Friday, April 01, 2011

The War Starts Monday...

For those of you wondering why I haven't been talking shit about anyone lately...

It's because I've decided to devote it all towards the one person most responsible.

Be sure to be here Monday for the declaration of war.

JS-The King Of Content ( and shit talking)


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM


  2. Anonymous4:32 PM

    We need a survey to guess this PUA from a list

    1. Wygant
    2. Kirkey (always Barry)
    3. Sean 'rockstar' Stevenson
    4. Brent cocktail Smith
    5. Woodhaven
    7. JW South
    8. Doclove
    9. Charlie Sheen
    10. Gunwitch (!)
    11. Cameron Teeone
    12. Vince vampire Kelvin

  3. Kevin5:14 PM

    Definitely the 2nd best thing Sinn is good at. lol, and please don't be an April fools joke

  4. PUA! at the Disco6:38 PM

    Fuck yea booooiiiiiiii!

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM

    My guess is: El Topo

  6. Anonymous8:20 PM

    April Fools???

  7. Anonymous10:36 AM


    What do you think of someone like Marc Rudov and his NonNonsense Man? He's very popular now and has owned feminists in interviews on tv and the radio.

  8. Anonymous11:16 AM

    What does he think of Doctor Love, a 100 year old PUA, from the 1800s, when does 'it' stop working ? Get my $100 book now! Love reading the bashes of him on askmen's website (where Sinn should post up).

    Sinn, cmon reveal it early! Don't say Hugh Hefner or Thundercat, too easy. It is not MEHOW bc his site is still listed on your site.

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Dude, you're awesome at what you do, no need to start a shit war, you're better than that

  10. It's not Mehow or Vin Dicalro because Sinn promoted those guys products.

    There are some new guys like Zar,Speer.Are those guys are good teacher?

  11. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Jerry J, new Gurus come up every month! Speer has been around for a while, he has a rep. for being very good at getting into places.

    I'd like to see a podcast where Sinn and Cameron Teone ( expose a few more charlitans. If they get on yahoo chat (great quality for 2 person recording), record it, and post it. Sinn's podcasts= fun time. Esp. with Cameron.

  12. Thanks anonymous.

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    I mean price and location are important factor too.For home learning.I think Sinn's products are great.For any lesson live is the best.Learning from doing is the best.I would like to take live training someday.

  13. Anonymous6:46 AM

    this is definitely a joke.