Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gaming in Sydney

Last night CJ and I hit Cargo Bar/Lounge and did a couple of sets, I had a pull ruined when some random English guy got into a fight witht the girl's friends about how he was building hospitals and that's a more impoirtant job than media(What they did) then my girl got soo smashed that I had to get her out of the bathroom under the bouncer's orders. Then her friends got mad at me...WTF!

Dr Owl joined us today and we made our way over to the seminar hotel in a suburb of Sydney. This hotel is much much nicer than the one we had the last few nights.

Now we are on out way to the pool to relax and get ready for tonight.

I just started "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" by Robert Moore and it's a pretty interesting look(thus far) at the masculine archetypes I've been studying. I'll post a review when i finsih it, which should be today since it's only a hundred and fifty pages.

Gaming in Sydney seems to be quite different from gaming in the US. As an American the girls already assume I am an asshole, so I have to be really light with the teasing. disqualifiers seem to work a lot better than negs, and the girls seem to talk a whole lot more than American girls and don't drop conversational threads. Every girl also thrusts her number onto me in about 15 minutes.

Definetly different.



  1. Also check out Bungalow 8, a few doors down from cargo. The museum of contemporary art isn't far away either, and you can meet some cool people there. The new media exhibition (which I think is still on) is pretty awesome if you want to actually check the art out too.

    If you are after a bit more of an 'alternative' crowd, check out glebe and newtown. A short taxi ride, or you can bus / train it. King street, the main street in newtown has some reasonable bars, most of the thai restaurants in sydney (I think it was 32 at last count?) and a variety of other interesting restaurants (Laotian, Vietnamese, African, Indian etc etc)

  2. D Money11:00 PM

    As I commented on CJ's blog, I am interested to continue to hear more about gaming in Australia such as how they compare/contrast to American girls, what they think of American guys, what works best, etc. I will be travelling there within the next year and am quite curious about all of this. Thanks for the info!

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Wheres our value subcoms post?

  4. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Hi Sinn!

    This post got me thinking about the difference between disqualifyers vs negs. It would be really cool if you could elaborate a little on that subject. The differences, when its better to do what etc.