Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Classic LR # 1 In10se Met her, seduced her and banged her in the parking lot.

I thought I'd post a quick field report for you guys that just happened tonight... I had an Online chick meeting flake last minute so I went out to study The setting: Starbucks Coffee shop It was about 730 pm and I had just sat down to study. Of course I picked a location right next to an HB8.5 brunette... (MUCH cuter than the gal from online that I was going to originally meet) late 20's, shorter hair like the gal from "Birds of Prey". She was wearing a Black jacket with a fur lined collar and black skin tight pants. Under the black jaket she had a very low cut shirt that revealed her Very nice niced tits (at least D here) which looked to perfect to be real... (They weren't real I later found out) but nonetheless she looked hot.

She was reading something too and glanced up at me... I made it a point to catch her eye and smile. I noticed what she was reading (Some womens magazine) and I commented on it... which led to some small talk and some ball busting about her looking to sexy to be out for just coffee... (I don't mind small talk, busting balls, and being cocky and funny to start things off... it just makes a gal feel like you are someone she can be comfortable around. One point though, is that I never let up... I keep the ball rolling) Her name was Lisa. I then went into some cold reading about her... she was definitely very sexual and sensual, a "physical type", a do'er, someone who would rather do things than just think about doing them, also someone that enjoyed herself and could let go at times..., being at home in her own body, knowing what she likes, and what she wants... the type of person who just goes for it..." I went on a little bit more with the cold read and then switched to an elicitation... "So what do you look for in a guy? What is attractive to you?"... She seemed to be feeling somewhat vulnerable at this point and she said, "I've been telling all about me... I feel kind of vulnerable, you know all this stuff about me, and I don't know anything about you..."

So I went into some small talk, a little about me... and then went right back in to the elicitation... "So you were telling me, what is it that you find attractive about a guy... and how do you know that you're attracted to this guy?" She thought a little and said, "No, you tell me what YOU want and what you find attractive..." "Passion" I said... "Where you can just let go of everything, and just enjoy this with all your heart... where right now, this is the only thing that really matters, where only this moment exists and you can just lose yourself in this sense of passion with this person..." Yeah... "Sweet surrender" she said as she smiled... "So what is sweet surrender?" I said. "I don't know... its just when you can just release all your inhibitions, and you just give yourself fully to someone... I'm a very passionate person," she said... "In what ways are you passionate?" I said... "Well I'm very physically passionate... I love to cum, and have orgasms one right after another..."

At this point, there were people beginning to listen to the convo so I said, "Let's go outside and sit where we can talk without other people listening" So we move outside in front of Starbucks and sat at a table in the corner... "So what were you telling me about?... about how you're passionate physically... what you get out of being passionate..." "I'm not just physically passionate, I'm also passionate about LIFE... I give 110% of myself to every situation..." "Yeah, I think you can be physically passionate, emotionally passionate, and intellectually passionate... Passion is just something that you are... it's your world and the way you live life... isn't it..." We fluffed a little more about me, because she wanted to know a little more of what I do, what kinds of things I enjoyed and about my past girlfriends... I skirted some of those topics, but kept it light...

Since it was starting to get cold, I said... "You know, it's getting cold... lets go sit somewhere warm... how about your car, do you have a heater?..." As I held her and and stood up. "Ok" she said and we started walking toward her car. She actually had a large sized Chevy Truck so we climbed in, turned the heat on, and continued talking. I started to bring up the "physical" thing again but she said, "You keep talking about sex... not that I'm not interested, but I'd like to talk about something else for a little bit..." "I'M not the one that brought it up! about Physical passion, I meant it like having a passion for life. You're right, we shouldn't be talking about this... it make us too hot and bothered... and we're enjoying it too much... you shouldn't think about sex..." "You know", I said, "You seem tense right here" as I reached over to the back of her neck area and began to massage the back of her neck."You seem to store alot of tension right here..." as I continued and began to move closer in to her and brushing her face... (She was a "physical type" and I felt pretty confident with just moving in with the sexual kino...) She responded my moving her lips to my hands and we were then making out big time...

I pulled her leg over to ontop of me, put the seat back and pulled her ontop of me, straddling me. We continued the making out and started grinding big time... I put my hands down her back, down her pants, and felt her crack... no underwear as I squeezed her bare cheeks. Then she whiped out her huge tits and put them right in my mouth. She was a VERY kinky and unihibited gal and she started sucking on HER OWN tit as I was sucking her nipple and kissing her mouth at the same time (Thats how big her tits were!) THEN she asked me to BITE her nipples... and kept saying "Harder... BITE it with your teeth... make it hurt... let me know you want me" So I complied although I was kind of scared that I may make her bleed! Then she starts getting nasty and says, "Every woman wants to be treated like a slut,.. say "Fuck me, little slut" say "Fuck me, little whore"...

Needless to say, I complied because she kept saying "SAY IT" until I did... As far as the rest of the report, you guys can just use you imagination... lets just say that we made her truck rock, and she was LOUD... I was worried about getting arrested because there were people in the parking lot, and she had multiple squirting orgasms which literally squeezed me out of her several times... Questions, Comments, Realizations?



  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I need a cigarette.

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Scandalously powerful shit. I like.

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I dont know. I hardly believe that is true. :-(

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Sinn, is an amazing pua! I am pretty sure he would not lie about this

  5. This was IN10SE's field report, not Sinn's. Read the title.

    I've heard less realistic things. Some chics are freaky and will reveal that freakiness fast if you know what to do.

  6. condom?
    and yes it can happen like that. I pulled a chick working a booth/cart in the mall on a Sunday afternoon for a quick blowjob in the back where the deliveries are made.