Friday, February 23, 2007

I can't believe I'm going to Australia in 2 days...

I'm getting all my shit ready for Australia, and it's becoming insane that I am gonna be almost entirely across the world to teach guys how to meet women. It's gonna be crazy. I've heard some really cool things and I'm going to be trying to see as much as I possibly can between the 3 programs in 15 days. Sydney is completely sold out, but I believe there is room in both Day game and the Melbourne program. You can check my Schedule Here.

I'm letting a friend from high school stay at my place so today I had to get keys made for him. I've never had anyone stay at my place when I was gone before so that's gonna be a new experience...

I've heard a lot fo things about OZ and the women there, so it'll be pretty cool to check that out. I also hopefully will be seeing Toecutter who I haven't hung out with since the Cliff's List 05 program. I'm bringing Captain Jack and Dr Owl to the first program in Sydney and The Don and Dr Owl to the program in Melbourne.

I was up til 6 A.M with HB perfect last night and am currently still in bed after getting up at 9:30. Apparentky she will be moving to LA in a few weeks. Dunno what's gonna happen with her.. but it's super stressful and I don't really want to discuss it on the blog.

I will be documenting the Australia trip in a series of Viral videos I'll be posting on youtube and posting here. So that should be pretty cool. Expect guest appearences by CJ, and a ton of Aussie girls. CJ is pretty much my favorite person to wing with because he's a great friend, got great game, and he doesn't EVER try to steal girls or the attention of the group. Certain other PUAs some that I even consider/considered really close friends have a really bad habit of gaming my girl and denying it. Then they wonder why we don't get along. But CJ doesn't do that and him and I are lethal in set. We pull pretty much every night that we go out, so I can't imagine anyone better to bring down under.

I'm exhausted I'll try to post something later...


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  1. Australia is awesome! I love the girls there and the best part is they love us! I thought their accents were sexy but they would always tell me that my accent was sexy. I never knew my california born and raised ass had an accent! I hoped you learned something from my DHV story at the LA BC. Don't jump into crocodile infested waters.