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First I want to start by explaining that this is an advanced technique. This is not something that a begginner should be using. I don't generally even teach this on
Bootcamps unless it's something that I think they will benefit from. It generally requires a good deal of social savvy to get it right.

This article will assume basic knowledge of the following:

In any human interaction, there are only four means of communication that take place.

IOIs indicators of interest
IODs Indicators of disinterest
DHVs Demos of high value
DLVs Demos of low value

Add in Compliance Tests (CTs) and a base line of punishment reward and you have social interaction in a formula.

This came about because last year I was finding that with some girls I had to neg a million times to get any IOIs while with others they would ask me for my name

right after I opened or tell me I was hot. If I continued DHVing they would get weirded out. However if I started qualifying them it often didn't take. So I started

putting an IOI in before my qualification attempt it went better.

Girl: You're cute! where are you from?
Sinn: Buy me a drink before you hit on me! IOD What do you have going for you besides your looks? Compliance test

Sinn: Buy me a drink before you hit on me! IOD You are very pretty IOI.. but beauty is common what do you have going for you besides your looks? CT

The balancing of IOIs and IOD is a key element missing from the overall explanation of MM.

I think of it as a seesaw:

If I throw too may IODs that weighs down one side of the seesaw and I'm an asshole.
If I throw too many IOIs that weighs down the other side making me an AFC
But if I adjust every IOD with a potential IOI and every IOI with a potential IOD I attain balance and my sets work like magic.

Microcalibrating is simply throwing the balancing part of the equation(IOI or IOD) when needed

Now at bootcamps we teach you how to open ( which is a very small compliance test), FTC(a DHV), and Neg in every set. We also teach you how to stack forward

and start DHVing and negging in A2, then we start A3 where we use compliance tests to make hert DHV so that we can give her deserved IOIs.

The reason we teach this is that it is the way that most sets go. And the MAJORITY of sets will not be attracted right away.

However sometimes you will get sets that will be attracted to you as soon as you open your mouth. Or before.

If a girl approaches you and says she likes your cowboy hat, and you respond with Jealous Girlfriend, you are going backwards in the ineteraction. By her opening

you,she is telling you she is already attracted to you. Therefore we can respond by saying "thanks, what's your name?" which would be an IOI in return for hers. We

can say then based on how readily she answers. If she's hesistant or doesn't immediately ask for my name or try to keep the conversation going (IODS). I will then

respond with my own IOD " buy me a drink before you hit on me". Then immediately follow up with a compliance test " and your special because?" when she

answers this I am now in A3 and can start giving her IOIs.

In this way I have now gotten through attraction in 30 seconds.

However if she refuses to answer or she IODs me when I ask her why she's special, I still have an out

Her: " I'm not special " or " why are you special?"

Me: Never mind I was just being polite( IOD) oh you have a u shaped smile... ( DHV)

See how there are contingencies of what to based on what her reactions are?

Well when you are routine stacking it would look something like this

Her: " I like your cowboy hat"
You: " Thanks I actually need a female opinion, who lies more "
Her: " opinion"
You: FTC finish opener, stock neg, First routine, next routine ..... Until you get enough IOIs that you start qualifying and it takes.

By not pausing and looking at reactions you are assuming that what you are doing is working. Which it may not be.

By being able to read IOIs we can move into A3 Faster and ultimately into comfort faster and beyond.

Also by knowing that we are getting an IOD or an IOI we can calibrate any routine mid stream to either IOI or IOD

Take for example the "may I touch your eyes" Line

Sinn: "You have beautiful eyes" IOI
Girl: while rolling her eyes and thinking another loser " Thanks" IOD
Sinn: May I touch them? IOD

I change the routine based on the reaction she gives me.

However if the same interaction takes place but goes like this:

Sinn: You have beautiful eyes. IOI
Girl: "Thank you so much no one ever says that to me." IOI

Now I have a sincere response so there is no need for me to throw the second part of the routine.

We want to be able to compliment girls and give them IOIs, however most girls will not yet be comfortable with that until later.

Microcalibrating is simply the act of watching responses and then tailoring the next action toward the response we just got

a simplified version would state that we respond to IOIs with IOIs, IODs with IODs and we constantly test for compliance.

Through microcalibrating based on reactions while following the M3 model we can greatly increase our ability to get results.

Microcalibrating also has a place in kino escalation.

If I make out with a girl on day 1 and then see her again the next day I will want to test to see where her willingness to kiss me again is, so I microcalibrate.

I move in as I hug her and I pause. I now watch to see if she looks nervous or uncomfortable. If she doesn't I go for it. If she looks uncomfortabl;e then I push her off

and increase personal space so that the next time I get close she's more comfortable and I can go for it.

Same thing once we are holding hands I will slide my finger tips away from hers to see if she follows them. Is she does I will pull her closer to me, if she doesn't I

throw her hand off.

A key to microcalibrating is remembering that IODs are not always negs. It would be weird if when a girl refused to qualify herself I told her she was a little shit.

instead they are simply ways of showing that we are not interested, they can be removal of kino, backsturns, pauses in the conversation, eye rolls, as well as negs and


A few other keys to micro calibrating by watching the reactions you're causing you can either soften or harden a routine

Sinn: You and I are never going to get along"(IOD)
Girl: why not I think we'd get along fine (IOI)
Sinn: we're too similar IOI But I think our differences will be complimentary IOI

Sinn: You and I are never going to get along"(IOD)
Girl: You're right we wouldn't
Sinn: Yeah we would fight all the time, and I'd always win (IOD)

If a target at any time gives me an IOD i will respond in kind.

This is the punishment part of our punishment reward sub routine

However if we are already in comfort the punishment will no longer be negs, instead it will be take aways, and freeze outs.

If at any time she gives me an IOI even if it's as passive as holding my drink, I will reward her until she becomes uncomfortable and gives an IOD then we respond

with another IOD, wait for an IOI and if it doesn't come we compliance test to actively look for IOIs.

We can also do this by balancing the amount of value we demonstrate onto a set. Not every set needs to hear a million routines before they will be willing to talk to

you. If have run more than 2 routines in a set and you are not attempting to move on to qualification (A3) you are hurting your game.

You want to make sure that you are constanly testing to see where you are. And then trying to advance at the same time.

Micro calibrating makes it easy by throwing little adjusters depending on the responses you are getting.

It's not at all reactive to apologize when you over-neg. You will lose a lot more sets by continuing to neg once you've offended then by apologizing and qualifying

her for standing up for herself.

Microcalibration is the art of adjusting what you're saying in real time to the reactions you are getting.


  1. are compliance tests all those A3 questions? and kino tests n stuff?

  2. lol

    You SO typed this for yourself. You know there are like five people who are really going to eat this up, and most of them work for us.

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Sinn, this is brilliant. Thanks for posting, man.

  4. Quick question about real time....when u approach a set and are observing there reaction..... is there basically 3 types of attitudes women have when u open.

  5. Sneaky Castro3:20 AM

    I have had a lot of sets not sticking lately and this is the EXACT reason why for sure. I haven't been calibrating to this extent and this is MONEY shit! Get this down and more than half the battle is already won! SINN I have a question. What are some compliance tests you use with women (is it basically anything you do to see if she jumps through hoops you put up for example holding your drink, isolation, telling me a joke etc..?) Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Sting4:55 AM

    i remember when i first read this on the forum. i had mixed feelings about its applicability to real life.

    this is the most comprehensive outline of all things social i have ever had the good fortune to come across.

    who came up with this?

    anyways, thanks for sharing this. its good stuff.


  7. JuiceTerry8:05 AM

    I have read this post twice now. It is a very eloquent and detailed explanation of Micro-Calibration.

    Even though it seems highly nuanced, which it is - the beauty of this analysis is rendered in it's sheer simplicty - there are four points to any human interaction!

    I field tested this last night on a day two and hey, it's gold. It's very easy to remember.

    Good post and thanks for sharing Sinn.

  8. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Sinn, I've got a question.

    When you tell her "You have beautiful eyes" and she responds with an IOI you drop the second part of the routine ("May I touch them?").
    Now compliments can be used in A3, but where is the release in the example above?


    B. from Germany

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM

    do an product on this stuff, it's great.

  10. Anonymous9:18 PM