Friday, April 29, 2011

The Most Unrealistic Student Ever

Now I've surely heard it all dear readers.....

Yesterday I had a phone appointment with a guy who was interested in getting some phone coaching.

He told me his biggest sticking point was approach anxiety unless he got eye contact or was with a group of friends and then I asked him what his goals were for the next 3-6 months and he said and I quote:

" I want to sleep with 3 or 4 NEW girls a week."

To which I replied

" So you want to sleep with 12 new girls a month? That's like a 144 new girls a year? Do you think I sleep with 144 new girls a year? Cause I don't. No one does besides maybe some rock-stars. And a lot of them bang whores."

Followed by me attempting to explain that when you have approach anxiety(Like this guy did) it's impossible to go from that to sleeping with 3 to 4 new women a week in the 3-6 month time frames our coaching programs run for, before telling him he was not a good fit for the program and hanging up on him.

Then I called Rob Judge to vent, since no one outside the community could even comprehend the type of weirdness I deal with every day before noon.


I always say this, but you HAVE to be realistic if you want any chance at success. You also have to understand that you can't bridge the gap between being a guy who doesn't approach and being a guy who gets laid a lot without doing a lot of work in between.

Hope that helps some people out there or at least makes the weirdo student re-assess his goals. Weirdo!



  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Hilarious. You should laugh at those guys instead of venting.

    Curiosity. I tried to download old episodes of your podcast, and cannot find them. What happened?

  2. So let me get this straight. It's weird to say you want to sleep with more girls but it's perfectly normal behaviour to declare war on another Pick Up Artist and swear like a Trooper about him on Youtube.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    /\ David spot on lol.
    Plus way to go treating students.

    I do agree tho, its an impossible goal to his case and to most guys who wants to stay sane. I have to disagree that there is "alot" of work between not approaching and getting laid. There is some guys that just cant make COLD APPROACHS but already have some social skills. after some anxiety work its pretty easy to them to get laid (My case).

    Usually people are 1 or 2 big pieces from making big leaps not an entire process. evaluate that bro.

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    What about 3-4 new girls a MONTH? Would that be a little more realistic?

  5. Anonymous6:03 PM

    is this poor guy reading this? ha

  6. Calling your students weirdos while doing weird as shit stuff yourself (aka The War on Neil Strauss) is REALLY gonna help your business. /s

  7. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Wait a minute... Impossible? Why the fuck? It is as possible as the gravity. If you're doing same night/day lays you cam go for like 10 in a week! I've had 7 lays in a week - 1 each day. But, seriously, Sinn, I'm too bored to do that. You are one of my biggest authorities. But ask yourself - don't you get bored? I personally am.

  8. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Why would you guys give a fuck about the "War On The Game"?

    Are you that concerned with Sinn's "legacy" or "reputation"? That's cute but that's also weird.

    Are you losing money on it? Do girl's not sleep with you because Sinn decided to take shots at Neil?

    Who cares?

    These guys are pick up artists. You think they care about "saving face"?

  9. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Guys, you know what real dudes who get laid think about "War on the Game"? They either don't watch it. Or they watch it, laugh for a second and then move on.

    Only keyboard jockeying herbs with a scarcity mindset sit around and think about it for more than 2 minutes. REAL TALK.

  10. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Making fun of students, not cool. Have you considered that such an impossible goal may propel someone to at least get decent? Its kinda like 120 lb guy saying he wants to get as big as Ronnie Coleman. Sure he will never achieve that (without roids, and he will possibly die before he gets there) However if he were to work on it and not die and at some point give up on this impossible goal, he might make it to say 180 lbs solid and be content with that. So maybe setting your goals way to high is kinda lame, it also to a certain extent will motivate you to get to be a lot better than you ever would have gotten had you not set the bar so high. So think about that.. btw Im not dissing you just saying, don't be so closed minded Sinn.
    P.S. Im not the student that set that goal, Im just a guy who went to one of Sinn's Seminars and got a lot of good stuff, than got reframed when I asked a valid question because Sinn didn't want to answer it.

  11. Anonymous5:35 AM

    sinn you whore!! you make me laugh

  12. Anonymous10:31 AM

    sinn tends to contradict himself alot when he writes post than when he teaches content.

    i quote sinn "fuck a realistic goal, no one has achieved anything great with realistic thinking"

  13. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Why are you always making fun of students? I really do not get it. What am I missing here? What good does this do for a potential student that really needs help?

  14. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Just another case of a guy wanting a magic pill. People need to realize that Sinn is only becoming more and more powerful and the haters can't do anything about it.

  15. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Never thought of my goal. New goal, bang 1 new chick a week. Get SNL 1 out of every 2 times I go out.

  16. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I think you should have replied to your student with a professional attitude...He looks up to you that's why he even wanted you to mentor him. You have a point about his unreasonable goal on pickup in too short a time but you could have handled the situation a lot better imo.

  17. Anonymous10:29 AM

    In spite of this posts title, the guy on the phone was NOT a student. He was a prospect. A clueless guy with goals that are miles beyond possible. Sinn respects his students and works hard to make sure they succeed.

    Sinn could have pumped him full of happy bullshit and taken his money. Instead, he turned a potential client away. How many haters have the integrity to walk away from money?

  18. Anonymous1:35 PM

    lol you suck. More than one hundred girls a year is not that much, I do it. you teach that shit and you cant do it? and I m not a rockstar lol, you are ridiculous. and I rarely cold approach!!!!!!! (and I have aproach anxiety if I am not drunk!!) All that is true!!!

  19. Anonymous3:15 PM

    you need so m uch love sinn. you are such a miserable looser full of marketing bullshit