Monday, April 04, 2011

The War On The Game

This not a FUCKING joke!

Jon's gonnna give it to ya Neil, fuck waiting for you to get comeuppance on your own.

Nah, Jon's gonna deliver it to ya.

Enjoy the video:

Fuck Neil Strauss as a guy, company, staff, and a crew. And if you wanna be down with Neil Strauss, then fuck you too!

JS- The Leader of the War on Neil Strauss and The Game.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Love the Tupac ending, Westsiiiiide BAD BOY KILLA lol

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Ah, I think Sinn's gone off the deep end, Charlie Sheen style. Turn off reality TV dude, real life ain't the Real Housewives

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Remember when you challenged Mehow to a sarge off?

    Remember how you later realized it was infantile and stupid?

    It will pale in comparison to this.

    I don't know Neil, but I do know that even if he ate children your going about this the wrong way.

    You do good shit for people. This is so below you.

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    It's about time someone says it! and not just that half assed RJ post on Neil...

  5. You know when you first read "The Game", and you're thinking like: "Man, this is awesome... there's a whole other world out there and people can actually get better with woman... I'M GOING TO BE THE BEST PUA EVER!!"

    Please don't take this away from people...

    ...even if it's false, people need that little bit of hope that they can improve. Who cares if it's exaggerated, everyone realizes this when they've been actively going out for long enough.

    I know you might hate Neil for being a bad person, but are you gonna go to war with every guy you think is an asshole?

    I respected you as a PUA, but wtf man... seriously.

  6. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I agree Neil Strauss, the game, rules of the game actually caused me to get worse with girls.

    I was'nt until I stopped listening to him, that I finally got results.

    Neil Strausses stuff maybe works on 40 year olds but apart from that...

    He doesnt realize that memorizing a bunch of routines makes you more nervous around girls

  7. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Probably Neil does deserve to be outed; to be honest I neither know nor care. I agree with an earlier post - you are the real deal when it comes to PU and it is sad to see you lower yourself to the level that you say Neil operates at; never speak bad about the competition - that just shows a weakness in yourself - and in this case is a marketing ploy to get SOA noticed. Which, considering the quality of the products is unnecessary.

  8. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Instead of going "to war" with Neil or whoever, why don't you put some work into this site?

    I come here for advice and I always enjoy what I read, but I still don't know what you sell.

    When I click on the links under "Sinn Resources", some are broken and the others lead to nowhere. For example, the link about the Natural Attraction DVD takes me to a page that asks for my e-mail address. When I entered it for the first time it took me a page with an intro video and nothing else. The other day I tried to go there again and got a message saying I was already a subscriber.

    You have given me a lot of good advice, so let me give you some back: focus on your business, on making great products, on helping people. That approach will lead to great things. Leave this "war" business to juveniles and lunatics.

  9. Anonymous12:43 PM

    It sounds like you're doing this out of revenge, thus making you no better than he is....on the other hand, some people need an awakening and need to be told that they are acting like jerks and that they need to be aware of this...his actions are just simply wrong...with this approach, you will in turn put him in his place AND help him out in becoming a better person, which will have a great impact because he (unfortunately) does have an influence on a lot of people

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I disagree with you about 100%. But that video is fucking hilarious and I love a good fight - even though this one will basically be one-sided (Neil's not even going to acknowledging this).
    Next, take on Mystery and David D.

  11. Anonymous3:25 PM


  12. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Hey people, don't make fun of Neil, just because he's a smug, star-fucking little metrosexual obsessed with his own self-aggrandizement. At least his new paranoid survivalist book isn't another self-deceptive study into the netherworlds of debauchery. However, here's a newsflash for you, "Joe Cool": good luck re-branding yourself after having sullied your name by associating it with such moral turpitude. Your undoing has been your unhealthy fascination with nitwit rock stars, coke-head porn whores, and that Mephistophelean deal you struck with your beloved "seduction community," which takes the painful problem of male approach anxiety and social awkwardness and provides a solution which only makes matters worse by turning its adherents into rats on the treadmill of one-night stands. Grow the fuck up and leave the sophomoric "games" to the younger turks you've fleeced with impunity for too long now.

    Some words of wisdom, which a formerly reputable rock critic would understand:

    "Angel of darkness is upon you /
    Stuck a needle in your arm
    (You, fool, you) /
    So take another toke, have a blow for your nose /
    One more drink, fool, would drown you."
    - Skynyrd

  13. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Putting aside how ugly he is, people do know Neil is a professional journalist and writer, not a pickup - seduction authority and never was one. I haven't read The Game and have no interest to, as I know it was just about his observations, not a guide on how to run game.

  14. It will be tough battle.Because he is also power-house.People get to know this stuff from him first.It published some years ago but people still find you through Mystery and Neil.

    First lead this book and then oh,this is some fantasy novel,it was fun then search Mystery and then you see oh,this guy really exist?Then you bump into Mystery method and venusian arts.And if you have more curiosity then search who is the best.Then I found you.I found Captain jack,Brad P,Adam,Speer from your podcast.

    Or some people watch Vh1 show and then reach to Sinn.

    If you read pick-up artist then you will find Love drop, Mehow and Speer because you will search project Miami.

    Mystery and Neil are powerhouse,I think like you are saying if you are not ready just squashed like an ant.

    I believe something happen between you and Neil.But at this point,I don't know.
    I bet now you are ready.

    I thought this industry is really depends on those two and hard to attack one of the power house.But you decide to fight the war.Maybe we will know the reason latter.

    I thought your business is owe to those guys on Marketing side though.

  15. Anonymous5:00 PM


  16. Breeeeeeettttttttttt5:03 PM

    Why is everyone so against this? I think this is hilarious. Fuck Neil, Fuck the Game, Fuck Venesian Arts and the rest of the Crew, and if you're down with Neil, then FUCK YOU TOO! - SINNN FOR LIFE BABY

    Call the cops if you see SINN drop...

    SINN's gonna bust up in your eye so you can see him coming!

  17. Anonymous5:04 PM


  18. When I heard your suicide attempt story,it reminds me Mystery in the Game.Mystery did same things in the book.I know it's mix of fact and fiction but both Sinn and Mystery are somehow similar.I do not know both personally but your blog and Mystery depicted on Neil's book similar.

    I just don't know them personally but both shares same character some part.Getting know personality from books and blog are not accurate but the only the source we know is something in public.

  19. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Neil is probably a jerk n stuff BUT Sinn is a hater. He hates everything and everyone. Thats why he tried to kill himself. your game is ok bro. u should just grow up and stop beefing with everyone. Hypnotica put ur little white bitch ass on show and u declined the challenge. What a little bitch. you love yourself to much to approve this comment, dont u? dont u? Punk bitch, put ur tongue ring back in and go gobble some man member..... oh yeah and el topo exposed u as a lot of bad things so I would start of by dealing with some of your own issues before you throw briks at a glass house

  20. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Kick Neil's ass Sinn!!!

  21. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Why cares about Neil Strauss?

    The thing I finally noticed is that Sinn has not published any useful content in here for a long time. So good luck with this latest project and goodbye. I'm unsubscribing this blog.

  22. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Thanks you!

    It's about time somebody took it to Style.

    The only other guy that had the stones to do it is Barry, but he's always been distracted by also ripping on other less-deserving-of-scorn PUA's than "The most gayest of the Jedi" Neil.

    Scorched earth baby, scorched earth...

  23. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Time to try to kill yourself again...

  24. Not knowing either of them in person yet and judging from Sinn's other rants, I'd have to say that Neil probably did something really really fucking bad/stupid to Sinn/people in general.

  25. Anonymous2:46 AM

    In your face Neill... or on your balded head b*tch!

    Cant wait for more :)

  26. Anonymous3:01 AM

    All of you little bitches lecturing Sinn remind me about two PUA's having a fight;"I would definitley smash your face in right now, if it wasn't for my excellent inner game holding me back".
    Fuck that! Enough is enough. There are times when people need to speak up.- Neil is a chode, an opportunist, and a cunt.

  27. Anonymous5:19 AM

    You're a fucking faggot

  28. I don't know if you're right or not. But it really doesn't matter. What you're doing is immature and is bound to backfire at you big time.

    Also, I you're obviously oblivious to the fact that this is going to ruin your own reputation. Immaturity does not go well with teaching men how to be better men:).

    As a neutral spectator, I am looking forward to see the results:))))

  29. Anonymous8:15 AM

    So what if Neil is a chode or a jerk? Who cares at this point? Did he do something to you that hurt you or your business? Did he steal a chick away from you? Did his stuff actually work better than yours? I thought that chicks could use your stuff without money, then why are you all of the sudden tauting "Oh I have money now" Neil is yesterday's news unless there is something he is doing that might make you look bad.

    This is really juvenile if you ask me

  30. I side with the last commentator:

    >Immaturity does not go well with teaching men >how to be better men:).

    The good thing about this is that it might - finally - get guys to realise that there are better places to seek advice from than PUAs, whether they're 'Mystery' or 'Style' or 'Durden'.

    What a joke this 'community' really is.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Tupac didn't go to war with 5'6 nerdy New York Times writer. He went to war with gangsters... Oh... and he got killed ;)

  33. Anonymous3:49 PM



  34. Anonymous3:50 PM

    SINN = WIN!!

  35. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Whether or not Neil is a bad guy has nothing to do with me. I don't know him personally, and likely never will. I don't understand how this is going to benefit anyone.

    This is certainly not going to improve anyone's game.

    Half of this seem self-important and immature; the other half smells of seo and publicity stunt.

    Those videos part 1 and 2 were great content. It would be awesome if we get to see parts 3 and onwards... instead of something like this.

  36. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Chino XL fuck you too. hahaha

  37. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Interesting third party opinion.It says both Sinn and Neil are good.Looks like paid one shows some sort of result.

    Both does not have live workshop regular basis.

    You don't know personality of both of you guys.I just guess it from products,or some third person's word.At this point both are good at Pick-up and teaching.

    Consumer does not care morals that much,some people hate Hollywood star and they don't watch his or her movie for gossip.My standard is if product is good,I still watch their movie.Tom Cruise,Charlie Sheen are crazy but I still watch them.Some people don't because of his private life.Most of people does not care that much unless you take lesson from that person personally.

    Yeah,gossip is fun,I enjoyed your pod casting.Like drunken instructor while teaching etc.those are professionally over.

    You can use your energy toward more positive stuff.Like start regular live work shop.If it certified,it does not have to be you.I am sure you do good quality control.

    You are busy man and people want you spend your time for saving more guys.

    Personal grudge must be big to you.For Neil pick-up is side business,writing is his main business.

    You are acknowledged as top guru for long.Why now?

  38. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Since readers are all in the dark and don't know what brought this about, they have no context with which to offer constructive advice or sympathy, either way.

  39. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Why so many haters on Sinn? He's just exposing Neil for what he really is. Can't you see that Neil wrote the book to increase his social status and make money? It's a self-serving fairytale story with half-truths on the various people he was involved with to accentuate his supposedly "cool" traits. Any PUA can see through his intentions. You chodes can keep sucking his little nerdy dick.

  40. Anonymous8:47 AM

    eagerly awaiting the next step

  41. Anonymous10:24 AM

    i should of guessed it was gonnna be neil strauss, after ur post of "Neil Strauss Is A Liar"

    2pac aka Makaveli RIP

  42. Anonymous1:30 PM

    How old are you, 7? This isn't something that you, as a man, need to occupy your time with. You need to grow up and realize that you are no better than Neil, in fact, Neil got me through the game better than any material you put out. It lacks depth and content. I'm going to go on a War to take Sinn out just because I hate his hair and his douche bag voice. Sounds like you need to go get your degree in talking shit because you sound like a little kid that just lost his first game of Halo.

  43. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Amazing! There is everything in this video: insecurity, fear, righteousness, anger, hate, foul language, desperation, envy, regret, neediness - you name it.

    These are not qualities, which are attractive to women. In fact, they are not attractive to men either.

    So please, stop calling yourself a PUA because you had just exposed your true self:))))

    P.S. I don't Neil Strauss personally and I don't care about him.

  44. Anonymous8:49 PM

    you're sad

  45. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Sinn knows where the bodies are buried like David Stern

  46. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I read Jeff Allen's "Get Laid or Die Trying" and I felt "the Game" was way much better entertaining book.I don't know about Neil Strauss's personality.Only insider like you and community people know his personality.

    I would say,"the Game" did not help me at all but I can say it was fun reading.I mean I thought American version of "Train spotting".I can't deny his writing talent and he is good and he is best seller writer.If I talk about music,he is a gold disk holder.If I say something about his writing.It's like Karaoke lover giving comment to Madonna or Lady GaGa.Yes,there are many better singer than them but fact is they sold music better than other and became rich.Or movie stars I see their movie but I don't want to be their friends.Look Mel Gibson,Charlie Sheen,Lindsay Lohan,do you want to be their friends?I hear only bad thing about personal life of them.

    Yeah,gossip is fun.And pick up world,He is the celebrity.Well,Sinn,you are celebrity in the pick up world.I can tell you are honest person and pure but for the most of people,Neil's personality is just gossip.

    when it comes to his product update,I think this is good point out.We want to know product quality.

    you have been posting good articles on your blog.I like your blog,Brad P,Captain Jack, and RSD Tyler.Some of big companies BBs are just mess like newbies andswer newbiews question.Other than old archives it just mess now.

    Many people can tell the companies quality from blog and bbs.You pust a lot of energy on your company and helping the men who need help.

    Neil Strauss is not actively relate to pick up thing,he moved to another area.It happen to be good side business for him and still his name is big among PUA community.That's all about it.This is my observation.

    If you reveal about industry,who can't really pick up or who is not serious about teaching are much important for us.I hear some instructor disappear while boot camp or drunk while workshop.This is much more serious problem for us.This kind info is much more important for us.Since you don't give regular basis boot camp,work shop many people need to pick some live class for their convenience.Like you are saying now tough economy we want to know good info about live training.Or you decide to start own boot camp.Even if you started it I hope yours is not like Venusian arts,They travel too much.They does boot camp one and half year cycle for one city.Stick to some city like LA,NYC,Vegas,SF and offer the boot camp regular basis is better.I know you don't want to do boot camp.I know this is never gonna happen,I heard boot camp is hard work.
    I am sure you do not start this service.I know you know many companies program,you can tell us which one is good and bad.(I mean live training.)

    Good work and have a fun!You keep releasing great products this is the sweet revenge if you hate Neil Strauss so much.Or if you hate his fame,do your own TV show.

    This program is not training bunch of losers,sending top notch PUA to un-stable relationship couple.It's hidden to girlfriend and stinger pick up girlfriend within a week.Then viewer bet on it.

    I put a lot of thing but I will know why you do this.It's just gossip for most of the guy though.

  47. Anonymous5:39 AM

    this is madness... this is sinn!

  48. When is Neil's new book coming out and what is it about?

  49. Anonymous10:55 AM


    It has already came out on the market.

    It was celebrities talk.It's interview compilation.American pop-culture and gossip.

    "Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys into Fame and Madness" is the title.It's nothing about pick up.You may use it for conversation topic since women loves gossip.

    funny thing title is madness.

    About the war,if Mystery and some guys on Neil's book were on Sinn's side,Sinn win.The guys who does not in the book comment is not big impact to this war.If Mystery,Lovedrop,I mean people believe who is close to Neil talk about him like you,you are the winner.

    His students said Yada yada yada is not big impact.

    About seduction,dating industry,the Game is the most successful marketing tool.Every other guy come to you because they read his book.Yeah,his personality and products made you mad about him.He is your marketer and spokesperson,yeah,he tells wrong but dating coaches get benefits from Neil.You can correct lucky people who come to you.This is the best thing you can do for society.

    Killing the game and Neil may come back to dating industry.If you have next project better marketing without using the Game,Neil Strauss ( this means you don't mention he is totally wrong on your marketing pitch)Do you have next step for even saving industry.Ok,go for it.If it is just personal reason,it comes back to your business if you win.It means you killed the chicken which lays golden eggs for you.

    I like your products and honesty but this lead you no-where.Just do some Podcast roast or something then your revenge is over.

    At least this is just spoken only your blog not other blog or BBs.You are still fine.It harms yourself and your friends business.

  50. Anonymous12:07 PM

    If Neil has done something which is misleading + deceptive or illegal in some way, then report it to the authorities.

    Otherwise it's just an attention-grab.

    I don't think Neil's quaking in his boots.

    Btw I don't care about him either.

  51. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Calm down peeps, I highly doubt Sinn is actually going to have a war with Neil Strauss. Sinn is just trying to increase traffic to his site, what better way than having a "war" with the most highly searched PUA

  52. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Wow, this is crazy lol. I do think its a good thing to expose charlatans, but why so much anger and hate towards him?

  53. Neil is a douche, but so is Sinn. This is retarded.

  54. That was a short war...

  55. Anonymous11:28 PM

    > Sinn is just trying to increase traffic to his site, what better way than having a "war" with the most highly searched PUA

    Neil Strauss and Mystery those name are good for increasing traffic.So this is SEO ?

  56. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Top 7 Charlatans, Freaks and Weirdos of 2009
    Hey Guys,

    Was good.I want to see updated version of who is good who is not.I love your review.

    It's like a zagat book.I loved that post.In 2009,Neil was not on the list,something happen between you guys in 2009 to 2011?

  57. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Shoot, still haven't heard what makes Neil such a bad boy. The fact is, as somebody already suggested, the dude practically created the pick up industry with his book. What percentage of guys found out about it through The Game? Most of the rest must have been initiated by the VH1 show, which only was broadcast ultimately because of Neil's book.

    There's another issue here about pick-up artists warring against each other. If you're going to compare the skills of Neil versus Sinn, guess what? You have to take into account that Jon is much younger, much better looking and has hair. If he was an older bald guy, how good would Sinn be? Well, quite good actually, but nowhere near as prolific. All things considered, Neil does very well for not having natural gifts, and I say kudos to him.

    In the end, there are no style points for p*ssy as Sinn says, but Style still gets points for being a below average looking guy who has game. The end.

  58. Anonymous8:46 AM

    This is the gayest shit i've ever seen in my life.

    Sinn just traded some hard earned respect for a big bucket of rainbow cock-sucking GAY.

    With a fucking powerpoint no less.

    Just suck a dick already and get over yourself.

  59. Anonymous8:47 AM

    and for the record, i don't hate neil strauss.

    i hate you-

  60. Anonymous9:34 AM

    >>>>There's another issue here about pick-up artists warring against each other. If you're going to compare the skills of Neil versus Sinn, guess what? You have to take into account that Jon is much younger, much better looking and has hair. If he was an older bald guy, how good would Sinn be? Well, quite good actually, but nowhere near as prolific. All things considered, Neil does very well for not having natural gifts, and I say kudos to him.

    Jon is good looking among pick-up guru.He does not deny looks's importance.

    About hair,he shaved his head but he did darn good on the Mehow's DVDs.You can't say his skill is covered by looks.

    Niel is like a Bill Gates of PUA world.He produced seduction industry bigger.Before the book boot Mystery's camp was 500 dollars? Then this industry grows to some big companies charges around 3000 bucks.Back then it was something college kids can spend.

    Now,I don't see college kids can take boot camp because of price tag.If you complain about this,it does make sense.It was bad for who wants to take boot camp.
    But for the one who can teach this,Neil was only help for business.He is great Marketer and producer.

    I don't hear bad thing about him other than you.Every other guru says I am the one that book blah,blah,blah,blah.

    You can help the people who ask help to you.Then you say the Game is wrong.You teach good stuff to your students.

  61. Anonymous11:00 AM

    This will only help Neil, you are giving him more publicity. I haven't read The Game,and so I just bought it out of curosity on Amazon.

  62. Anonymous11:45 AM

    >>>>Jon is good looking among pick-up guru.He does not deny looks's importance.

    About hair,he shaved his head but he did darn good on the Mehow's DVDs.You can't say his skill is covered by looks.

    Reply: Come on dude, he went for a buzz cut, but he still had hair. If he ever went all shaved like Style, I never saw that clip. And you know what? Sinn admitted recently even just with a buzz cut his success rate went way down.

    At any rate, from what I've seen and read Sinn is probably the better pick up artist, but I'm just being honest in that it's magnified enormously by his youth and looks. That's life. I'm more impressed, honestly, by some of the less good looking or older or racial minority pick up guys out there who are still pretty decent.

    There's two ways of looking at the issue. If pickup is like an athletic competition, and we just care about who pulls the most a**, then talking about genetic gifts is besides the point. On the other hand, if we think about it as a field of education and self-help, then it certainly does matter, because not everybody studying a particular guru will nearly be as good looking.

  63. Eben Pagan Still Spams My E-mail1:15 PM

    Sinn, stop the power point video presentations. It makes u look old fashioned and out of touch. That's like wearing John Stockton's booty shorts at a pick up basketball game and thinking you're trendy. Power Point Videos = fail.

    Attraction is not a choice, but power point presentations sure are!

  64. Anonymous4:02 PM



  65. Anonymous5:21 PM

    It's good story.

  66. Anonymous9:32 PM

    >>There's two ways of looking at the issue. If pickup is like an athletic competition, and we just care about who pulls the most a**, then talking about genetic gifts is besides the point. On the other hand, if we think about it as a field of education and self-help, then it certainly does matter, because not everybody studying a particular guru will nearly be as good looking.

    Think about women,they want to date better looking guys or higher social status guys,or rich guys.It's not pity game.You should whatever you can use.

    Yes,better looks is good.Even if it is self help you should be the best of yourself.Pick up is something learning trick?No,I don't think so.You should accept yourself like Minority,bald,short or fat.

    It's not just about looks,better social skills,confidence etc.

    (Looks(good face,physical,grooming,fashion),money,status) x social skills x confidence x age=attraction

    If one of the factor is zero,you have no chance.It's not one factor.You can't change your race and height or age but other factor,you can do something.

    Hey,dude it's not good guys contest.Girls should have choice.We pick good looking girls too.When it comes to different race,guys mostly want to date white women but they have choice too.It's not racism,it's a choice.Men love young good looking women.Then young women should have choice.If they did not choose the men have handy cap,that women is horrible?No,it's not fair.If it is real self-help men should improve their appearance and become rich too.Not just communication skills.

    Yeah,there are some guru who are not have advantage like Jon Sinn has.But it does not mean his looks is everything.He is total number of attraction is higher than other guys.He does not have zero in any factor.Multiplication formula explains a lot.
    It's not frustrated men's choice.Girls choice.

    Sinn is honest.You should not ignore the importance of looks.I think it's no bullshit is good.Good for women.Creepy men are creepy even if he learned skills.

    I think shaved and buzz are same though.

  67. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Well from a guy that bitched out two students (I guess they were students) on a previous blog post a couple of weeks go on this site (which is a no-no for professionals to do) you wonder if he is either losing his shirt due to the economy, not picking up chicks anymore or just falling apart as a person. I could not believe I read that. This makes me think, if I were to work with a instructor, can I trust him now? This destroys what little faith you can have left in this whole PUA thing....its all for money I am afraid...

    A teacher and instructor needs to be trusted. You also need to conduct yourself professionally even if you do not agree with someone. Its kind of an unwritten law.

    Can this guy be trusted?

  68. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Where's step 2? Come on, man... I'm waiting. You make a blog post every day or two... and now, you're quiet! What the fuck? Let's go! I love war!

  69. Haha wow I can't wait to see how this develops.

    I always thought The Game was self serving in the favour of the author and not an accurate portrayal of what really happened.

    Be interesting to see if there is a rebuttal.

  70. Internet Wars? what are we in fucken high school?

  71. Anonymous8:04 AM

    whats your beef with Vin Dicarlo?

  72. Anonymous12:46 PM

    After jewish parasites
    (sinn/nielstrauss/savoy) suck all the blood form their gentile host (mystery).... the one who originates and creates.... the jews rise to the top, and all that is left, is for the jews to turn on one another. Congrats Sinn, you are the number one parasite, we can only hope some other jew comes along and destroys you, just as you destroy that piece of shit strauss.

  73. Anonymous10:12 PM

    HAHAHA!!! This is so funny!! the war what?!?! who cares about this?

    Perez Hilton?
    Sinn cocksuckers?
    Neil haters?

    Sinn is a nobody, I don't give a fuck about Neil either

    Get a life people, life is too short to be too concern on someone's shit(childish)

    Work on your lifestyle and have fun out there!!


  74. Anonymous4:21 PM

    The 48 Lays Ov Power. lolz

  75. Anonymous3:46 PM

    It's about time someone says it! and not just that half assed RJ post on Neil...visit my blog