Sunday, February 04, 2007

What i would tell my son

Someone posted a comment about my son seeing my last post or grandson and it got me thinking. What would I tell my son about women and dating? I certainly wouldn't tell him about the community, or negs or Mystery Method. I would instead tell him how to become a man women will be interested in.

I'd tell him about the importance of having standards that OTHER people have to live up to. I'd tell him to treat everbody equally and included women in the discussion. Women don't want you to be overly nice or nervous or boring, or needy. They want you to treat her the way you treat your friends. You tease your friends right? If your friend does something or says something silly, we tease them for it. When they are in a bad mood you tell them about it.

I'd tell him to try to find something good in everyone no matter what. And anytime he was interacting with a woman to tell her why he liked her.

I'd teach him how to make friends with everyone. And I'd emphasize the point about having standards in your guy friends too. To make sure that your friends are living up to your standards especially about loyalty.

I'd teach him to stand up for himself and not let people push him around.

I'd teach him that there are more women than men on the planet Earth and that he never has to settle.

I'd make him play sports and keep active. No sitting around playing video games.

I'd teach him to have hobbies and socializing is a hobby.

I'd teach him a musical instrument.

I'd teach him to have a passion and to NEVER make women the number 1 priority in his life.

I'd teach him that it's ok to be single or married.

I'd teach him that sex is normal and natural.

I'd encourage him to get a girlfriend as soon as he could.

I'd encourage him to have sex as early as possible.

I'd encourage him to have mostly male friends, but as many females in his social cirlce as possible. I.E his friends should have girlfriends.

I'd encourage him to join a fraternity

I'd encourage him to get a job in sales or waiting to get experience interacting with strangers.

I'd get him used to talking to strangers once he was old enough for it to be safe.

I'd teach him that the most important person in any relationship he's in is him. And that even if it gets him grounded now, he should stand up to me.

I'd teach him that arguing in a relationship is normal.

I'd teach him to respect women

But I'd also teach him that women fart and piss just like us. And like sex just as much.

I'd teach him that a woman who makes you laugh is much more valuable than a woman who's a 10.

And finally I'd teach him that you can do anything you want in life as long as you are not trying to hurt anyone and you're honest about your intentions.

That's what my kid will learn.



  1. Sinn,

    I (almost) always love your posts. I can tell you're really SINNcere about helping other guys become men that women want to be with. And you're good a what you do.

    Not only are you good with the ladies, you're good with helping other men get good with being with the ladies. You're NOT perfect but who is? (besides HBPERFECT?) But I'd say you're mostly a good guy.

    I love this post and wish I could show this to anyone who doesn't understand why I am interested in this community. These are lessons we all should be taught.

    Thank you,

    I saw a guy on Melrose today with a a Mohawk with a cool look to it. That wasn't you, was it?

  2. Dick jokes, the joys of anal sex, and how to win at Soul Calibur. Other than that, my hellspawn is on his own.

  3. Anonymous1:50 AM

    I´m a studying a social science and I really like your post, also on professionell standards.
    But never trry to get a kid in a job he don´t wants to do. Maybe the kid don´t wants to do sales.
    When you help him to find his own interests in life this wil work out itself.

    Hawk aka MunichHawk

  4. Sinn,

    You're a genius. Love your posts

    However I was just wondering why you wouldn't tell you son about the community.

    And what would you teach your daughter?

  5. Hi Sinn,

    I actually just wrote a similar post
    that is sort of on the same topic. It's basically about how the lack of male role models is the cause for guys comming into the community.

    One thing I liked in particular about your list is that you say you won't tell your son about the pick-up artist community. I completely agree with this.

    If our sons have to join the community then we have failed them as fathers. They should grow up already knowing how to be a MAN that women are attracted to.

    Great post.

    -Matt Savage

  6. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Can I admit, I love you!!!

  7. figaro12:29 PM

    I disagree about not showing our children the community. Waiting until they are older (16) is fair. However, let's not forget that many of the naturals became that way because they were abandonned by their fathers and sometimes even mothers. (e.g. Tommy Lee) My concern is whether our GRANDchildren will be given a positive rolemodel. Will your son/daughter be savvy enough to know how to TEACH the skills they just seem to know?

  8. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I feel sorry for your son, but let me have your daughter