, something which NO other pu company have released, ever, so yes, I do know that Tyler gets tons of girls".

    And your reply to that is "eeh edvin!! eeh ur a beta chode virgin !!!" Great reasoning, I bet you barely made it thru high-school.

    Now, If you gonna comment this, please, atleast TRY to make it sound somewhat intellectual, cause I really dont have time for dumbasses like you.

    1, 2, 3, GO

  35. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Oh Edvin you are funny!

    You dont even deny being a virgin. LMFAO!

    You want a hotseat? Lol x 1000. Just make sure you both use condoms.

    You don't have time to improve your own results with women but you have 8 hours to watch other guys dicks?

    Intellectual? Oh that's right Stephen Hawking is such a pimp!
    You kinda remind me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Please stick around you're funny. Like an angry gay midget clown.

  36. As I said, theres no point arguing with you. You are childish, probably in your late teens (if not I feel really sorry for you) and cuz of your shyness IRL you take the time to get rid of your angryness and frustration over internet.

    Ill stop answering to you know, I guess about everyone have realised ur kinda fucked up and just pointing it out even more for you is not fair, ull just end up being a more fucked up individual.

    Anyway, as I said, point still stands, Ive seen Tyler pick up VERY hot women, so the saying that tyler sucks with girls, not true.


  37. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Lol. Edvin I think you may have Asperger's Syndrome.

    The real question is does Tyler Durden/Owen Cook's advice and teaching method work for YOU? Obviously not! I will admit that it seems to make frustrated weird virgins fall in love with him though.

    Please don't go. I quite enjoy practicing my frame control on you. Don't understand what frame control is? Show this to Tyler the next time your enjoying your post coitus cigarette. Maybe he can explain it to you.

    In all seriousness if you're reading this Jon please send this guy some
    material. He deserves a big discount or even free stuff. If he doesn't lose his
    virginity soon he might go postal!

  38. So what is it they use to say, people acting cool on the internet (especially trying to "frame control" on fucking comments for a blog), are the most pushed around people IRL. Thats the kinda vibe I get from u, Im sorry about that, but dont let your frustration go out over other more happy people.

  39. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Ed you're back!

    They gave you time off from clown college? I'm touched that you'd spend the time here. Hope Tyler doesn't get jealous.

    Later bro. Enjoy the weekend watching other guys cocks. Virgin.

  40. So basicly ur still trying to framecontrol over the internet? Dont get enough action IRL buddy?

    Its a shame angry internet virgins can come here and spit nonsense cuz their lack of friends irl, its pretty sad if u think about it.

    But u know, ull grow up eventually, and hopefulyl ull get some friends too, take care.

    (Yeah I won the FRAME WAR now, so u can go on with ur life, and just to put the final bullet in your head, so you cant literally do ANYTHING to come back without looking like even MORE of a loser, let me say this): Tell me the COOLEST comeback, I mean the BEST THING U GOT, let me she your guns man, SHOW ME, THE COOLEST COMEBACK. Im waiting for you, 1, 2, 3 GO

  41. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Reality is the saddest thing for you my friend.

    More than 10 posts and no virgin denials. No one here is angry apart from you buddy.

    The sad thing is the people here were actually trying to help you. But you were too obsessed with cocks and rape vans to see it. I really hope you actually understand what you are doing wrong Ed. Untill that day you will be you're own

    You remind me of a creationist trying to argue with evolution. "but it says so in the bible" when the huge amount evidence shows you're clearly wrong.

    Keep going. I don't really care. People here using Sinn's material know what works and what doesn't. After all they are the living proof. I thought you said you had better things to do. Now I guess you're a proven liar. But no one really cares about you Ed. You community tool.

  42. Dude, wake up, people who're not virgins doent try to convience people they are not, jesus christ get out in real life and learn some basic social rules.

    Sinns material? Who the fuck cares, is that whats its all about for you? Getting pissed off cause someone is saying a dude from another company is getting laid? Gotta protect your SINN MODEL EGO HUH? (As tyler would say, right? ;))

    Jesus christ, some of you communitydudes are just so sad.

    You know, theres a saying which goes: the people who are the most unsatisfyed with life love to start arguments with others, thats basicly what ur doing, and Im pretty damn sure thats the reason.

    Listen, I dont know fuck about u, and u dont know shit about me, but just to internet qualify myself, no, Im not a "virgin", far from it, and Im pretty damn sure I get more pussy and are more happy with life than u are, just based on your emotional outburst on here over a damn blog lol.

    However dude, I guess ur life will be good sometimes, til then, shut the fuck up and stop trying to be the cool kid over the internet, it doesnt work.

  43. I'm fucking awesome and you know this mann..2:56 AM

    I'm horny I'll fuck both of you in the ass and throw you in the rape van. How about that for some frame control hahaaha

  44. Edvin Hedblom7:38 AM

    I just want to say sorry to the guys that tried to help me by pointing out how wrong i was. I really hit the clubs and bars hard with my expensive RSD advice. It didn't work at all. I got so frustrated I went home with two gay guys. It was great. Now I don't need to use PUA material anymore as I discovered I'm actually gay. I have a boyfriend who treats me really well and we pick up new guys all the time. I'm so happy now. Thanks again everyone.