Friday, February 16, 2007

Lebron doesn't like defense

Went to the Cavs-lakers game yesterday with Savoy, here's my running account of the game best as i can remember.

Getting to Staples Center from Savoy's place in Hollywood took 45 minutes, way longer than it should have and the cab reeked like B.O. It was fucking nasty.

We get to Staples Center and right around when tip-off was supposed to be 7:30 the lines are ridiculous as well as the scalpers being out in full effect. I always secretly wonder if there are guys who go down to the Staples Center and wander around trying to buy tickets from a scallper. The scalpers always ask if you have tickets. Wjhy would I be THERE if I didn't retard! I guess you don't need to be a brain surgeon in order to scalp tickets.

The Staples Center system of having peope line up in undefined lines and push their way into the entrance, not the hot fire. They really need to set a better system than having 10,000 people all trying to push in at the same time.

Staples Center has awesome food, but be prepared to spend for it. Savoy and I got sushi and it was way expensive, and suprisingly good. I wasn't planning on drinking, but they had Hefewizen and let it never be said that Sinn says no to Hefewizen.

We had to go all the way up to the 3rd from last row, and I always wonder why they make the row so small, I think it has to do with them actually wanting you to spill your food and beer on some other fan. Also why do they serve beer in cups that don't fit intot the cup holder? Either make the beer smaller and thus less than $10 or make bigger cup holders.

Game tips off and Anderson Varejo is introduced as brazilian.. That's it he's from Brazil no mention of a school or how many years he's been in the league. Just from brazil.

The crowd boos Drew Gooden, I wonder aloud what Drew Gooden could have possibly done to get booed? I mean he sucks, but not really the type of guy I'd get emotionally invested in booing.

Lebron is really fast. A lot of other guys in the league use cross-over dribbles and spin moves. Lebron just runs fast and goes to the basket.

Lamar Odom is left handed.

Pretty good pacing to the begginning of this game both teams are getting up and down the floor and nailing shots.

The people next to us moved because they were in some guy and his sons seats. Now 10 minutes later the man and his son have to move because the real seat owners have arrived.

I tell Savoy we should sit in the bar on the second floor and tell people we wish we were at the game. Then inquire as to ticket prices.

Lebron is floating around on defense and offense. He really doesn't seem to be enjoying playing the game. Or even seem that interested in being out there.

Varejo is flying around and getting rebounds and blocks. He plays really hard. Not that big or tall not that talented but a total effort guy. The type of guy any team needs to be successful.

Kobe sometimes decides he's just going to score and takes some TERRIBLE shots. He happens to make them, but really poor shot selection.

I get a craving for Garlic fries with about 4 minutes left in the second quarter. I make the move after debating it for 3 minutes during which the Laker girls have performed 96,000 times all in different outfits.

I get garlic fries. They are not that good.

Halftime has a kid playing a memory game in which he wins a hat and a duffel bag. And more laker girl routines to you guessed it Fergie.

The announcer reminds us that we can download the songs being played directly to our Verizon mobile phones. this becomes a runnign joke with Savoy reaching into his pocket to try to get a jump on downloading them every Laker girl performance.

Diet Pepsi is glorious.

The Lakers coming roaring back in the second half but Larry Hughes somehow channels Michale Jordan and gets to the line 3 times in a row slowing the lakers run. I remark aloud " Can anyone stop Larry Hughes? "

Lebron also misses half of his free throws this game. It really does seem like he's regressing. I hate to pile on the guy when he scores 35 pts in a win, but where is the hunger to win. And the killer instinct to take over and put teams away. The Lakers hung around way too long this game.

3rd quarter we get a TV timeout that seemingly lasts 10 minutes.

I get a call from HB perfect that i ignore. a half hour later she texts the following:

" Hey. kinda depressing in work. Wanted to hear ur happy voice."

Really it's depressing in a strip club on a Thurs... I'm shocked.

I also get a text from a girl in AZ asking me to be her late Valentine.

4th quarter last few minutes 3 point game and Kobe is guarding Lebron. This is awesome! Kobe is actually a really good off the ball defender, he's making Lebron work to get position and get to the ball.

Most interesting moment of the game to me. Lebron catches the ball tries a couple of jab steps, none of which Kobe bites on then passes. It really seemed like Lebron genuinely didn't feel like he score on Kobe. Really great one on one basketball moment. Made the game worth watching.

Lakers are down 3 with 48.7 seconds there's a foul and then Kobe nails a fall away three. Unfortunately the Cavs come back and make two free throws then the Lakers turn it over and Lebron makes the next two free throws. Savoy and I bot for the exit to catch a cab witout having to wait in line.

We get back to Savoy's and decide to chill out and watch the Tivo'd office. I had to get up early today to go to the airport.

The office was Hysterical there's a bat and Michael speaking to a business school class. It's also got some good Pam, Roy dynamic.

Savoy and I also decide that trying to pull to an old folks home would be the funniest thing ever. We come up with excuses such as " I was cleaning up my dead Grandfather's affairs and decided to go out to the bar for a drink when i met you..."

Great company, entertaining game, over all a great experience. Should have worn my Ryan Leaf jersey though...



  1. aquarius3:49 PM

    yo sinn,

    im really enjoying access to your blog...i was wondering if there is a way to correspond with you via email...just had some things i was hoping to ask and run through you...can you let me know if you have a free chance...

  2. cool post sinn...too bad u had to suffer through the loss ><