Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy ....

Starting this week i have 6 programs in 5 weeks.

I start off by leaving LA on Fri to go to NY for Future's B-day, fucking Lawgirl, and Day game. Ironically enough in that order. Then I come back home next Tuesday to HB perfect's B-day party where i get to compete for her attention. Let me tell you how excited I am about that. Then it's off to Australia with Captain Jack(Who doesn't update his blog enough in case he's reading this) for 2 full seminars and a day game program. And a one on one... Yay I'm busy!

I've been really enjoying my time in LA Tenmag has been out here and last night we had a cool B-day celebration for him. It was fun and No9 showed up, as well as Savoy. Savoy ended up with a really hot girl he opened with the Secretary opener. Which is one of the most obnoxious openers ever, but goes to show that you can open with anything and make it work, even talking about fucking your secretary.

I'm super burned out right now, I honestly have no desire to do much of anything and it's a struggle to force myself to do stuff. I think the last year is starting to take a toll on me as my sleeping patterns are really messed up. I also have negative desire to talk to girls... I really need a break hopefully this weekend i will just chill out with Future and Lawgirl and get a break from always having to be entertaining as last night I really didn't want to talk anymore.

Tenmag and I also went to TJ yesterday to ring in his B-day with some Lobster and chevellas. If you don't know what a chevella is, it's a bloody mary like concoction made with beer instead of disgusting tequila. It sounds gross, but they are delicious. Also the lobster in Puerto Nuevo is one of the best meals you will ever have, for 18 bucks you get two half lobsters, rice, beans, soup or salad. It really an't be beat. Mexico is really gross though and makes me really appreciative of the things we take for granted living in America.

I've been slacking on my reading in the last week or so while Ten has been here. I finished Iron John and Rich Dad Poor Dad, but I'm stalling on Fire in the belly. Even though the 50 or so odd pages I have read has been awesome. I also have just gotten a copy of In10se Secret principles of Pleasure which is one of the better things I have seen on Sexual techniques. In10se does a much better job of breaking down what it is to be a great lover including a lot of inner psychology that goes into being good in bed. I'll post a full review when I get a chance.

My apartment looks like a war zone right now, which let's me know that my decision to get a studio apartment to make it easier to access my bed, was a bad one. When I move again in the next couple of months, I will make sure to get a place that is a little more guest friendly.

Savoy and I will be at the Lakers' game on Thursday and it will be the first time I get to see Lebron in real life. One of the great regrets I have is that i was never able to see Jordan live, so I'm making sure that I don't miss Lebron, Wade, and next year Durant and Oden. I really like the Staples center, it's a classy stadium that feels more down to earth than some of the other recent rennovated corporate places. Plus it's close to a good strip club...

Savoy also got me the BEST Xmas present ever, even if it did take till Monday to get it. He got me a Ryan Leaf Chargers jersey. That's right the worst QB of all time's jersey. I slept with it on the first night. I am going to wear it to every sporting event i go to for the next decade while explaining to people that i he really wasn't that bad. I plan on getting Savoy either a Marinovich or Lawerence Phillips jersey so we can sport the matching busts look.

The LA camp went really well as did day game, but teaching for 4 days straight including eight hours on Sun is not exactly a walk in the park. I still don't understand why talking makes me soo tired.

I also went on a really intense Future-esque rant about the office and how Pam is responsible for all the drama in the Pam-Jim-Roy love triangle and it reminds me that women do make the decisions that they are unhappy with that they then rationalize and deny even to themselves. Great Fucking show. I've never actually cared this much about TV characters.

I'm going to try to post more actively, but with soo much shit going on my life is really hectic and finding time may be tough... If I can't post something new, I will re-post something from my archive, so at the very least you will be getting game related content here every day.

It's a really exciting time here at The Mystery Method, as we have rolled out a couple new ideas for products and services that are really fucking cool and helpful. I'll post more about those later this week.

And finally it is Valentine's day today and I will be celebrating by ignoring all texts and calls , and getting smashed out of my mind, at some bar tonight. Then I will become beligerent and run around said bar explaining why you don't need a day to justify your love for someone. Until I get kicked out. There will be no seeing of any girls I am dating as that would be a HUGE fucking red flag for a relationship....

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day.




  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Sinn, I have a question; Do you use affirmations.... daily?

    If so, what are yours?

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Sinn, ease off of Ryan Leaf. He went to my highschool and is somewhat of a hometown hero. kidding, he is pretty much hated here as well. You can check it out if you don't believe me. His hometown is Great Falls, MT. Actually he is not much of home town hero. There was another quarterback from Great Falls who is better. His name is Dave Dickenson. He led Montana to the 1-a national championship and beat Marshall when they had Chad Pennington and Randy Moss. He is currently in the Canadian Football league and won the Grey Cup this year. Also, he was like a third string quarterback for the Chargers a couple of years ago. The only action he saw there was at the end of preseason games. Just want to represent Great Falls, Montana.

    Take Care,


  3. dude get courtside to the laker game and pick up one of the laker girlssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    just messin, but post about what happens at the game, Laker for life.

  4. Anonymous8:02 PM

    hey man,

    I bumped into you as you were leaving the nyclair in december when vince kelvin was speaking. I'm acquainted with future but we've yet to rendez-vous. Great stuff on here. Maybe our paths will cross again.

    If you go for strong character development and great writing, I 100% reccomend getting into Deadwood. You have to start at the begining or else you wont know what the fuck is going on for a few episods. But the writing and acting cant be beat.

    Also check out for practically every show ever made.