Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who cares about Anna Nicole Smith?

I really don't want to come off cold here, but drug addicted fucked up people die every day.

The only reason we care is because she was famous for being FUCKED UP....

Is this any suprise really?

My heart goes out to her family as it does to anyone who loses someone they care about, but honestly who cares?

It's just a further step in people in the US living through celebrities.. and quasi celebs. If Anna Nicole was a receptionist and this happened it wouldn't be news, so it shouldn't be news now.



  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    yea spanish teacher made the class take a moment of like "im not gonna respect that she was just a pornstar"

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    You're so serious dude, lighten up!

  3. lol I thought the same thing when I heard it. Our media sucks donkey balls at letting people know about the important stuff.

  4. Armac5:24 AM

    I am sure all the service men that used to "you know what" to her pictures are giving her a 21 gun salute right now...skeet skeet skeet

  5. Sting7:35 AM

    >You're so serious dude, lighten up!

    I agree.
    look, bro... if you were to die, i'd be upset - even though we've never so much as met.
    its just a human thing - you see someone on TV or read about them or their work... and you develop a connection to them (from your side only).
    obviously, no one's going into a 3 year mourning period here - just a gentle acknowledgement that someone they know has passed on.
    no biggie.

    hope you live long,

  6. Cackalacky8:30 AM

    Um... Sting and anonymous, I think you missed the point.

    Anna Nicole Smith was a fat, drug-addicted ex-stripper who had sporadic modeling gigs. She married the Crypt Keeper in a cynical play for money (which for her entailed signing a marriage license and little else, apparently). She did a reality show on which she was almost constantly over-medicated, and completely dismissive of her family as well, which IMO is unforgiveable. That is the sum total of her existence on the planet as far as the public is concerned.

    Let's look at just one major media outlet. Today (February 9th) is featuring *the beginning* of the autopsy - not the autopsy itself, mind you - in its most important breaking news slot. There's also another story, two photo galleries, an ad for Larry King Live tonight featuring discussion of 'Anna Nicole Smith's Death', and two video features, one of which is entitled 'The Day Anna Nicole Smith died,' like she's on par with JFK or something.

    I'm sorry, that's perverse. I have no issues with women or dancers for that matter, but Anna Nicole Smith deserves a decent burial and nothing more. Questioning this kind of overblown reaction to the death of a common coked-up whore, even a famous one, is not only reasonable, it's an obligation if you believe yourself to be a thinking human being at all.

    Sinn's next post about Fergie and celebrity culture should drive the point home if this one hasn't.

    -- Cackalacky

  7. Could it be the $400,000,000 that her sugar daddy left her?

    I think that's why its more than just a blip on the screen.

    Now her newborn is one of the richest orphans in the world.

    Personally I felt sorry for her, but lets face it, she was a train wreck.

    Let's hope her kid gets a good home.

  8. Yall are cracking me up.