Sunday, February 04, 2007

Best quote of the pre-Super Bowl

Dick Butkus said of hitting people hard;

" You always wanna hit them hard, for three reasons,

1. It makes you feel good.

2. It makes them not feel good

and three you might get a turnover."


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  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    LOL... I loved that line too! This wasn't the worst Super Bowl game I have seen (it might have been pretty good) but everything seems pretty jaded to me after that damned Boise St. game where the second you thought it was over... someone scored another touchdown. Now that was some fucking football!

    I think it might have ruined me for all other football games. It definently ruined me for the rest this season. Hopefully this next season I will be able to enjoy football as much as I am normally able to.

    I thought the commercials this year sucked. There were like one or two that were funny as hell but rest were way below Super Bowl standards.

    Hey Sinn, are you going to Las Vegas on the 12th for "The Week of Fashion"?