Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rained out at the beach...

CJ and I got on a bus to Manly beach today with every intention of sun, sand and chicks. We arrived to rain and clouds. One thing I noticed on the bus was that the bus here is AWESOME!. It smeels good, it's clean and safe. I live in LA where buses are not even an option if you can get there ANY other way. I did notice that there was some graffiti and carving on the windows which suprised the hell out of me, as I can't see how anyone would want to make a nice bus crappy.

Does putting your name on something and leaving a mark somewhere in the world really mean that much if the only collective response to your "artistic statement" is me rolling my eyes and thinking whoever did that should be crippled?

After we got to Manly we had a 10 dollar steak... 10 dollars.. That's like 8 bucks US. It was chewy but what the fuck do you expect for $10 bucks. My only problem witht the food thus far(which includes the BEST veggies ever) is that you don't get refills on diet cokes and they are like $3 bucks... That sucks balls.

We then got on the ferry going to Sydney harbor and had a slow ride where CJ and I made Vids that I'll post once I get fast enough internet..

The fucking storm of work is coming though after tomor I have Sydney BC Fri-Sun, 2 one on ones Mon/Tues, Day game seminar on Wed, a flight to Melbourne Thurs morning then another BC Fri-Sun. I'm exhausted just looking at that schedule. If you want to sgn up and watch me run the gauntlet of PUAdom( I think there's availibility in Melbourne and day game) you can check the schedule Here

Also it's looking like Vison from "The Game" AKA Toecutter for all you community guys, may be helping out in Melbourne, as I'm currently trying to convince him to do a specialty seminar on Cold reading Mon the 12th. Which would add another day to the gauntlet...oh well it's worth it to get this info out. Very few people get exposed to his stuff but it is top notch.

Stay tuned for more on that ...



  1. Hey Sinn,

    You don't know me from Fred, but I live in Sydney. If the cold reading seminar is on I will fly to melbourne or wherever to take it. Keep us updated with your blog, I am enjoying reading it.

    Good luck with all your day game seminars, sorry that the majority of chicks over here weigh too much.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Hey Sinn,

    I do guestlist's for some of the hottest nightclubs in Sydney.

    Shoot me your names to my email address smoothpnk@yahoo.com.au and i will send you guys a guestlist of nightclubs for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday