Friday, April 22, 2011


So none of my real life friends appreciate this and I no longer really talk to most pick up guys, so I have to post this here.

I've been "talking to" this girl for a few weeks now and she has REALLY good girl game.

She keeps baiting me and pulling away and going sexual and pulling away...

Back and forth like a chess game for 3 weeks. Which is obviously why i can't explain this stuff to my normal friends because they would be HORRIFIED at the level of game playing each of us is doing despite texting each other 20-30 times a day.

And I'm not the only pulling game.

Already she's already put me in the friend zone, told me she doesn't date guys under 30 and sent me naked pictures all within like 2-3 days. Not to mention both us mentioning being out with "friends" or being at some girl/guy's house...

And so it's gone every day for 3 weeks until today when I totally checkmated her into coming over later tonight for drinks.

Advantage: Jon.



  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Back and forth for 3 weeks? Dude, your game is weak and you shouldn't be bragging about this. This is a joke really. WTF does the average guy look like spending 20 to 30 text messages a day on a gal that's not even his girlfriend? That's creepy and disturbing someone would put that much time and energy on one single chick.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    she must be hot, and knows about PUA.

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    winning like charlie sheen, great!

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    You might enjoy this "thrill of the chase" thing, being an mPUA and all, but that sounds like a nightmare to me. I personally like my carrots on very short sticks: easy girls, the slutty time that doesn't waste time. From the "doesn't date guys under 30" thing she sounds like a cougar too, which is weird because they're usually all about the business.

    It seems like your enjoying it, but for me 2 weeks of effort for 2 hours of sex is a ridiculous investment.

  5. Anonymous3:57 AM

    I hope she is worth it :) good luck

  6. Anonymous8:32 AM

    It's called 'The Thrill of the Chase'. It's way more exciting than the typical: 1. meet girl at bar 2. tease her for 30 minutes and invite her over for drinks 3. take her to Bang City 4. repeat cycle with next girl.

    Girls who are a Challenge are way more fun to seduce.

  7. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Did you just say 30 texts/day? If I was a woman with half a brain, I'd think "this guy either has no job or I'm his entire life". If she doesn't have half a brain, then...

  8. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Jon, give us an update, did you get it in last night?

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    how come no pua shows pictures of the girls they've slept with? at least in the uk it isn't against the law. i have no idea what quality you are sleeping with, but i've seen a compilation vid of mystery's conquests

  10. Lol that guy obviously doesnt know shit...

    btw would be cool to know how u bait for naked pictures.. some friends get from time to time some but i kinda dont wanna ask..

  11. Anonymous3:17 PM

    rofl the pua's paradox. Find a girl that wont put up with your shit and you chase them around like your in high school again

  12. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I am in a similar situation. I have a long term GF but she's on the way out so this other girl I'm friends with is giving me a hard time too. But it's fun as hell! Keep us posted.

  13. Anonymous6:51 PM

    she sounds crazy as catshit. keep ya heart, three stacks, keep ya heart. play ya part.

  14. Anonymous3:52 AM

    He's not bragging you idiot. This simply shows his persistence when handling female players who are worth it. The average joe like you can never get a girl like that because you quit too soon and resort to masturbating on the I do. =)

  15. Anonymous9:25 AM

    haha checkmated..

    This is what makes you better and stronger. When people challenge you, its an opportunity to improve. I would imagine there must be girls out there with better game this this playette chick too. Maybe she did some sort of playette bootcamp and she's getting coaching off the internet..

  16. 3 weeks of this mindfuck ?

    Sounds really stressy/uncomfortable. I remember a situation where i felt simillar and i only took 3 days of this mentally - then i pressed for a meet and told 'well, i guess you don't want to meet me.. take care'. Letting her go.

    I guess you feel a sting of really wanting to fuck her. Or is it just a sport?
    Also wondering how a girl can/wants game so much?
    I am wondering if you somehow went to damage control mode because of a thing in the beginning,
    or if some girls do so much game (never met one) trying to get guys into an LTR.

  17. Sounds like she has a magical pussy and knows it. Also, she's probably smarter than you average bear. I'm putting even money on the old "slam her against a wall and make out with her as soon as she arrives at your place" trick to be the weapon of choice here.

    Game face bro. Game face.

    "btw would be cool to know how u bait for naked pictures.. some friends get from time to time some but i kinda dont wanna ask.."

    First of all, avoid(if you can) doing this with chicks in your social circle...but its easiest to set a sexual frame, then continue that through texts. If its on, you can usually just ask what they're wearing and they'll just send you a sexy pic, and you can escalate from there.

    Some chicks will. Some won't. Most do.

  18. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Imagine how many other guys she's friendzoned and sent naked pictures too.

    Sounds like a validation queen. Enjoy feeding her ego.

    Its not chess. Its inflated balloons at a carnival.

  19. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Like you said women are dirty as men.I really think when I text them.Some girls who has confidence with body can express sexual intent at the bar or private meet.

    Even 19 years old girl said I read more dirty stuff.I am too old for 19 years old.I can connect easily 18 to 23 years old range.But over 28,they are really change and difficult.

    I am too old for 19 years old.I am 38.Their mom's age is closer than them.Those 19 does not express sexual thing in person but they does it online.