Monday, April 25, 2011

The War On The Game and a 2 sentence LR


Sorry I'm late with the video!

Shit has been CRAZY today...

Before I get to the vid, for those asking I did sleep with the girl with good game, and then she told me she was still gonna bang other dudes.

Which ironically is totally ok with me, as she's a cool chick and I'm not looking for a girlfriend. She is not however super hot or possessed of a magical pussy as some insinuated. But the quickest way to get Jon interested in something is telling him a stupid reason (Like age) why he can't have it.

Here's the Neil vid:


JS-The General of Content


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Take that Neil! No wait, the story was that he failed to get a girl in 2006. Wow, my mind is blown.


  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Honestly,it is getting boring.Matador story was much more fun.Your impersonate of Matador and Mystery is always funny.

    2006?yaaaawn,here too.You had edge to make fun of your enemy before your podcast was really fun.

    Your point is right.It's just lack of entertainment.I mean it's tone down.First one was the best.

    If you feel choir,I think,you should stop this and enjoy your time.I just feel lost passion to this war.

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    A little pointless, but still very entertaining. Where, by the way, does he say he slept with celebrities? Except for Lisa from "The Game", I don't remember him claiming that anywhere.

  4. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Has Neil thanked you for wasting your precious time on him and bumping his SEO?

  5. Anonymous12:26 AM

    IQ of 95? You must be kidding:))))

  6. Anonymous3:53 AM

    sinn i guess u should stop all this bullshit...
    i mean why do u care....i love ur products and follow u but this is just retarted weird stuff(coming out of ur ego).
    you are a great PUA.
    Fuck the others.....& don't get into stuff like this like a 6 yr old child

  7. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I loved it! Werd...
    The constant spruiking from Kunts like Neil and Johnny Soporno ,- going on that they are enlightening the world and saving us all shits me is tears. There verbal diarrhea chronic.

  8. Seiya5:17 AM

    yeah men, i agree.. points are good but since ur not doing ur podcasts which had some good entertainment value.. think 2by2 matrix... good content & enteratainment HIGH = Awsome!

    waiting for nextweek

  9. I think the previous two posters have some outlandish expectations for entertainment from these videos rather than seeing the point of them. I personally LOVE seeing these and they ARE entertaining to those who a) already know that Neil is a lying Scumbag, or b) are starting to put the pieces together from your vid's and their own research. These are gold and the pictures of their peacocking are by far the best part. I can't believe that in my days of desperation I almost bought his Annihilation method. Luckily I was too broke for it and I used your free content instead....leading to actual results followed by well spent funds on your 1-on-1 and bootcamps (that makes about 7 days of face time in person coaching for the price of one Annihilation method). I was lucky, because, unfortunately, there are a lot of guys out there who are $6K in the hole and worse off then when they started and THAT is why these videos are important! Neil KNEW that method was overpriced crap before selling it but he didn't care. He knew he could exploit guys, many who were depressed with their ability or lack thereof with girls, for their money. And so that's what he did and he's a the lowest of low douchebags for it.

  10. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Just so you're aware... This is only technically a war if Neil Strauss responds in kind. Otherwise it's just a belligerent attempting to drive the other party into war. For a historical example see Germany's invasion of Belgium, or Austria-Hungary's attempts to coerce Serbia into war in WWI.. For all of your talk of high "IQ" I don't know how you missed that the very title of your operation here is flawed. A war doesn't exist if the other party fails to respond or is indifferent.

  11. Daniel9:44 AM

    Scientists still say that aids started because somebody had sex with a monkey... WORD?

  12. Anonymous3:05 PM

    thunderfat... nice sinn xD
    cant wait for more stories from the golumn of the pua scene

  13. Anonymous3:05 PM

    hey man i come to watch and read, i like the value you provide

    but i would prefer if your energy was in videos about how you grew, some funny tactics and people in the community, some great stories, etc

    i just think you don't have enough solid stuff to hate neil, this should be like a week of why neil is lame, then a week of thundercat, etc, mixed in with the stuff i suggested above

    i dunno, just my 2cents. i think we're more up for you putting in time to something that will keep up guessing and waiting each week

    peace man, hope your good


    Jon Sinn Vs. Neil Strauss

    Lets get this #1 on google babyyy!!

  15. Anonymous6:10 PM

    who is Thunder Cat?If you did not mention it those guys are never known.

    Ok,newbie find Mystery,Neil and TD first,then get to know Matador and Love drop.And then find Sinn and Savoy.If you search Mystery PUA.Mystery method and Love System comes up.Then who is the best among them Your name comes up.

    I got to know CJ and Brad P from this blog.I get to know the name of Mehow from Lovedrop's book pick up artist.

    I got to know Camereon T,Steve Nash,and Speer from this blog.

    You are also helping those guys publicity.If you did not talk about other guys nobody knows those guys.

    Hey,some people start to forget Neil is PUA,why do you help him?

  16. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Even if someone hears Neil's name for the first time on this blog (doubtful), it's not going to cause them to go looking to buy his products....

  17. Dude this shit is hillarious. Neil Strauss is a douche with a bald head and a baby d, according to his former ex wifey, who I might ad has an ugly jungle hair hot pocket.

    She blew me and puked all over my chest, It was an amazing experience.

    Neil everyone knows you dont get laid and your making money off of rehashing shit, and you deserved to be flamed so no one buys your books cause they cause horrible tv shows, and make you look like a douche.

  18. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I'm entertained. I look forward to Mondays now because of this column.

  19. Anonymous11:25 AM

    8 minutes of a video about that 1 time Neil didnt get laid in 2006 with a particular girl???
    Cmon..The 2nd video was great,the 3rd was worse but a bit intresting.
    This one is booooring.Get some juicy material next time

  20. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Couple comments--

    1) Seems like you really get off on "haters" who are "hating" on you. Problem is, your baseline assumption that what people here are writing is "hate" is wrong. No one "hates" you. We just call out absurdity whenever we see it (at least it seems that that's what the majority is doing). If you stopped these videos, we'd just go back to enjoying your content.

    2) Quick reference to history. Germany, England, France, and Austria-Hungary all realized pretty quickly that WWI wasn't worth fighting. Unfortunately, by the time they realized that, they'd already invested so much into their war efforts that they had *no choice* but to continue fighting in order to save face to their citizens and justify the lives and money already lost. Had they decided to give up instead, millions of lives of other lives could have been saved. Sinn, do not be like Germany, England, France, and Austria-Hungary.

    3) As to the content of this video-- I never got the impression from reading the Game that Neil put himself above simple validation-seeking and getting laid. I think he pretty much says that straight-up.

    4) That said, as others have pointed out, these videos are kinda entertaining and give us something to do on Mondays (or Wednesdays as the case may be). So perhaps you should ignore everything I just said and keep posting... with the express understanding that it's largely in jest because Neil Strauss is not, in actuality, *that bad*.

    And that's all the "hate" I got for today. Until next time...

  21. Quincy3:54 AM

    Jon, a thousand "Thank Yous" for exposing what a complete and utter fraud / douchebag / rip-off artist / pathological liar / psychopath / cheater / pathetic excuse for a human being is Neil Strauss.
    All I can say is, "Keep It Coming!" And don't let anybody tell you to "cease and desist". You are doing all of us guys - and the world at large - a service.

  22. Anonymous3:17 PM

    the video didn't really offer much, just you rambling... COME ON.. give us some stories about what happens when neil is on a night out, go into detail, half your video was going on about why you like scum bags.. WE DONT CARE.. we're here to listen to dirt on neil, and thats all... so just give us stories start to finish...

  23. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Before you make fun of peacocking, have you ever seen what WOMEN wear in Hollywood nightclubs? And did you see what kind of guys the hottest women are attracted to? Tomme Lee, Dennis Rodman, Marylin Manson... I think Style and Mystery are way too smart to do something this outrageous if that didn't produce results consistently.

  24. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Your awesome Sinn!! Like you said before, "don't listen to anything that doesn't help you." So fuck the haters. I trust your instincts about Neil, but many people have had "The Game" ingrained into their beliefs and study it as a bible. These people cannot handle this war just like there are others out there who would have trouble leaving a religion that they have been practicing for years end. So again, let's say, "fuck you" to Neil Strauss and all the haters that can't handle some criticism.

  25. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Does the Don from lovesystems have good game? I know the vid says he got laid but can he teach as well?

  26. Thanks for clarifying some hopefully known facts about Neil.

    He's a good writer not a PUA. Even after picking up THE GAME for the 1st time in 2007 his methods never really caught my attention. I was immediately drawn into other artists like yourself Sinn and many others.

    To me Mr. Strauss is a fucking gateway drug into the community. It's like comparing his pot to Sinn's crystal meth. That shit will fuck you three times and then some on a Tuesday morning.

  27. Anonymous7:49 AM

    John, i am pretty sure u reading this... So...
    Just to clarify...
    u have some deep issues.. U should know what i mean, so why dont u work on them?
    Maybe u cant accept the fact that neil is a successful writer, therefor you are trying real hard to proof that he isnt a better pua than u since u got nothing else.
    Its extremely lowering your status, i wouldnt let people u like see this.
    U mentioned It doesnt matter to u that people write hate messages, rather its amusing u.
    Just to clarify, by saying this john, u just show that u definitely get angry by these comments... Is it worth it? I would like to help u to be a lil more happier in life... Since u helped many folks out there as well..
    Think about this..
    If u need more advice u can send me a mail... And we can talk about it... Confidentially of course..