Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Epic Day on PTI and Around The Horn

I have mentioned before my more than passing fancy for PTI and Around The Horn. I really need a tivo so that I can actually stay out of my house from 2 to 3 PM on weekdays.

ATH(Around The Horn) features a panel of sports writers debating the various issues in sports with the winner of the game getting 30 seconds of time to talk about whatever they want to.

PTI is a talk show on sports between Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser who both make the most salient and interesting points while being entertaining of anyone I’ve ever seen Jim Rome in his prime included.

On a sad side note I don’t watch Rome is Burning, despite being a huge fan of his radio show over the last 5-6 years. I feel like Rome has lost his edge and he tends to drift more than he ever used.

Well today was the best day of PTI and ATH I can remember it was capped off by Michael Smith’s unfair ejection because Woody Paige pulled out a copy of a letter from Michael Jordan. Smith said that he would be cussing host Tony Reali out were it not a family show. Hysterical and the trash talking was on point and super entertaining tonight.

Then PTI had Coach k from Duke come on and talk about the losses and Gilbert Arenas being able to score more tha 84 or 85 points on his team the way they are playing defense.

Great great day of sports talk that led me to feel the need to post.


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  1. There is zero doubt that ATH is the best show in my opinion on sports on TV.

    Sadly enough I have developed a habit where the only show I can watco when there are off weeks, I choose to starve.